Nov 252007

So I started talking to Karla on Friday. I sent her an e-mail about how I felt and how the things she said really affected the relationship status. I told her that relationships are built on trust and forgiveness. That if she felt that the relationship is indeed ruined then why are we even in the relationship to begin with? It makes no sense to be wasting our time. So I guess that these are things that she is going to have to work on internally and figure out how to get past them. I hope that she does get past them.

I am working an over night shift again, it is almost over, and thank Earth Mother, I am getting to the point where I am almost ready to fall asleep. I can’t wait to go home and go to bed.

Part of my anti-boredom tonight comprised of reading Crooks and Liars, and there was an article in there about some students in Cocoa Beach Fl. who were teased and harassed by other students for wearing peace shirts and the administration are preventing these kids from starting a peace club. I think it is fucking bullshit myself. What is even more bullshit is there are kids that are wearing confederate flag shirts and putting swastikas on their peace posters. Fucking redneck motherfuckers. I read the comments in the post, they are pretty good. One thing I did was post a link to the article and to the contact info for the schools administration board on the Kucinich forums asking them to politely call the administration and tell them to make the peace club happen. I think I am going to cross post it on Carrot Juice as well. I did and I am going to put it on Blog your news too! hahahahaha! See the post here”

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