Mar 222007

Todays required reading:

Menufoods knew products were deadly and shipped them out anyway. and
Colbert dares democrats to impeach Bush

I pretty much slept all day today. I took it easy since I am working an overnight shift tonight. I really should have done a bacth of laundry, but I put it off because I really wasn’t awake all that much. I did do a weigh in when I woke up and I weigh 208.4. I have lost three lbs so far. Not much, but at least I am going in the right direction. For some reason the scale wouldn’t measure my body fat, it kept on erroring out on me even after several attempts. Hopefully it isn’t broken. I paid over $50 for that scale.

I am toying with the idea of writing a cook book. I think that I can put a small one together. I want to include ideas and tips and use recipes that for the most part use common easy to get ingredients. I am thinking about dedicating the first chapter to ingredients or if it isn’t enough, making a long introduction or something. I have a pretty good idea of pieces now. I need to start putting together an outline and putting my ideas on paper before I forget them.

I got my first aid and cpr cards today. They are good for three years, so I won’t have to retake every year like I thought. Maybe they extended the time that it is good for since I last was certified.

Six more hours to go.

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