Nov 022010

Well, an update. I need to do this more often. I need to get off my lazy ass and do this more often. I really do.

I quit facebook today. The bullshit that fb is has been growing. I already didn’t like the fact that they make you use your name, but the thing that got me was at the end of my name I had a v with a circle around it. Well they wouldn’t let me log in without changing my name and if I tried to change it back they locked me out for an hour. So I changed it, downloaded all my data, then deleted the account permanantly. Fuck them. I did it with LJ when they became too bs, and I can do it with FB too. There are other sites out there. I can use them.

So grandma is in the nursing home. She has been bad there, getting out and having other residents get out with her. She has also been violent as well. So they may medicate her and move her to a facility that have electronic locked doors. She has also been sick, so she also might get pnemuonia as well.

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