Mar 012008

It sucks when you go to the grocery store to primarily get deodorant and you spend $127 and forget to buy deodorant. What is even worse is that I had a grocery list but never bothered to look at it the entire time I was there.

So far I have gotten the steadicam (I need to get a screw or two for it, the threads aren’t quite big enough for the screws that were included) and the 9volt batteries and charger from the stuff from my last little spending spree. I still need to get my AAA batteries and still need to get my clapboard too. Hopefully this time they deliver it to the right address.

I bought a trinity last week, and the company I bought it from had issues because they don’t ship to PO boxes and they wouldn’t accept my physical address because it wasn’t a confirmed Paypal address. They are dragging their feet on refunding me. I think I requested a refund on Tuesday and it still hasn’t hit Paypal yet. Fucking assholes. They tell me it isn’t an over night type of thing, but I know better. It is easy to credit someone in Paypal. They just want to hold on to my money that is all.

I still need to finish the kitchen. I have been a lazy bastard and stuff, so ya. I am a fucker. Speaking of fuckers…

Never mind.

Miriam has started talking to me again. I am happy. I miss talking to her. I have known her since around the time I first got the Internet. I would love to visit her sometime. She lives in a small coastal touristy town in Spain right up against the Mediterranean Sea.

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