Dec 302007

So I know I am not writing in this thing as much as I should. I have been busy and lazy at the same time. I need to write more often, especially when I am home.

On Wednesday I had my year end review. It was pretty good. The one thing that I can complain about this company I work for is the fact that their raises suck. You get a raise once a year and the most you can get is 5%. My raises have always been 3%, and it normally only covers the amount that my rent goes up every year. Fucking bullshit. The raise doesn’t really do much for me after Uncle Sam and 401(k) gets to it. It is an increase of a little over $1000 a year. The good thing that came out of it is that I am going to start to learn the supervisor duties and be more active in that kind of stuff. Hopefully that becomes true. I would love to have that kind of experience.

On Friday I was going to go to Busch Gardens but I woke up too late to do so, and it would have been a perfect day for it, it was nice and warm out. I decided not to waste the day away so I finally left out the house and I headed on down to Caribbean Cafe and had a sandwich and then went to Rolling Oats and picked up a few things there. I probably should have spent some time at a park, but I didn’t. I took a few pictures of my outing, I didn’t upload them yet, I will later on.

Around 8pm I got a call from Georgia and her mom was having internet problems so I went to her mom’s house and got that all fixed. She said she called Bright House and they blamed the encryption key. The networks were bridged and also I uninstalled and reinstalled the wireless dongle and that fixed the connection. He blamed it on not knowing the key. Anyway, it was easy work and I made $40 and a few lbs of Panamanian Coffee out of it (really good coffee too! Drinking it now).

It was really nice to see Georgia and her family again. She is looking really good and her youngest is getting really big. Her mom’s youngest is getting really big too. He has grown two feet since I have seen him last.

Tonight I am working an overnight shift. I worked it out with the overnight guy but for some reason that wasn’t communicated to the guy who makes the schedules, so everyone thought I was coming in at 4pm. I got a few phone calls on my cell, which I had my ringer off so I could sleep to prepare for the shift. So tomorrow I am coming in at 4pm. Fun fun.

I think that Mary is pregnant. I have her on my wish list on Amazon and she is a friend on Netflix and she has a few pregnancy books and movies on her want list and queued up. I hope that she is happy. I hope her man makes her happy.

I am so ready to go home now…

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