Jun 182011

Ya ok it has been a really really long time. It has been a busy last couple of months for me.

I moved from Florida back to Oklahoma the March 22nd and started looking for a job pretty much right after I got there. One of the places I just randomly applied at was Chickasaw Nation for a help desk job. Within a couple of hours after I applied I got a call. Within a week I had an interview and a week or so after that I started working. My first day was April 22nd. Kind of cool that I was working a month after the move. I know that there are not a lot of people who are that lucky. The job is pretty cool. I work at the FAA center just west of Will Rogers Airport as a level 1 helpdesk. The job for the most part is very easy and not as stressful as Bright House was. I get paid the same if not a couple of cents over. Well my actual pay is a couple of dollars less but then CNI pays a couple of dollars more an hour to pay for the benefits. The only benefits I don’t get is the free cable and internet that bright house had. The thing that does suck is the drive is 40-45 miles each way. I am spending $400 a month on gas compared to $100 – $120 in Florida. I am driving as many miles a day as I did a week in Florida. I am getting really worried about this and am probably going to need to find a car that gets better gas mileage or in 6 months hopefully a job at CNI will open up that is in the main office in Norman. That would be cool, because I like working for the Chickasaws. I like being able to work for the Indians without having a casino job. I do like the fact that I am in a way working for the FAA as well. It makes up for the fact that I didn’t make it but three months in the Navy.

I spent about a month living in the big house until Wendy came down and went through grandma’s house and cleaned it out. I moved in a week later and have spent the rest of the time trying to unpack and organise and stuff. I am not done yet but I am slowly getting there. Slowly but surely. I try to do something daily, not always doing so though. With the hour drive to and from work it grinds on you and you just want to go home and rest. I have lost weight since being here. I am down to 119lbs. When I started I was 235. So about 15 lbs in a year and a halfish.

Anyway I am back in Oklahoma. Don’t know how long I will be here. Hopefully for a while. It was expensive moving.

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