Jan 052011

Ok, I have been back from vacation for a few days now. I guess I should talk about it. (It only took me a month to post…)

On Sunday I woke up early and flew into Denver. I found myself a little bar in the concourse and had a Fat Tire from draft. It was so good. I savoured every bit of that beer. I miss it and wish it was available here.

I got into Oklahoma by about 5pm or so. Dad took me to his favourite Mexican restaurant and we had some food. After that we went home and I unpacked and tried to stay warm in that house. It is such a big house that it would cost $800 a month to heat, so he uses oil heaters to keep the bedroom warm and only warms it when he gets home, so it is cold and takes a while to rewarm.

The next day I hung out with my dad for a while and then headed up to visit Tammy for a while. It was good seeing her again and she was in the process of moving to her new home, so I helped her with that and getting things in order.

On Tuesday I helped my dad get his TV hooked up and stuff and relaxed and stuff.

On Wednesday I headed up to Tammy’s house and hung out with her. Sat in her car as she ran her fivety billion errands and stuff then ate at Olive Garden. I ended up staying the night there but sleeping on her floor, and then the next day spent helping her with her tree and arranging things and watching her clean. We went out to eat and ate at PF Changs. We didn’t know we were going to eat there but ended up there. At first we were going to eat at a little Thai place in down town OKC but that place turned out to be nasty, so then we were on the hunt for some place different and two hours later we were there.

On Friday I hung out with my dad and helped him shop for stuff and ate at Mamavicas again. As well as went to see my grandma at the nursing home. It was sad to see her there and to know that she is pretty much a living breathing shell.

Saturday I spent time looking through grandmas home and taking pictures of it.

On Monday I drove around with my dad while he was working and saw a bit of OKC. After he was done I headed up to Tammy’s house and we went out to the movies at the Warren Theatre and sat in the balcony and saw a movie called The Tourist. It was pretty good. Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp were in it. After that we ate at Chillis and then I had to go home to wake up early for the flight home.

On Tuesday I woke up at 4 am to get on a flight to Denver. There I met up with Jewel and we proceeded to down town Denver to eat at a vegetarian restaurant called Watercress. I had really good vegan buckwheat pancakes with Earth Balance and she had a really good breakfast borrito. For desert I had a rich chocolate peanut butter bar and then we drove around Downtown Denver a bit, stopping at Wax Trax. Then we drove down Colfax and I saw a few old theatres I saw many many concerts at. Brings back memories. I miss Denver. Once we got to Jewels house we saw all her rescued chickens (she has about 20 of them) and pig and parrots and cats and dogs. We talked and caught up on things. We are going to have to visit each other more often I think. I definitely need to get back up to Denver again soon. I miss that place. Before I knew it, it was time to go back to the airport to go home. Time just went by way too fast. While at the airport I had time for a couple more Fat Tires before the plane boarded. Then I was off back to reality.

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