Jun 212007

So today has been a pretty shitty day. It started off by my supervisor calling me to have me work 9 pm to 6 am. Luckily I didn’t wake up until after noon and so I did sleep a lot but I am feeling really tired already. The one nice thing about it is that it did give me a chance to do some laundry.

When I put my clothes in the drier, the one I put it in the token putter inner was broken so I moved my clothes into a different drier. While I did so a kid came into the laundry room and I thought he was waiting on the clothes in the other drier. Anyway, I went on my business in cleaning out the lint filter, putting money in the drier and starting it up. An our later I came back to find my clothes still wet and I was like what the fuck? I then noticed that the drier was set to no heat and on top of that there was a bunch of lint in the lint thing that the kid put in there too. I was fucking pissed. Another good reason why I don’t want fucking kids.

S0 after I got my clothes on hangers I rested a bit. Then I got up and reinstalled Winamp, the fucking thing fucked up after I upgraded and so I had to completely remove and reinstall to get it to work. It sucks because I am going to have to download and redo all that music I had and right not I am not in a good position to spend the time to do it either. Fucking fuck fuck.

Today I decided to get some taco bell on the way to work and I got an extra large raspberry iced tea. The first corner out of the place and my drink falls out of the cup holder and all over the passenger floor boards. Fucking shit!!!

Today work has been pretty good. They have re-skilled the leads to take residential and escalation calls so most of the calls I have taken today has been really easy with nice people and, ya, it is nice and fun.

So, I met this girl through Veggie Connection a few months ago. Her name is Karla Hernandez. We have been dating for a bit over a month now and I really like her. She is really nice and we have a lot of the same interests. We have talked on the phone a lot and we chat almost every night. I really like her. The only big issue that there is that she lives in Mexico City. Here is her picture:
I hope things work out with her and I get a chance to visit her really soon. She is really pretty and wonderful and stuff.

Anyway, that is about it. I guess. I am ready to go home and go to sleep. Two and a half hours to go.

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  2 Responses to “Update of sorts”

  1. Can I ask you, why do you always date girls long distance online? is it *that* hard to find good girls right there in FL??? Again, I don’t mean to be mean, so don’t take it that way, just curious 🙂

  2. I think it is because it is difficult for me to approach someone in person. I can’t walk up to a girl and say “Hey baby! What’s shakin’?” I am shy around new people. It is a lot easier online to send a message.