Jun 172007

I am pretty frustrated right now. I lost my 1 gig raid configuration. I didn’t get a chance to get it moved over to the new raid array in time for it to crash. I am now going to have to re-download all my music again. What a pain in the ass. If only I would have bought that stuff a week earlier I wouldn’t be going through this and I would have happily moved all that stuff over and looking pretty.

Bah. I ran the raid card’s on board disk diagnosis and three drives failed. They have actual platter failure. No way of recovering.

What I am going to do over the next few months is slowly buy another 5 drives and another Storbox so I can mirror my array, so if I have a drive failure I will not be fucked.

Oh, I think I want to move to Seoul, Korea. They have 100mb connections for $40 a month.

Mood : happyhorny
Music : Godflesh - Heartless
Tv : Americian Chopper marathon
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