Nov 012008

On Wednesday I went to see Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in
Kissimmee, FL. The event didn’t start until 11pm. For something that started so late on a work and school night 35,000 people showed up for it. Before they showed up for their talks there were a few speakers before hand. One of them being Jimmy Smits.

Jimmy was really good because he motivated the Latin crowd and he said that he based his West Wing character Matthew Santos on a not very known Illinois senator named Barack Obama. He even said that Santos isn’t here right now but if he was he would say this, and also used some lines from The West Wing as well. It was pretty cool!!

Bill and Barack were great! It was great for Bill to talk about the presidential decisions that Barack has already made with picking Biden and the economic crisis. He gave a little anecdote about it, which has been all over the news.

Every single fucking call I have gotten after my lunch has been stupid questions where the answer to them are very easily accessible in a database we created for them to look up the answers themselves.

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