Jul 292011

Well I got some things accomplished this weekend. I didn’t get everything I wanted accomplished accomplished, but I did progress on some things. I got the stems replaced on one sink. I started replacing the guts on one toilet, however trying to get the fill float system off I broke the old metal bendable pipe off, so that is going to have to wait until I can get the valve and tubing for it. Probably going to be next paycheck, when I can kill the water, remove the old one and take it to home depot to be sure to get the right size. Then I can replace the rest of the guts. I do need to get the kitchen sink fixed next. The garbage disposal doesn’t work and because of that it clogs easily. Well both sides of the sink clogs easily anyway, so I think that it probably needs a good rooter rooting or something like that.
There are a lot of things I need to do. I need to clean and organize the house; I need to get things in order. I also have a lot of cleaning and organizing I need to do on my NAS and computers. I think I can save half my hard drive space in getting rid of duplicate pictures alone. I also want to start the process of moving my movies onto my NAS. Another thing I really need to do is get my email all setup on my laptop. I haven’t checked that email in a long long time. I should probably get that taken care of tonight.
Anyway, I really like Hulu+ so far. It has its limitations, not a lot of movies, not a lot of TV series, but the ones that they have all are recent, like Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Tosh.O gets updated the day after the episode airs, so that is really cool. It doesn’t have as much selection as Netflix, but then again it seems Netflix streaming movie quality has gone downhill as well. Less and less new movies, more old movies, more shitty movies, and a lot of the same movie in multiple categories. Like they are trying to pad them out. The recently viewed section is always dropping out too. Anymore if I want to watch a movie recently released on DVD I have to torrent it to watch it. Netflix usually takes 4 months to get the movie. 1 month wait time Netflix is required to have before I can even rent it, then another 3 months before it goes off of really long wait. What is the point of having a DVD rental service if I can’t even rent it for 4 months? I should almost rent it at Hastings and just use Netflix for older movies I need to add to my collection. Anyway, Netflix is really fucking sucking anymore. Prices have gone up a lot, they have removed features, and they just suck. Suck suck suck. I feel like saving my 40 a year and using an actual brick and mortar, like Hastings.

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