Nov 042008

So in less than 24 hours we will know who the next president will be. As you all know I voted for Obama. After 8 years of shrub and almost 30 years of a republican presidency the country has become the second world power that it is now. Republican ideas of trickle down economics and war mongering and hiring people that you would have a beer with has brought us into a state of depression and being the laughing stock of the world. I hope Obama becomes president. We need someone in there who is smart, speaks eloquently, and knows about the laws, especially when it comes to constitutional law.

There are several sites up where the world votes for the US president, and those online polls had Obama winning by a landslide. It shows that the world needs this as much as we do. Bush has been an embarrassment to us, and McCain/Palin (Especially Palin) would be that as well, especially her phone conversation to who she thought was the French President.

All the polls are saying that Barack is going to win by a landslide and that both excites me and worries me. It worries me because people are going to be overconfident and figure that they don’t need to vote. If enough people feel this way then the polls are going to be meaningless.

I guess we will be finding out in less than 24 hours. Hopefully.

Hopefully he is able to turn this country around and make it progress forward again. Hopefully something like the below picture is reality in around 2050.

Mount Rushmore in 2050

Go Barack!

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