Aug 042011

So the weekend was a bit productive. On Tuesday I went into Norman and worked on a client’s computer. Made $100, which was good, because I needed groceries and gas. I also bought a couple of parts I needed for one of the toilets.

Wendsday I replaced the guts in my toilet and replaced the tube and turn on / off valve and hose. There was some work getting the hose and the valve off, they were pretty tight. The pipe was copper coming out of the wall and used a compression connectoin. there is a little copper thing that is supposed to shrink up and seal the connection I guess and the old one didn’t slikp off. So the seal isn’t on tight. So I had to shut off the water, and use it sparingly. I can’t find my dremmil, so am going to have to buy a new one so I can cut off the copper thing and replace it with the new one.

It would be so nice to have a actual working toilet that doesn’t rock back and forth when I sit on it. The only issue with the toilets in the back is that they are really close to a wall. I would love to take down that wall, remove a toilet and make the bath tub bigger. That would be cool.

I also made a big batch of pasta this weekend. I screwed it up though, I didn’t check it often enough and scortched it a bit, so it has a slight tinge of being burned. It isn’t that bad with everything else mixed in, but you can taste it a bit.

Other than that not much was accomplished this weekend. Relaxing and Hulu watching, and I started watching The Joe Schmo show again. It is fun to watch it, expecially now with knowing that Kristin Wiig was in it.

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