Jul 222010

So Bean Sprout died on me yesterday. Poor lil guy. He was a spicy lil runt who didn’t grow very well. Speed Racer and Bean Sprout seemed to get along with each other and like each other. I am sure Speed is missing him. She seemed to be conforting him yesterday. What do I know? I huminise and emotionalise them. But I saw things between them that seemed like they were at least friends and cared about each other.

I am sad. Speedy is sad, and I want to find a new friend for her. I am thinking of getting a box turtle, but not sure.

Today when I went out to my car it almost wouldn’t start. For some reason the battery was almost drained. I think I need to check the contacts to make sure they are clean and tight. I will check them tommorow if my car starts tonight.

Mood : sadsad
Music : Doomed on SomaFM
Tv : Rachel Maddow
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