Mar 302008

Oh shit. I forgot to mention another thing that has been on my mind. My local bank, the branch is less than a mile a way. Yesterday when I was getting money I saw signs posted everywhere, they are closing that branch down effective the 12th. The next closest branch isn’t that far away, it is by my work and I hate the drive I have to go to get to work and I like to be as far away from work as much as possible. And it is out of my way if I have to go to the bank to get cash then go back to get a money order and then to rent. So it is going to be a hassle that way. The next closest is way up north
A is the branch I go to. B is the branch I will ahve to go to and F will be the next closest branch.

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I asked the teller which I know has worked there since at least when I started banking there if she was being moved to a different branch, and no, she is getting laid off. That sucks too. People are being let go over it too. Fucking sucks.

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