Apr 212010

Kim is coming out May 4-13th. I got a call from Tammy today and they bought the plane ticket while on the phone with me. I am not quite ready financially for her to come out, but she realizes that and understands I won’t be able to take much time off for her. She still has friends out here, and she says she can take the bus too, so that is good. It might set me back a bit with tfvc, but hopefully not. I am not planning on spending a lot of cash on her, not like I will have much anyway.

Today I found a great place to do my DVDs and cook book when they happen through createspace.com which is actually an Amazon back end. It is perfect because there are no setup fees and stuff. I also found a place that does ethical clothing as well. I am going to be using like 4 different companies to do my stuff for this site. Hopefully it will not get too convoluted.

I wish I could have them all go through one source, or at least one payment portal, but that would be in a dream world. I am thinking about moving my other sites off of cafepress and onto zazzle. I need to log into cafepress and see if I can download the originals, I don’t think I have them anywhere anymore. I need to search when I get home to see if I have them.

Jon Stewart at his best:

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