Dec 262006

So after work I fell asleep at around 4 am and then was woken up around 6. I don’t know why, but I was awake for a while. When I finally settled down and went back to sleep I was having some really weird dreams. I don’t remember them exactly, so I am not going to attempt to recall them just because of the fact that I don’t even have a way to explain them. I was woken up by the last one, and it was noon, so I decided to get up and start the day.

I got up and decided to open my presents. I should have lit my mistletoe, but it ended up being something that I didn’t think to do until after the fact. I got a neck massager from my mom and a vegetable chopper, salad spinner all in one thing from my youngest sister. The neck massager thingie was really nice, I can’t wait to get home and get it a going again.

I got to talk to Wendy (my youngest sister) and my grandma and dad today. They all liked their gifts. I can really tell my grandma is starting to lose it. She asked me how much time a year I have for vacation, and not more than five minutes later she asked me the same question again. I really need to try to make it back to Oklahoma before she dies or loses her brain function all together.

Today there was a marathon for American Chopper and Mythbusters and I was switching between the two in between calls, and before I knew it I had to get ready for work. Today has been really slow and I was playing Monopoly and Spades with the other leads and the sup that was here tonight. It is pretty nice to be paid double time and a half to do nothing.

I am really tired, I just want to go home and go to sleep gosh darned it. I am glad today is Friday.

While I was playing spades Mary called, and when one of the leads went home and we were done I called Mary back and talked to her for a while and she liked my gift and same with her daddy and she had a good Christmas too. I miss her. I miss her lots.

I have been trying to recall the places I was at whilst in DC and I am having some difficulties remembering where I was at when Mary and I went to the hardware store and then went to a couple of places after words, I remember I was looking for allergy medicine I think and we stopped at a couple of places, one place we had a sandwich or smoothies or something and it was a really small place and I remember my backpack being in the way or something. I think it was around the Dupont Circle or something. I am going to have to get out my DC box and look through it to see if I have any receipts. It is frustrating because the entire week was a whirlwind anyway, and I am lucky to remember any of it, time went by so fast and we did so much whilst I was there.

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Dec 152006

So I am back at work. It was quite painful coming back. It seems like nothing has changed. I forgot my drink cup here so it was nice and moldy when I arrived since it had the remains of OJ in it. I am going to be taking it home and soaking it in bleach for a while to kill all the critters living inside. Today has been pretty slow on the phones. That is pretty good because I am not yet ready to go full speed dealing with the assholes we have for customers.

I finally made it to the beach on Tuesday. I went down to Pass-A-Grille and sat at my favorite part. I brought a beach chair with me and a book and read and enjoyed the birds and the water and stuff. the beach There was not that many people there, it was a perfect day. On the way back I stopped in a shell shop and picked up some random shells and turtle figures and stuff. On the way home I thought about things and I decided to make me an altar. I already bought the sage smudging sticks last week, and thought about what I am going to use and stuff. I have this tray that currently has plants on it I am going to use, and I am going to make some room in my room for it. I have some ideas for what I am going to do. I have a few crystals, stones, feathers, and other things that I have had for years I am going to use. I am also going to get a few things to put on it that will be new.

I started the process of getting rid of a bunch of stuff today. It is not going to be a fun thing. I am going to be getting rid of a bunch of boxes and clothes and stuff. I want to try to put my futon in my bedroom and possibly getting a couch to put in the living area. I need to really go through everything and get rid of a bunch of things. I really do. Yesterday I got caught up on my laundry. I need to do my blankets, but all my clothes are clean.

Last night I saw a really good program on HDNET2 about Washington DC. There were some parts in there that I didn’t even know, like some canals in the Georgetown part of town that they used for transport and there is a park there where you can go on a transport barge and go down the canal and go through a lock or two. I think that would have been really cool. I am going to have to do that when I go back. They also showed a few farmers markets that looked pretty cool.

Today I went back to the shell shop in Treasure Island and picked up an abalone shell and a wooden stand for it that I am going to use to hold my sage smudge sticks. It is really pretty.

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Oct 122006

Today was a day of definite ups and downs…

Tonight’s episode of The Colbert Report was one of the top bestest ever. He announced the winner of the Green Screen Challenge, and well, there was an entry from a “George L.” who was also on the show, and he looked amazingly like THE George Lucas! His entry looked very professional…

Also, also there was the third installment of the Tek Jansen series, and the opening scene was Tek with a beautiful black woman, I squealed with glee!

The show ended with “George L” and Stephen Colbert battling with light sabers:

I battled with my insomnia again, I didn’t fall asleep until around 7 or 9 this morning, and it was very disappointing because I wanted to go out and spend some time on the beach today. By the time I woke up I didn’t think I would get to go and do what I wanted to do and so I just stayed home.

Today I really didn’t do much. I played on the internet, watched TV, watched this neat thing on HBO Ondemand about film making and how there is no standard as to what makes a movie a hit or a flop and stuff, and I made chocolate pudding. That is pretty much it.

Yesterday on Colbert Report, Stephen had a “special” saluting the American lady. This one was another wonderfully perfect episode! Especially the segment when he had Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem help Stephen make an all American pie, watch the hilarity below:

I love how Jane is kissing Colbert; it is so funny to see his reaction and him trying to hide it. I bet that Colbert had a big crush on Fonda when he was a teen. It was probably a wet dream cum true for him.

Anyway. Now the bad…

As you know I have been really excited about going back to DC and in the back of my head I have been wondering if I could get enough money saved up in time, and if this is something that Mary really wanted me to do since I automatically said I was going to go up and see her recital. So I wanted to talk to her about it and make sure that it was ok for me to go up. So I called her and talked to her tonight and yes she is ok with it, so I am glad I wasn’t imposing. I also discussed the money issue with her and stated I would probably have to get a loan to pay for the trip. She didn’t really think it was a good idea for me to do that. (I would have to use my car as collateral since that is the only thing I have that is worth anything) and damm I really want to go, but it is only four pay checks away, and after rent and bills I will probably only have enough money scraped up to pay for the airfare and hotel. It would not be a very good trip as far as food and fun. December temperatures are going to be in the 40s, so it is going to be freezing. I guess I am going to try to go to her next recital, hopefully around Juneish or get her to come down to Florida. (I would love to do both actually) I feel really sad inside for even thinking that I will not be going to DC in December. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

I will leave you with a screen cap from tonight’s episode of Tek Jansen:
Jared and Mary...?
Jared and Mary…


I am going to attempt to go to sleep now.

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Mar 302006

So today I went to Target to go grocery shopping. I was really disapointed with their lack of selection. They were worse than the Albertsons that is near my house. Target is not a good option for me. I guess I will have to try the Albrertsons in St Pete next time and see how they are.

There are about 12 or so albums that I downloaded that ceme in a bin/cue. I hate these things with a passion because of all the time it takes to convert these to individual mp3 files. First of all if it is in a .flac or .ape file I have to use jetaudio to convert them to a .wav then I have to modify the .cue to point to the new extention. Then I have to use Nero to make that .bin an image file and then use Nero’s Image drive and mount the image and then use CDeX to rip that image into .mp3. And so far either Nero doesn’t like the .cue or locks up when I try to load the queue or something else goes on. It is a bitch of a process. I wish that there was one step. Bah!

Today while I was at Target I bought one of those canister water filters.
new pitcher
I haven’t gotten the chance to even wash it yet because I arrived home 20 minutes before I was supposed to go to work and had just enough time to change clothes, put away my refrigerated adn frozen stuff and send Mary a couple of emails. I need to buy a new blender pitcher for my blender, the thin plastic broke months ago, and that is another thing that Target didn’t carry. Ok, I just bought one off of the manafacture’s website.

I have gained weight again. I had too many sweets and goodies in DC despite all the walking I did, I still gained weight. I need to go back to walking again, and I need to stop eating so many sweets and so much food! That is the big thing right there! I made a batch of mac and cheeze on Tuesday night, and I have already consumed it all! This recipe filled a 8x8x2 glass baking pan, since Tuesday I also have had two hot “ham” and cheeze sandwiches, a quart of rice dream cocoa marble fudge, a primal stick, lots and lots of water, a small bag of bbq chips, a blueberry bar, a little bag of peanut butter crackers, and some other stuff I can not remember right now. I am a pig! p-i-g – pig!

So, I need to walk more, I need to eat less, expecially at night, and I need to start taking those herbal diet stuff again, and I need to start doing the coconut oil as well.

I hate this slow constant climb in weight. I need a tape worm I think!

Personal link I need for wordpress…

DC seems like just a dream. I miss Mary and DC. I did get to video chat with her for a brief couple of minutes yesterday. She is a really special woman to me. 🙂

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Mar 282006

“Times have not become more violent. They have just become more televised.”
– Marilyn Manson

I can not believe that a week has passed. It has been a little over a week since I saw Mary last. This week went by quicker than the week I spent in DC. Hopefully time will pass by really quickly and next thing I know I will be in her arms again.
Do any of you do any kind of ansestory tracing? This is something that Mary has been really interested in and has been persuing lately. I have thought about it in the past, but I am at a big loss since I am a bastard child that was adopted. I don’t have the ability to do any kind of tracing, and even if I were to find my mother I bet my father was completely out of the picture shortly after insemination and so I would only be able to trace one half of my family history. I am sure that I can trace my adoptive parents roots, actually I am sure that this has already been done since my mom’s side of the family is Mormon, and my sister Wendy has probably already traced my dad’s side back to the stone age.

Oh, I got a ticket today for reckless and careless driving. I passed an old fuck going 35 miles an hour in the fast lane in a 50 mile an hour zone. Aparently I didn’t use my turn signal, cut someone off going into that lane and then sped trying to pass the asshole. So that is three points and $117 fine. Oh fucking well.

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Mar 232006

Potlatch Sleep At The Swamp Smooth Chill – The Radio Singles

So today I was all domestic. I did dishes and laundry. I didn’t really want to do laundry because the clothes all had the smells of Mary and DC on them. I didn’t wash my grey pull over though and I think I can make out the smell of mary on the neck and her bathroom hand soap on the sleeves.

Pathetic, I know.

Today I put up a post card of MLK and a Metro subway map and a bumper sticker and DC calander I brought home with me. Now I have reminders of the subway, going to Pangea, going to the Lincon Memorial and standing where MLK stood and also the place I went to and bought a bunch of DC souvineers. The place we went to I ended up spending around $120 and I came home with a lot more than I thought I had picked up. I think that the people there threw in a lot more things than I got and they let me carry it back to the hotel in a canvas DC bag as well. I think that if I lived in DC I would have my place full of a bunch of junk from those touristy type of shops.

I also spent a lot of time reading entries, I didn’t reply to any, I did read. I had to go through 550 entries just in my peeps filter. I didnt’ bother touching the communities at all.

There are so many things I left in DC, so many things I wanted, and could have used. If only I had the room or the money or both. There was something, well someone which I wish I would have been able to bring back with me. She is a special wonderful woman, and she deserves all the happiness in the world.

Egg substitutes:

Any of the following can be substituted for an egg:

one-half of a banana, mashed;

two ounces of mashed potatoes;

two ounces of nut butters;

two ounces of mashed beans;

one-fourth cup of applesauce;

one-fourth cup of pureed fruit;

two ounces of soft tofu blended with some water;

one teaspoon of soy flour mixed with one tablespoon of water;

one tablespoon of flax seeds blended well with three tablespoons of water. (This mixture can also be boiled until it develops the desired consistency). Flax seeds should be stored in the freezer, as they can become rancid at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

Another egg substitute is Ener-G Egg Replacer, a commercial egg replacer made of potato starch, tapioca flour, leavening agents (calcium lactate [vegan], calcium carbonate, and citric acid) and a gum derived from cottonseed.

Kruder & Dorfmeister Deep Shit Pt. 1 Pt. 2
Jens Buchert Sunrider space night vol. VIII

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Mar 232006

The following chronicles my experience flying to Tampa; one thing that did not get included is the fact that I had to walk really fast to get to my connecting flight in Atlanta. I had to walk from one end to the terminal to the middle, go to another terminal and walk to the other end. The plane was already boarded and ready to go by the time I got there. There was a r2 hour delay and I had to catch an earlier flight which was 2 hours late in order to get to my connecting flight.

Hey mary, flights in atlanta are being delayed due to cealing and
My flight to atlanta is being delayed.Can you check flight 1016 from
atlanta to tampa for me?I only have a 35 minute layover and am
about missing it….
…When the wheels touched the ground, that is when I knew that
there was
no turning around…
I am pulling into the gate in tampa.

The take off was nice.We took off around the same time that the other
flight was supposed to and I should be into atl around 630….

…When the plane took off I could see mountains.I miss the mountains.
Like I said florida is so flat….
…I know I am going to miss dc.I know I am.I got to see the heart of
it.I got to feel its personality.What would you have done if I
have decided to stay?…

I spent last night and this morning unpacking and feeling sad. I have found a home for a lot of my things; I wish I was still there. I wish we had two weeks together. I don’t know what to think right now, I am getting an odd feeling from her, I don’t know if it is that she is busy or something else.

Today I hung out with Carol for a while, and stuffed my face at Natures Food Patch. I got home around 7 pm and took pictures of my loot from DC. I wish I had bought more shot glasses and t-shirts though, maybe I can send Mary some money and she can pick some up when she has the time.

After seeing DC, I think she is going to find Florida, at least Tampa/St Pete boring and mundane.

I miss you Mary! Thank you for allowing me to visit you!

This turtle is very precious to me! It has many deep and wonderful feelings for you. I care for you deeply. Thank you! Thank you!

turtle massager front

turtle massager top

Pictures of DC can be found here:

I took more pictures from today here:

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Mar 222006

Here I am sitting in the airport. I am at a little brewery in the place drinking really good ale. I have a few hours before my flight takes off. Check out time at the hotel was noon and my flight leaves at 4:30. I should have booked an earlier flight, I booked it so late thinking I might have been able to spend some more time with Mary and I also wanted to make sure I got here on time.

Yesterday went by way too quickly. The day was over before it even began. We woke up early, but time escaped us and we didn’t’ walk out the door until around 5 or 6. We walked up Georgia Avenue and found an Ethiopian restaurant and ate there. It wasn’t as good as the restaurant we ate the day before. After we took the metro down to the union station and walked around and sat and talked a while. I said good bye to Mary in front of her bus stop and then watched her get on the bus and ride off. I watched the bus until I couldn’t see it any more. I stood there for a little while more and then was approached by a homeless person asking for fifty cents. I decided it was time for me to go, so I headed back into Union Station and walked around for 20 minutes or so and then decided to go back to the hotel. Mary called me when I was standing and waiting for the red line and I got to talk to her some more. We are already talking about her coming to Florida to visit, and I would love to come back to DC. There is so much I didn’t get to do and see that I wanted to. I felt like a week just wasn’t enough time. I felt like Mary and I was just barely making the connections, I was just starting to get to know her habits and her mannerisms. I fell like I got a taste of candy and then it was ripped away from me. Yesterday was a gloomy day for both of us. I wanted to take her back to Florida with me. I was almost begging her to come back with me.

On the 19th we went down to the mall, We decided to go to the air and space museum, but the line for security was too long so we walked on further and found the Native American museum. It was really interesting. The thing that got me the most was this thing on the wall that had a bunch of languages that were lost because of white man killing off all those nations. It was pretty sad. Mary and I talked a bit about what happened to the Indians and to the Africans, I also mentioned to her how hypocritical it was for us to eliminate hundreds of different Native American races and take thousands of Africans and strip them of their history and heritage and bring them to America and enslave them but yet we thought it was wrong for Hitler to try to eliminate one race. I told her that it is sad that African Americans have no history beyond 150 years, that they don’t know where they come from and it is to a point that they are now considered one race with so much mixing of where they came from, I don’t know how to put what exactly I told her about that, I don’t remember what exactly I said.

After that we headed on over to China town, and if I wasn’t afraid of not having enough room for stuff, I would have gone hog wild in this cool little shop. I ended up getting a few turtle things and chop sticks and stuff. They have boxes of tea there for like $4.00 each, which normally will cost $20 or so. I wish I would have been able to pick up a few boxes. I told Mary that she is going to have to come back to that shop and pick me up some stuff like tea and rice bowl sets and other stuff. I loved that little place. We walked down and looked at some more shops and then rode the bus and saw all the little neighborhoods and ended up eating at a really good Ethiopian restaurant. It was better than the place I ate at yesterday. It was a unique experience, and sponge bread was very interesting to look at and feel.

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Mar 192006

New pictures!

On the 17th Mary and I headed on down to the mall and saw the monument, Abe, The Korean and WW2 memorials. I stood in the same place that MLK Jr stood when he delivered his speech. I could feel the history and the people that were there. After that we headed on over to Georgetown and browsed through the shops and ate at a really good Indian restaurant.

I am having a lot of fun so far here. I am getting to see DC as no tourist usually sees it; I have seen a lot of the neighborhoods that tourists do not see. I am riding the subway and the busses and experiencing the city as a local, which is something that I wanted to experience and like to experience it is pretty cool.

I am a bit sad and hurt and frustrated because of some bullshit which I will not go into Mary has been spending the last two nights at home and might be spending tomorrow night at home as well. It sucks being in this hotel alone. I miss her. It is going to be really painful to have to go back to Florida. I definitely think that we bonded and our attraction for each other has grown stronger. I can feel it from her for sure. I think that once she gets some things worked out at home and spends some time alone and as a single women that there might be a future for us. She is going through a lot right now and is feeling smothered. She is at that stage of life where she needs no one. She needs some independence and some alone time, I can sense that from her. I don’t blame her. I am willing to give that to her. On the other hand, I want to put her in a big duffel bag and bring her home with me. Although I have found tickets on line for the same flight plan as mine for less than $200 as well, I am more than willing to bring her home with me if she would let me.

Today Mary had a doctor’s appointment and I met her at a coffee shop in front of the subway line when she was done. We spent an hour or so talking about stuff. After that we did the Mary Saturday thing and bought groceries and also headed to Pangea and bought a bunch of stuff there including matching hemp wallets  Then we went back to her house and hung out for a while before I had to head back to the hotel. Today went by way too fast. It wasn’t really a sightseeing day, but it was a day that I got to spend with Mary, and we did domestic type of stuff, and that was important to me. I just wish she got to go back to the hotel with me. (I keep on calling it home for some reason.) I guess I subconsciously want to take her home. I don’t know. We have already talked about me going back to DC and her going to Florida. Hopefully she can come and visit me soon, like in June.

DC’s public transportation system is really good here. I think I would use that for the most part; I would probably hardly use my car. It is going to be odd going back into a vehicle I think.

Anyway, I miss Mary, and I am tired and have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, we are going to do the museum thing tomorrow and try to go to an Ethiopian restaurant. Hopefully she can come back to the hotel with me and play for a while, and possibly fall asleep in my arms again. She won’t be able to stay Monday night since she starts back to work on Tuesday, so I will be alone that night too.

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Mar 172006

The flight to DC was pretty good. The landing into Atlanta was kinda bumpy because of wind or turbulence; the pilot did a great job in getting the plane down safely. I know he is used to it, but I am sure it is pretty tough trying to keep such a big plane stable enough to land it.

I was not able to rent the car because they ran my debit card and there was no money left in it so it was coming declined. So I called Orbitz and tried to figure out what the fuck I could do. I spoke to this guy who didn’t know what the fuck I was talking about and tried to tell me that the money I paid to them was an estimate and that I didn’t pay for the car rental and instead the rental place was going to charge me. I was like what the fuck; it says right on the fucking paper that the total for flight car rental and hotel was $1070 and no where on my paper work did it say that the car rental was a fucking estimate. I was getting pissed by this complete moron. The asshole was trying to tell me that I wasn’t going to get any refund or whatever. So I asked him to call the car rental place and ask them to see if there was anything that I could do to try and rent the car. So he obliged and there was nothing I could do. So he transferred me to someone else, and this lady asked for my confirmation number, saw the account, I explained the situation to her again and then she refunded me $250 or close to that.

The last few days Mary and I have been getting around on the metro and we have been doing fine with that. This city has a pretty nice public transportation system and I don’t think we have had to wait longer than 10 minutes for a bus or a train.

Tuesday we got back from the airport a couple of hours later than I thought, and so we hung out and rested and talked and ordered food in. The next day we hung out at the union station for a while, and then hung out at her house until about 9 ish. I got to meet her dad and talk to him. Her dad is awesome. He seemed to like me too. I am happy that I have given him that impression.

Today we went to The vegetable garden. I had fried black mushrooms and orange “beef”, and Mary had the Hunan “beef”. It was good stuff! For desert we had key lime pie and chocolate orange pie. Then we went to a mall and walked around and window shopped for a while. We ended up picking up a book called Making friends with black people. It is really funny, we were cracking up!

So we are back at the hotel, chilling out. Tomorrow we need to run a quick errand and then we are going to head on for the national mall for some sight seeing if we wake up on time.

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