May 132010

Ok, so I dropped Kim off at the airport this morning around 6 am. It sucked having to wake up so early and then have to go to work this afternoon. It is nice to have the house back, and now I will have to spend some time undoing what Kim did to the house (rearranging stuff). She likes to play reindeer games. It was nice having her visit and am not complaining (too much).

Tammy got into an accident yesterday pulling out from a parking lot. She was turning left and someone had stopped to let her go into the lane, while she was turning someone was speeding and went from one lane into the other and hit Tammy right where the drivers wheel is. It caused the axle to break I think. Hopefully it didn’t bend the frame. She is going to have someone look at it to see how damaged it is. Last night her foot was sore today it is her leg and she is starting to get the back pains. I told her a couple of times to see a massage therapist. I am glad she isn’t seriously hurt. It sucks that she is so far away.

I need to crash course on script writing and outlining. There are a lot of resources out there and a couple of programs to do so. Don’t know how it will apply to cooking shows, maybe I should send a blanket email to a couple of pro shows to see if they can show me how it is done. Hmm.


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