Sep 082011

I had a nice three day weekend. On Monday night / Tue morning I got a hair up my ass and decided to open up a trunk that I have had here in Oklahoma and hasn’t been opened in at least 10 years. I opened it up and saw a lot of things that were long forgotten. In there was a lot of old school stuff, class pictures, projects, letters, and things from girlfriends from long ago. I also had an old boy scout uniform in there, which looks so tiny. I wore that thing up to getting my life rank. I remember when my mom first bought that shirt she bought it extra big for me so she wouldn’t have to buy a new one. It was really long I remember. Now I look back and don’t know how I fit into it as a young teen. There was also some old TV guides (like the 4 part star trek 30th anniversary series) and comic books in there. Unfortunately none of them are really worth anything right now. So those will be held onto probably until retirement. Maybe they will be worth more then. After I got done rifling through the trunk, I decided to go through a couple of shoe boxes to see what else I could find. I found old letters and postcards and birthday cards. It was pretty interesting. I didn’t read through a lot of the letters, there were too many. It made me wonder where old friends and acquaintances are now. What they are doing and if they are happy.

I have so much more to go on the house. I need to stop being lazy and get my ass in gear. I look at it and I just know it needs to be done. I just need the motivation.

On Monday I also walked around the farm, and went in my grandpa’s shed. I think to myself what this place would have been like if he were still alive. What he would have done to it. There are a lot of things that are still in the same place as where he had left them. There are buildings that he built that are detraining and falling apart. I don’t know what he would think about the place now. I wish I would have gotten to know him as a person. As an adult, instead of through those young child eyes.

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