May 012010

During the 11 years that I was a cook I have worked with a lot of people from many different countries. Latins, Malaysians, Europeans, and more. They all were good people just trying to feed their families and make it in the world. I don’t know what their immigration status was, and I really don’t and didn’t care. From my American history classes I remember studying about people who came to the US from all over coming here because it was the land of opportunity, it was the land of the free. If you worked hard you could live the American dream. It seams that over time we have forgotten about this and a lot of people don’t want people from other countries to come here. The government has made it harder for people to come here, and people are afraid that immigrants “will take their jobs” even though most of the people who come here work jobs that most U.S. citizens will not do their selves or are not qualified or educated enough to do. It is pretty sickening. It reminds me of the movie “A Day Without a Mexican” where people woke up one day and all the latin workers disappeared. It caused chaos and put things to a halt. Yes, I understand the need to lock our borders down. However I think part of ensuring national security is opening the borders to allow more people to move here, to at least work here and work on becoming citizens if that is what they want to do. They can pay taxes and as long as they have been veted with a background check then they can be here. There are good people coming here to provide for their families who are good people. Let them come. Lets make it so the people who come here illegally are the kind of people who the police would want to stop. The criminals, the terrorists. That is how it should work. We are wasting too many resources criminalizing people who just want a piece of the American dream. Oh, we need to stop the war on drugs too. We need to make them tax revenues, not tax burdens. But that is a different debate all together.

Last night I installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on Lappy. So far so good. Everything installed nicely. I am going to try to use it primarily on the laptop to see how it works and stuff. I still need to import stuff over from Win 7 and get some things installed and up and running, but so far so good with the little bit I used it today.

Kim comes in three days. Should be fun!

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