Jun 102010

So today I found out what I had been thinking has been going on with my rent and employee discount has been going on. For years Bay Pointe has been lying to me telling me my rent has not included the cable part of the bill. I guess that there is a new apartment manager and he is at least acting like he is working with me. We will see how this works out . I have sent a couple of emails off to the office to see what they can do to get this issue worked out. Even if the cable part is $13 a month and it has been three years, I actually think it is more like 4 that is around $500 I have been paying for something I would be getting for free some where else. It is very frustrating. Every year it has been the same fight. Every year I have been lied to. This time around the girl didn’t even want to deal with it with her excuse being “well your rent is already going down $41 so..” It is like well I appreciate that but at the same time my employer gives me this benefit, and they have the way to pass that on to you so your not paying for that unit either so… ya. I don’t like being argumentative with people, but I want what is right.

I got my switch today.
ZyXel GS-1548
Of course it was within a few minutes before I needed to leave to go to work, so I just had enough time to unbox it and that is it. It is beautiful and big and heavy. I can’t wait to get it all plugged in and stuff. It is going to be a big pain in the ass since I am going to have to pull out my TV shelf to get to stuff and then put it back in and then once I get the rack cabinet I am going to have to do it all over again.

So apparently there is a “radical Islamic Mexican Catholic movement” going on trying to get the US border states back to Mexico according to racist teabagger in AZ….

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