Jan 312009


I got my tax return today… I went and got the money and then I headed to John’s pass to get my dad his touristy stuff for his friends that are coming to visit, and then I went to Best Buy to get the elite and when I bought it the sales guy got really pissed when I wouldn’t buy the extended warentee. He was barely in control of himself from flipping out. I could tell that his management really pushes those things and he was close to getting fired.

Anyway, I headed home, and then got it all set up. It was pretty easy and saw tversity and the only thing I am working on getting configured is trying to have tversity serve the music being streamed via the winamp shoutcast plugin.

About a week ago I had another case of de javu. I knew it exactly as it was happening, and of course only lasted a second or two, but it happened. I was in the kitchen putting stuff away.

My next weekend I am going to Nasa and Daytona! Weee!!! I am excited!!!

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