Jul 152011

Ya, so the weekend went by way too fast. I didn’t really get much accomplished either. Spent Tue at Tammy’s house and yesterday I spent resting and sleeping all day. Didn’t get much accomplished at all. I really need to finish the house and get the path put in. I am so unmotivated. Well the 100+ degree temperature doesn’t help that either.

I think I have http://projectpostcard.org where I want it to be at. I just need the readership and people to send in postcards and it will be cool. Hopefully this one doesn’t fail. I have been a failure when it comes to my websites. Oh well, I like doing it so ya.

So Netflix recently announced some price increases and it is really making me think about dropping their streaming service and using Hulu+ instead. The TV shows I like are on Hulu and it will integrate with my PS3 and Xbox. I think I am going to try it and see how I like it. I have until Sept to decide. It is frustrating because Netflix just raised prices up less than a year ago. They have removed features out of the website and streaming, and are charging streaming the same price as one DVD at a time. The streaming service is spotty, titles are constantly dropping so you will be in the middle of a TV series and it will disappear, and not every selection is available. You have to wait 30 days before a new DVD title will be available and then wait another two months or so before that DVD goes out of extra-long wait for you to get it. Makes no sense, there is no addition of value being added to the price increase, just a price increase like it or not – we really don’t care. Fucking Netflix. I really need to get all my titles on hard drives and do my own internal streaming service. I also need to find a good quality torrent site and get my movies from there I guess.

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