Jul 012011

I have finally moved to the night shift. My second night I was all by myself for six hours. It was pretty decent. I did really well, however it was odd being the only one in the room. I may have been the only one in the building.

I have been continuing to unpack and stuff. Still not totally finished, however with me now on the night shift I have the time and energy to do a couple hours work during the day, so it should be completed faster now. Today I started pulling out the little trinkets and décor stuff. Unfortunately a few things didn’t make it. I hate it when I unwrap something to find it in pieces.

I started up a new website a couple of days ago. It will probably be another dead site like all the rest, but I try. This one is at http://projectpostcard.org. It is something that is a couriosity for me. I want people to send in their postcards and tell me a bit about the place on the postcard. Why that place is meaningful to them. Hopefully I get a card or two. I am renting a PO Box for the project, so hopefully I am not wasting my money on it. Anyway, check out the site and send me a postcard.

Anyway, so far Oklahoma is good. I do miss cable, especially since just about every show I watched was on cable. I miss my shows damn it!!!! I am working on getting my old laptop hooked up to the TV with remote software installed so I can use it to watch hulu and stuff on the tv. It does have an HDMI output, so it is just a matter of getting it to work with the lid closed and I should be good. I might have to figure out an overheating solution, but I don’t think that will really be an issue.

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