Jan 122007

Today’s public figures can no longer write their own speeches or books, and there is some evidence that they can’t read them either.
– Gore Vidal

Oregon Trail

Today I got notices that my book and my sk3 case arrived so I decided to go pick that up from the post office before I got ready for work and on my way I stopped by Subway to pick up a veggie sandwich. I noticed that my radiator light was blinking so after I picked up my sandwich I ran into Walgreens and got some 50/50 radiator fluid. The reserve well was empty so I filled it to the fill line. Backtracking a bit yesterday when I was applying the Eagle sticker
Eagle sticker
I had my car on so I could listen to some tunes and I could smell the fluid. So when I had it all applied I popped the hood and the fluid was coming out from the reservoir cap. It was weird because the thermostat wasn’t showing that the fluid wasn’t over heating. So I am going to try replacing the cap when I get paid and see if that is the issue, and if not I guess I will have to take it in to have them see what is going on with the darned thing.

Work tonight has been pretty harsh for me. I have had a lot of escalations tonight, and I had 4 in a row a little bit before lunch. A lot of them have been people wanting an earlier tech. Farking bastages!

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