Jan 202008

The other day I noticed that the fan in my power supply in \glitch went out. It was causing the power supply to over heat and then to shut off \glitch. Another expense that I can not afford to take care of but yet can’t afford not to take care of. So now I have \glitch limping along until my new power supply comes. Also my nic on \gravy started going wonky. It decided it wanted to go into 100mbs and not 1000mbs after some tinkering I finally got that working.

I decided to sell my sk2 on e-bay to try to get some cash to pay for the power supply. I put up some other things too I have been trying to get rid of as well. I know the SK is going to sell. I have a bid on it already. Hopefully it will sell for more than $30. It is in great condition.

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  1. I’ll give you more than 30 bucks for it. I’m atamoken. (nekomata spelled backwards)