Jan 242009

It has been so long. Way too long. I fucking suck.

It was a great day in history on Tuesday when Obama got sworn in. I wish the actual swearing in part didn’t get fucked up. Any reason for the republican party to delegitimize Obama will cause bullshit quarrels over non issues. Limbaugh has already said he wants Obama to fail. I don’t think he could fail as much as bush did no matter how hard he tried. Bush spent 34% of his time on vacation. I wish I could do that. Obama seems to be on a good track so far. We will see. It was amazing how many people showed up for it. 1.8 million and that is because they couldn’t handle any more on the lawn. Imagine how many people were outside or elsewhere.

I took the day off to watch the inaugural. It was great watching it on HD. After I went to Carol’s and then went out and celebrated with her and one of her friends. We drove around several places looking for someplace to eat and finally decided on Thai.

On Wed we went over to Carol’s Friends house and watched the top chef show and we ate at carrabas, which really sucked. Yesterday was just a lazy do nothing stay inside because it is too fucking cold day.

Today was a I shouldn’t have gone in to work because it fucking sucked and I am reminded why people fucking suck day. I told a sub I couldn’t get anyone out any sooner for them two months ago and they decided recently to complain about it. Well I got written up for it and they didn’t like the comments I put in the account either because they were too emotional or something so they made me remove them as well. Fucking shit. I get yelled at for doing my job, I am here to make decisions and I get fucked for making them. I have no support from management, none at all. Anytime I get something written about me that goes to office of president I get yelled at about it whether it was following policy or not and no one has my back in this fucking place. I am so fucking sick of it. It isn’t right. It isn’t right at all. I am here to do a job and it feels like dammed if I do or dammed if I don’t. If I would have tried to get someone out earlier for her I would have been yelled at for that as well. I don’t know what to do except try to not get people to complain about me, which is impossible to do since it is going to happen in the position that I am in. I fucking hate people. Fucking assholes.

My brain feels like it is going to explode because of this shit.

Oh and to top it off, I thought I met someone new. We had lunch last Friday? Were supposed to meet up at the garden on Tue for the inauguration, find out she had too much paperwork to do at work and couldn’t make it, and we were supposed to also go out on Thursday, on Wed she let me know that she had other plans she forgot about. I can understand. Well today I messaged her to see how she was doing and nothing. No reply. So now I don’t know what to think.

I am a fucking loser nobody I guess.

Oh and to top it off I let this domain expire, and had to pay another year and wait for it to complete the renewal. At least it expired today and no one grabbed it…

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  1. No, you are not a loser nobody. Well not a loser. I think the world is made up of a bunch of nobodys, a few famous people, a bunch of assholes, and too many douches. At least you aren’t an asshole or a douche. 🙂