Jan 262008

I have a massive headache right now. I don’t know why. It hurts so much I can’t even think.

This weekend comprised of a bunch of bah. Wednesday night the frame for my futon finally broke. I looked up frames on the Internet and they were going for around $60. I found the cheapest one at Target and on Thursday I headed up to Target to get it with some of my emergency money I had saved up. I looked down every row at Target and couldn’t find any and when I asked the help where their bed frames were she said that they don’t sell bed frames and looked at me like I was fucking crazy or from out of space. I then left and tried to figure out where to go. I decided to go to Clearwater Mattress and thought that there was one just South of Target on the corner there, I didn’t see it and I guess it was further North. I ended up at a sofa warehouse place on East Bay and they sold me one for $30. I was really happy that they sold it that cheap for me. I picked up something to eat and some dish soap and shampoo and went home and began to disassemble the old futon frame and clean all the crap that accumulated under the futon. I put together the new frame and the old futon part that was holding the mattress on the frame. It worked perfectly. It is really weird because the old futon used to move around and have some give whenever I sat down on it or moved around. This is really stiff and it is weird when you are used to it doing one thing and it isn’t doing that anymore.

On Friday I did a couple of batches of laundry and fixed a huge pot of pasta. I stuffed myself while watching Bill Maher. It was a half way decent episode this time.

My sidekick sold for $89. I was hoping for a little more than that, and for my other auctions to sell, but it is ok. I sold one of the camera cases I had too, and I am going to end up losing money on it, my cost of shipping was higher than I thought it would be and after paypal and ebay fees…

Anyway… I am deeply saddened because Kucinich was forced to drop out of his presidential race because there is shit going on to keep him from being a Congressman again. So that really sucks. I don’t know who to vote for anymore. Maybe I will still vote for him because I don’t want to throw my vote away voting for Hillary or Obama. Maybe I will still vote for him, maybe I will vote Gavel. I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet. I still have a couple of days to decide. I don’t know what the big deal is over Ron Paul, there are a few people here at work who would otherwise vote Democrat who are voting for him. Makes no sense. Makes no sense at all.

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