Feb 072009

Ya so I had fun this weekend. Carol and I went to the east coast. We started out at NASA and saw big rockets and big buildings and saw the shuttle that is set to launch on the 12th out on the pad. It was really cool! We did the Space Shuttle experience which was really cool too. I wish it was a bit more rough but when they are trying to cater to the general population and old people and kids they can’t make it toooo realistic. I wanted to do the up close and personal tour but they had already sold out. I was disappointed. Maybe next time.

After we got our fill of NASA we headed to Daytona to go to our hotel room. It was beautiful and nice. I got a suite for the cost of a regular room and they didn’t charge me for two guests either. It had a beautiful view of the ocean, and cool columns and a couch and big tv and in room Internet.

After we got settled we went to a place called Cancun Lagoon to eat. It was right next to the Daytona 500 race track. The food was ok, nothing really special. Our waitress was on some kind of pill though. She was completely out of it. I asked her what was on the veggie fajitas and she said zucchini and forgot the other thing, summer squash or yellow squash or something yellow. We then ordered some guacamole and she had one other table which after she got done answering our question and taking our drink order went to that table and I don’t know what was told to her but her response was something like don’t blame me, blame him. I was in shock to that. She was walking around bumping into walls and holding her head up and squinting and you could tell she was really concentrating on walking. It was pretty funny. She t0ttally forgot our guacamole which she said she would take out of our bill, which I am glad she did because it definitely wasn’t worth the $6 cost on the menu. I thought I was getting more than a small bowl of guacamole for the app. I ordered portabella mushroom fajitas and Carol ordered a 4 x combo. The food was average at best, her chicken tasted like fish according to her, and it is hard to mess up fajitas. It would have been nice if the mushrooms were marinated or there was something done a bit differently. Anyway. When we were about half way through our meal she came up to us and asked us if we needed more drinks. I said yes another beer, and Carol ordered another tea with lemon, after she asked Carol if she wanted another drink she told me she forgot if I wanted another beer or not. Throughout our meal Carol and I was talking about the waitress and if we should rat her out or not. There was a manager lady there who paid attention to the other tables that was there, but never once approached us. Carol asked the bus boy if he knew the waitress and if she was on something, I guess it was his first day. When we got our check Carol asked the waitress if the lady in red was the manager and she said yes then said that the owner and general manager was there too and pointed them out. We were both surprised that all three was there but yet let the waitress work without knowing she was on something. She could have been legitimately on something because of a surgery or something but she was definitely wasted.

After dinner we went home and watched Top Chef and then fell asleep watching TV. We both woke up early and watched the sunrise. It was a bit cloudy in the horizon so it made the sunrise bad because the clouds were in the way, but good because it peeked above the clouds and also you could see the sunbeams breaking through the clouds. It was beautiful. It was 30 degrees when we woke up and the grass was nice and crunchy and there was ice in the fountains and on the benches and coming out of the garden hose. It was pretty cool and weird seeing ice in Florida. We then got ready and checked out and headed to the Ponce de Leon lighthouse.

The lighthouse was really cool. It was neat learning about it and how the light keepers lived and how it was actually a government entity that was swallowed into the coast guard. Those people waked up and down those stairs every 2 1/2 hours with 30 lbs of fuel to keep the light lit. We walked up all 209 steps to the top to look out the lighthouse and the view was really cool. The last three flights of stairs was a real struggle for me and I had to push myself up the steps to make it to the top. I am paying for it now as my upper thigh muscles are really sore and I can barely walk, let alone up stairs.

After doing the lighthouse we headed up north to St. Augustine hungry and tired, we drove around looking for a place to eat, and didn’t’ really find one, so we said fuck it, went to the lighthouse there, Carol went up and down that one while I waited for her, then we did a quick tour of the buildings and then headed for the old part of St Augustine. We were still hungry and it was getting late and we were cold so we didn’t really get out except to take our picture in front of the old entrance to the town and look at the fort and then when it started to get dark we decided to go back to the Chilli’s we saw earlier. The Chilli’s was pretty cool, it was different than what you normally see a chili’s look like.

After that we headed back to St Pete, hung out at Carol’s brothers house for a while then I went home and unpacked, checked my mail then went to bed.

It was a pretty good trip. Something that I will remember for sure. Pictures will come soon.

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