Sep 012011

“ MacDonalds in Tokyo is a terrible revenge for Pearl Harbour. ”
– SI Hayakawa

It seems like getting my house in order is a never ending project. Everywhere I look there is another thing that needs to be done. I have come to the point where I just need to start at one end of the house and work myself to the other end otherwise I am just jumping around from one part of the house to the other and not really getting anything accomplished. This weekend I started with the kitchen and got a lot of the actual kitchen done. I also started working on getting the bar and breakfast table cleared off. I got the majority of it done, but still have a ways to go. One of the big things I am running into is I just don’t know where to put things so they remain on the counter space. I wish I had some help in this part. Girls seem to be so much better at figuring out what goes where.

I have also been working on getting finalized. I am really close to getting it done; I just need to do it. There are a few links I need to clean up and I need to add a couple of pages and tweak the site a bit, oh and install the crm/ticketing end of things too. I am kind of holding off on the CRM portion of it because the product I am going to use is coming out with an update soon, so I want to install using the latest update. Especially since there is a shiny new version being working on that will be released in the near future.

I have a three day weekend coming up this week, which should give me some more time to get the things done that needs to get done. Hopefully I can have the site up by that time. I really need to get some extra cash flow going. I have enough to pay the bills but not much left over and there are a few things I need.

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