Aug 072011

So I can’t find my vonage box. 🙁 Found the power cord but no box. Hopefully I run into it soon. Bah!

I got one toilet done. The valve replacement was a big pain in the ass. It was one of those compression valves and the brass ring on the old one was dug into the copper pipe so it and the new ring was not making a seal. I ended up having to fill the nut and the ring with waterproof silicone and I used some teflon tape around the thread as well to make it nice and sealed. Used some silicone behind the nut too. I have a feeling if that valve ever needs to be replaced that is going to be a big pain in the ass to remove. If the seal ever breaks, my next step is buying a torch and sweating a thread end on the pipe. I got all the guts replaced in the toilet too, so I now have a fully functioning dual flush toilet. seems to be picking up a little. I am getting hits but not much people staying. Search paterns indicate they are searching for things in relation to the postcards, and not of the theme of the site, not sure what I can do to improve that. Meta tags and searchable info on site lays out something different but ya. In the next coming week or so I need to get some banners put together and create a page with banners so people can share the love. I am also working on getting v2 put together since I am now in Oklahoma and it needs a big facelift too. I am almost done with it. A couple of tweeks here and there and everything will be good.

Tommorow is payday and the money is already all gone. Gas is really eating my lunch. It needs to go back down to $1.50 a gallon. Then maybe I can afford to go to work.

Black From The Dead rocks!

I miss Nature’s Food Patch / The Bunny Hop’s chopolte pasta salad!!!

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