Jan 172008

Illegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States. Ask any Indian.
– Robert Orben

Ya so I am really really fucked. Really fucked.

On Monday I found out that my bank is killing my overdraft. I hope I have enough money to cover the bills I hve to pay let alone groceries. I am really fucked. I am really stressed abou thte whole thing. Tue and Wed I took a xanex to help calm my nerves.

On tue almost every call i took the entire night was escelatoins. I took around 30 calls and only 5 of them wre questions. I feel like I should be getting hazard pay. Tonight was a little better however i still got a bunch of eselatoins as well. Most of them were dumb bullshit, there were a coupld of them where the customer had every right to be mad.

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