Sep 282008

On Wednesday I went to the Obama speech in Dunedin. You can see pictures here. It was pretty good. I went with Carol and Oliver which made it fun. We got there around 11 am and stood in line for about two hours waiting to get in. I would say the line was about a mile and a half long. If you look at the map you can see where the pictures were taken and it will give you a good idea as to the line’s length. There were around 5-10 McCain supporters there including a guy who was holding a women for McCain banner, and also there was a guy holding a sign with some kind of christian bible scripture on it and below the fable quote was something like say yes if you agree. When we were leaving I yelled out the window no I don’t agree and he looked at me like I was some kind of freak. Oliver spent his time while we were waiting in line harassing the McCain protesters and stumping them. He would say something and it would silence them and cause them to walk away because they didn’t have an answer for it. It was cool to be there with all those people, I was observing who was there, and it was a very eclectic mix of people from redneck looking people to stuffy rich white people, and a few interracial couples. It was pretty cool. Bay News 9 said there were 10,000 people there.

I watched the debate with Carol and Oliver, and you could tell Obama was rubbing McCain the wrong way. McCain would not look at Obama all night long, and you could see him doing his best to keep his cool and not blow up. He was getting more and more agitated and was shifting back and forth. One quote that Obama said that really caught my attention was

We have weakened our capacity to project power around the world because we have viewed everything through this single lens.

The reason why was because of some discussions that Karla and I have been having recently about why the world hates the US. The night before Karla mentioned that the US likes to stick its military bases everywhere, and that is a major deal for a lot of people in other countries. In fact there were talks between the US and Mexican government about the US giving Mexico a lot of money to help them fight the drug cartels and tightening up the borders and it was going well until the US government wanted to put a military base on one of Mexico’s coasts. Because of that Mexico didn’t’ agree to the deal and told them to forget it. Mexico would rather not have help with the drug lords and kidnappings than have a US military base on their land, and they are someone we consider somewhat friendly. Imagine for a moment if Saudi Arabia or Russia wanted to put a military base on our land. I don’t know of any other country that has a military base in the US. I might be wrong, but I don’t think I have heard of such a thing. now when I heard Obama say that, I immediately thought of the discussion I had with Karla and thought about the military bases we have scattered across the world, and thinking of them being the projection of power, or at least a part of it. I don’t think that the average US citizen realizes why even our allies dislike us. “They hate us for our freedoms” is a bullshit thing to say. That isn’t why they hate us. They hate us because we have bases in their regions and in what they consider their holy lands.

Back to the debate… I think that Obama was a bit too soft and generous with McCain. That has been the problem with Democrats, they always play the nice guy and Republicans take advantage of that and come out looking stronger. It is a macho thing with them, and a lot of the voters look at that macho thing as a good quality in a president and vote that way. I think if Obama wants to win over the undecideds he needs to go for the juggler or keep on pushing McCain until he shows his true colors and blows up right on the debate floor. I was waiting for that last night, and I could tell McCain was building that pressure up. I watched Olbermann and Madow’s after debate “analysis” (I always take that with a grain of salt) and olbermann had Joe Biden on. Olbermann asked Biden about him debating Palin.

Olbermann asked Biden if he was going to hold back or come in with kid gloves at the debate. Biden said “no no no I am not going to do that condescending stuff…” He is going to show how inexperienced she is. I am sure he is going to throw her off script and run circles around her. I can’t wait!

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