Oct 212011

Okkkk. So a lot has happened over the last week.

Jewel was in Oklahoma for a funeral of one of her uncles and I took off Sun and Mon to spend itme with her and be with her at the funeral. It was really nice seeing her again and being able to spend time with her even if the occasion was a somber one.

On Sunday after we did the casket viewing thing we went over to the animal shelter. Jewel wanted me to get a little dog for me. I didn’t find any that I liked or thought would fit, so we headed over to the cats and after spending a lot of time there I ended up getting two cats. One is white with brown markings named Ripley, and one is black with white markings named Belladonna. I need to post pictures of them which I will soon. I haven’t been able to get good pictures of them because they don’t understand the word pose. They are really beautiful sweet cats. I think they are going to be good for me and help me with some things. I hope we all get along and stuff.
On Monday was the actual funeral, after the funeral we went to Goprum and had a really good meal. The food was yummy. I am glad that I took the time off for the funeral because I think Jewel really needed me and I was there for her. Her family is not supportive/understanding of her veganism and the fact she saves chickens from death and mistreatment. Pretty typical attitudes for this part of the country for sure.
Tuesday I spent the day relaxing and bonding with the kitties. I also did some cleaning and straightening of the house, something I need to really get done quick with new tenants. Yesterday was a bad day for the kitties. We went to the vet to get checked up and Ripley did not like getting her temperature checked at all. Belladonna has ear mites I have medicine for and they both have a virus from being in the shelter, the OKC shelter crud as the vet put it, which is pretty typical with humans too, so I got some medicine for that too.

Today I was awoken early by dad to go to one of his friends business, one of those extortionware got installed on his assistants computers, and I had to work on getting that removed, I had to leave with the scan still being done, and so I have to go back tomorrow to fix. Also now that I know what it is, when I get home I am going to have another plan of attack in case the bootable av sw I ran didn’t fix. It sucks being away from the kitties, and sidestepping the plans I had for today, but at least I will have a little extra money to have since I need to do an oil change and a couple of other things soon.

Anyway I am tired and ready for bed now. I know I have to go home and do some work before returning tomorrow and doing it all over again.

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Nov 232008

I am sure that all of you have seen the wonderful turkey pardoning and then murdering oh it is ok interview that Sarah Palin the wonderful wanna be republican leader. Well I have been thinking about it. I think that she totally set up the entire thing and knew the news media would be talking about it for a couple of cycles. I think that she deep down is an attention seeker and has found another way to do it. You have to remember that this is someone who was a beauty pageant second placer, and then a sports caster for a while. I don’t think that those worked out for her so her next step was politics and has been slowly working up her way into the ladder. She has been seeking this vice president gig for a year or so now and now that she has lost she is still seeking out that attention she so desperately needs. I saw it with my step brother. He craved attention good or bad. He went so far as to try to start a grocery store on fire and limping into a fast food restaurant saying he was hit by a car only to leave before the paramedics and cops showed up.

The most disturbing part about the video is the fact that they are murdering these turkeys right in front of other live turkeys. I think it is torture. Imagine being in a cage with hundreds of other people and watching your fellow beings being beheaded and bleed out. Now you have to understand that even though I am vegan I am not squeamish. I was a chef for 11 years and part of my training was going to a lamb and cow slaughterhouse, so I have seen it all, and I know how animals are murdered for food.

I am feeling a little bit better emotionally. I am still a bit down. Still worried about money. Still frustrated over asshole customers. People demanding things that we just can’t do and then threatening to go to my supervisors supervisor because I can’t meet their asshole demands. So frustrating. So very frustrating.

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Feb 172008

I wrote the first rough draft for the first episode for my video project. I am going to make something quick and easy my first time around to help make things easy for me to iron out the rough spots. I have a long way to go before that happens, but I am on my way. I know what I am going to use to record the audio. I found this thing called an Ikey plus that is going to work perfectly I hope.

Karla and I are still fighting. The last thing she sent to me was that she couldn’t be expected to wait for me to finish painting, that would be crazy, so I responded to her that I waited sometimes for an hour and a half for her to come online so I must be crazy. She hasn’t responded back and that was a couple of hours ago. It is so frustrating.

A nice yummy thread about the meat industry! It talks about Fast Food Nation and gets into how the animals and workers are treated like shit and getting hurt. The comments thread got into animal abuses and vegetarianism a bit. I got into it here and there too. people are so ignant sometimes. Of course I powned here and there since I am a self righteous holier than thou vegan 😉

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Jul 042007

I haven’t written in this thing in a long time. Not that I don’t care, but things have been really busy at work. My new schedule is a part of that, and also the leads are now taking roadrunner residential calls as well.

I think it is time for me to go see a doctor and get medicated. The eseclations are getting wose, it is causing my reflux to flare up and my stress levels to go sky high. The day before yesterday I had one of the worse ones in a long time. First of all the white trash redneck lady spoke to one of my reps for nearly an hour before she decided to escelate to a supervisior. That got to me. The lady was too dumb to know what her problem really was, but from what I could gather on her account she hd a pc tech out to verify servicibility and it turns out that her wireless router was not able to broadcast the signal through her entire house so he suggested for her to by a signal booster at Radio Shack so the signal would reach her entire house. She of course couldn’t understand this and i guess she had other issues before that had since been resolved. she wanted someone out tonight to fix the issue (like in 10 minutes) or she was going to take alll the equipment and throw it out in the street and run it over with her truck several times. I thought that the call was finally over after about 20 minutes because she was going to disconnect the service when her father and some other lady came home and then I had the three of them on speaker phone all yelling at the top of their lungs at me wanting shit fixed or wanting to disconnect or whatever they were thinking at the time. They couldn’t make up their minds what they wanted to do, and I was tryinig to apease whatever they wanted with the limitations that I had. At one poiint the “gentleman” decided that he was going to go down to Walmart and get some buck shot and shoot any Bright House employee that he runs in to. At that time I hit the button on my phone that will automatically record the call and instantly alert people here that needs to be alerted. The powers that be also locked down the building and got some of St Pete’s Finest over here as added security. My escelatoins have been pretty rough. Fucking selfish pricks who want it their way or else we are not providing customer service. I even had one last week who complained to the ofice of the president address saying I was not helpful etc etc because she wanted a 5-8 for the next day and the only thing available was an all day apointment. That one I had to talk to my supervisior about, but since I was in the right about it there was nothing that came about on it.

On the 29th I took a bunch of really pretty pictures of the sunset and the moon. I share those with you now… (You can see more here:)

2sea oats

Moon behind clouds

Moon over intercoastal


bye bye sun\




There is a rainbow here somewhere


Anyway, in other news which is old news now but I will rant about it anyway…
There was an article in the Boston Globe about Mitt Romney. In the front page of the article the fucktard decided to put his “family dot” on top of the station wagon like a piece of luggage for the 12 hour each way drive from his home in Boston to Ontario. The fucker did decide to build a “windshield” type of device to help with the dog’s confort. Halfway through this drive the dog was so fucking scared or whatever about this that he had a dieria fit that ran down the car’s windows. So, what did this prick do? He calmly washed down the windows and the dog with a garden hose to remove of the diatrea. Supposevely this was supposed to be an example of how this prick handles “crisis situations” in a cool and collective manner. The dog I am sure stayed on top of the roof along with the rest of the luggage, and I am sure that Mitt also scoldeed the dog for shittting all over the place too.
The Veg blog has a good little write up about it tooo…

Mitt is just a fucking asshole Man over beast attitude prick. It comes from his religous upbringing. He is a Morman and me growing up in the church and going to church almost every fucking Sunday until I was 19 I do have room to talk. I do know what I am talking about and know the brainwashing and the “values” that fucked up church has.

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Apr 082007

Dear Jared,

PETA was just alerted to an urgent situation in Central Florida. A permit has reportedly been issued to the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority, which has been authorized to pave a new freeway interchange over the habitat of helpless gopher tortoises—a threatened species—as well as dozens of other sensitive species. Click here to read more about this disturbing situation. According to wildlife experts, it could take months—up to a year—for tortoises who are buried alive to die of suffocation, dehydration, and starvation in their burrows.

Please contact Orange County authorities immediately and urge them to halt construction of this expressway at once. Demand that they explore humane alternatives by consulting with experts. There is no justification for allowing these animals to suffer and die in agony.

Please send polite comments to:

Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority

525 S. Magnolia Ave.

Orlando, FL 32801


407-316-3801 (fax)

The Honorable Richard Crotty

Mayor of Orange County
201 S. Rosalind Ave., 5th Fl.
Orlando, FL 32801

407-836-7360 (fax)

Commissioner Teresa Jacobs (district1@ocfl.net)

Commissioner Fred Brummer (district2@ocfl.net)

Commissioner Mildred Fernandez (district3@ocfl.net)

Commissioner Linda Stewart (district4@ocfl.net)

Commissioner Bill Segal (district5@ocfl.net)

Commissioner Tiffany Moore (district6@ocfl.net)

Board of County Commissioners
201 S. Rosalind Ave., 5th Fl.
Orlando, FL 32801

407-836-5879 (fax)

Please forward this message to others who might be willing to lend their voices to this important issue.

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Apr 052007

Veil, it came from milk cowsIf you think that eating veal is cruel and won’t eat it for ethical reasons. Then you should also stop eating anything that is dairy as well. If you are thinking about being an ethical vegetarian or you are against the veal industries then reading this article is for you.

So you (want to be an) ethical vegetarian.

I also posted it at my veg*n / animal rights website as well.

Lots of yummy vegan recipes are here:

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Apr 052007

I got the article all written up, I got permission from my friend to use the picture of her in a crate, now I just need to get it all moduleised and up to the site. I am going to put it up here as well, so watch out.

That is pretty much all I did today. I woke up at 1 pm, so there wasn’t much time to do much of anything.

4 months and I will be a lead for two years, five months and I will have been employed for 5 and I am vested for the pension. Wee!!

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Apr 042007

Ok, so I did some searching and some shitty ‘shopping and ya.

I want to have vegan on my wrist in gothic lettering like this:
vegan gothic
I want to have the a be the ALF insignia
I want to have it on my wrist like this except on my right hand and so the words are facing whomever I am shaking hands with:
vegan wrist
OOps! How did this get in there?
Anyway, a bit distracted there…
Here is how I want the lettering (don’t mind my shitty shopping skills)
Here is how it will look on my wrist, except again it will be on my right hand…
What do you think?

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Apr 032007

Sunday I relaxed in the morning and got my self all psyched to see Dan Piraro. He is the cartoonist for Bizarro. He is a vegan and animal rights activist. He and his wife sit on the board of directors for the Woodstock farm animal sanctuary. He had a really cool slide show and he kept every one laughing as he talked about his veganism and animal rights activism, and why he decided to be vegan. What was really cool about it is there were a lot of people there who were there just because they were fans of the cartoon, so he planted a lot of seeds too. I took a bunch of crappy quality pictures, you can see them here.. There was this really cute black girl there that I wanted to approach, but by the time I built up enough courage it was too late. Hopefully I will see her around again. Blah.

On Monday I hung around with Carol. We went to this cool rotating restaurant on Gulf Blvd but there were no vegan options so we left.
in the rotating restaurant
A better view through the windows:
Looking south
You can see the Don, and Pass-A-Grille beach from this view. It would have been great if we could have stayed, but that is some of the issues you face.

We ended up at St. Johns Pass and eating at a pizza place there. We then spent some time on the boardwalk and mingling with the tourists. On our way there we met the captain:

Is the captain in you?

In the last year there has been a building go up on the pass that has parking and a lot of shops. The building it’s self is big and ugly and blocks the view of a lot of the shops and unique quality that the shops offer. Most of the buildings in the pass shopping area have an old wood rustic façade and to me that is what I associate Florida to be. I almost always miss the pass because I am looking for those buildings and miss it because of that big eyesore.

Anyway, after we ate lunch and acted like tourists we headed over to the mall so Carol could get a couple of things and whilst we were there I bought a little turtle ear ring for a hole in my ear I haven’t had anything in for a while. I later found out it had closed up so I will have to open it back up. When I go to open it back up I am going to pierce the other ear as well and buy another ear ring.

After that we went to Best Buy and she bought a printer, so we went back to her house and I hooked it up for her and then we ate dinner and then we watched the latest episode of Bill Maher (which was really excellent by the way, I recommend watching it) and then we watched this thing about meth addiction. You can see more pictures here:

Today I was lazy most of the day. I did get out enough to get rent paid and buy some more candles. The place that I normally get them at is almost out. I hope they get more because the other place I know has them they are a dollar more.

Anyway, that is my weekend.

One of the things that Dan Piraro mentioned is that the dairy and egg industries are the cruelest industries out there, and that the dairy industry is what feeds the veil industry. This is something I knew about, but he solidified it for me even more. The cows are kept pregnant their entire useful lives, the girl calves become milk cows and the boy calves go into crates and become veil. It doesn’t matter if they are major conglomerates or small milk farms, organic or not, this is the reality. He said that if you become vegetarian because of ethical reasons and won’t eat veil because of the cruel treatment, then you shouldn’t drink milk or eat cheese either. I am going to put together something that will further prove this point and put it up at Carrot Juice.

the water is high!

Oh ya!! My youngest sister had her baby today. A girl 9 lbs, 3 oz. I think this makes number 6 for her.

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