Aug 122011

It is so nice to have a temporary cool spell. It has been over 100 degrees here for the last 50 days or so, and it rained last night and into this morning, so it was 73 instead of 103+ today on my way to work at 2. It felt like a nice Florida winter.

This weekend went by way too fast. I wish I could have another couple of days of it. On Tuesday I did a bit around the house and then went up to the city to hang out with Kim and Michelle. We watched a few movies. I had fun.

On Wednesday I made a big batch of enchiladas and beans and rice for my lunch. They came out really good. I think I made way too much rice though. I am going to have to take like half the rice and freeze it before it goes bad., I made enchiladas with red sauce, and I was going to make a pan with green sauce too, but I accidently over soaked a bunch of tortillas so only had enough to make the red. I am going to have to buy another bunch of shells to finish off the makings.

I noticed yesterday that the frame on the bottom right of my tv has started to crack. OI hope it is done doing what it has doing. I haven’t noticed it before, and suspect it has happened within the last week. I think It is more than likely heat related since I don’t really run the AC in the house. It really sucks and need to think about what to do to fix it.

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