Feb 162010

Twenty one days until I am on vacation! A couple of my friends from Oklahoma are coming down to visit me. I can’t wait! Hopefully I can get the house in order before they get here. I spent another weekend throwing away and consolidating and cleaning. So much done and so much to go. I need to start planning on what to do and see whilest they are here too. Beach for sure. Eating, not sure what else. Maybe Busch Gardens?

I am still working on losing weight. I have had a bit of a set back, but still losing, so that is what counts.

I bought things like sheets and stuff for my friends visits and one of the things I bought was mattress pads. I did a search on Amazon for queen mattress pads and found one for a really good price. Well I got them and they turned out to be full, the listing said full too but I didn’t pay attention to it. So I guess I am going to have to ebay the things.

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