Feb 122011

Ok so it has been a long time. I am a fucking asshole I know. so anyway. Big news. Big news.

I am moving back to Oklahoma next month.

I know. It sucks. I don’t want to move. It is a family thing, so I need to move. Dady needs help so I am going back to help him. I turned in my notice on Wed at work. Gave them a month to replace me. That was nice of me to give them so much notice. I have been working on the details and planning and stuff and packing. I have been packing as well. I hope I get it all done. I have a bit over a month to get everything all packed up and stuff.

I also bought a new Nas

I named him Andre. I love it. Quick and holds a lot. Did I mention it was fast?? It is. I moved all my music and pictures on it and put my external drives on it and have been working on putting my back up / messed up drives on it as well. Right now I am cataloging pictures and will need to start going through and cleaning it up then organising , then moving more data on it from old drives, clean and organise until all peachy keen. This will probably be an ongoing thing that will take 6 months to a year.

My friends Kim and Tammy are coming down in March to help me move and vacation and drive back up with me. I am thinking of taking them direct from the airport to Key West for a day and a half. Should be fun.

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Nov 242010

*I don’t know why it didn’t send an email before the transcript was processed. Here is last nights posts in full as Google translated them. Later I will write them the way I said them. Google only allows a 3 minuite message, so unless it allows a longer message I think this is not the solution for me. I am going to look to see if there is a way the email won’t be sent until after it is transcribed….

Okay so Wetzel’s this works well. I don’t know what I’ve dude. The in google voice homes Yeah, had it look at it, or messages. To and mailing address after this transcribe them. And then There is a clerk in a long checks that email address every hour or so. And then close. That transcripts to walk. So, hey, that’s pretty cool loan, faster. And yes, it is in ability for google 2. Transcribe. Why voice, correctly. 12. Something yet. I was halfway. But your body, as soon as Work, America But So I want to see how this works out. And hopefully i have a good idea. I’m out of time, this transcript suppose google or set it too long, we’re stopping and. So far so good. You anyway. I don’t like the fact that it takes so. The Kirsch courts. Thanks, talk, walk every, coursework. 4 thanks to chris. You were kind of something else because I don’t know. Yes, Google why extra sensor anyway. I spent a long time. Britain, hey it’s with mostly wait till last. So I guess I’ve gone or you suggested, though. Every aspect of my life I’m going on vacation in 2 weeks, going to Opal home. I spend some time with my dad and talk about pictures, there And And I’ve got a 8 or 9 how it will put her in Denver. And my friend, was gonna pick me up at the airport in Denver and We’re going to spend some time in Denver. And on her. Carmen.

Hey, okay issue or something else. So. The National kind of a caranza with the weather. Yes, good to while I’m there are dozens, no. Winnsers or anything else like that Really excited to see if it was on the number of years. I’m also calling and I’m going to purchase one. Some player and Test Test. This is brokerage in the mail. Again. I don’t know if that I’ll grandma. I don’t know 5 mention this or not. My grandma Not Going. Well, I don’t use IN close to being in the last inches. I will Alzheimer’s and It’s really well about what she’s going through. And the web wealth package doesn’t know why that she’s going through it. It’s like one will trial team and 91. No one’s body I’m gonna no one s, do go, but she’s already gone and I just makes me I want to know what I’m going to take care, so much about sent to the wife. When No, it isn’t much of it like that. I’ve been Joyce. I just, it’s just. So, No. This is so much harder, or some of these two work with. The fax knowing that. Some of the best of luck that they thought up Yes going through such a. Hey, Shannon existence. Well, it’s almost like You know I don’t know how long. Rather, but I’m not sucks, but other than not, app, hey. You know that they say that we can have them potential client you work. It doesn’t Apple wife and more okay best.

So apparently civil voice maximum. That’s just a minute, ohh let me ask. I wanted to call play difficult You know that if you’re stopping things and. I’m sure they’ll But I said and okay. I caught an animal. When it doesn’t have a wife anymore, 1, camps. I have that trying to do of it, and throwing life without somebody taking care of her premarital Whatever and the Plymouth, why didn’t that we can get a nice and how we can’t get the nice I can. One thing to me. Interest makes more sense. It’s more thing. Applied pursuing been too Go. When they’re still working on pain and not just some. But I must provide close on Motorolas or Yeah, oxygen Talking, thing And I know it’s rough. So, so. When it comes to family members, but It’s just. 8 months ago. I was help this in my dad and I think, and I saw. I’m sure what’s, and I was else 6 or 8 months prior. Chip that I missed the difference between those two visits way that she was cautious and the way that she responded and the way that she will remember things was jus HI 9 day and just types. I haven’t seen it. So Congressional like that. But, the progression. And I know. The last time I was there 8 months ago or so. I know. That’s it. Just No worries dude thirty-ish, West and there. They’re just and she just was not the walmand, but I know. But I’ve known or and 4:37 years. And that’s rough. And its sarah and it’s just. That’s going to send, that this is voice she lives. I just wanna touch base.

Okay so this is the last one. I think that I don’t know what I’m gonna do is go back and Co, and call up and putting in the morning about the host. And that after work close. But. Hey, it’s just so. Well hello. My dad need help. And which I’m going to call home. Yes should talk about, We About. I’m planning on moving back up there. So I’m probably gonna be moving back to Oklahoma and. 2 or 3 months. And so if you live in grandma spouse and It means a lot of work and a lot of cleaned up because woke up this everywhere and so I’m probably gonna have to end up in that mess, and clean that up and there some work that needs to be done so, and that’s an awesome the garages, came in, some other stuff and interest, ni moving up there. But Reynolds of those. Moving you Boleyn everything else punishment. Bye and This is just so Hong interest. I will, living in order, love to teach a local to church, so I don’t know, or whether I’m going. Ohh, and I was just getting the car and drive to minutes and I’m. At the water on the happens, nice white and and it’s just I don’t know why she just message, was lost. I’m, Mickey S like that. Hello. Bye, just.

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Nov 022010

Well, an update. I need to do this more often. I need to get off my lazy ass and do this more often. I really do.

I quit facebook today. The bullshit that fb is has been growing. I already didn’t like the fact that they make you use your name, but the thing that got me was at the end of my name I had a v with a circle around it. Well they wouldn’t let me log in without changing my name and if I tried to change it back they locked me out for an hour. So I changed it, downloaded all my data, then deleted the account permanantly. Fuck them. I did it with LJ when they became too bs, and I can do it with FB too. There are other sites out there. I can use them.

So grandma is in the nursing home. She has been bad there, getting out and having other residents get out with her. She has also been violent as well. So they may medicate her and move her to a facility that have electronic locked doors. She has also been sick, so she also might get pnemuonia as well.

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Jun 092010

So I am now 85. Weee!! Riiight. For my birthday I bought myself a 48 port Zyxel managed switch. My mom gave me $20 and a guilt trip involving her god and how she prays I will understand it loves me. And she wonders why I don’t like communicating with her and am so distant. Every time she pulls that shit it tears me further apart from her. Oh, and Carol bought my movie ticket to Shrek the third. Wait until it goes out on DVD and rent it. So except for the switch which I will get tomorrow, my birthday was pretty much a bust. I don’t think Tammy even knew it was my birthday. She hasn’t said anything to me about it and I talked to her yesterday and today. I am not worried about it. It is just another day anymore, so ya.

I found a 18U server cabinet for less than $300 and free shipping

server rack Kendall Howard 3140-3-001-18 ($264 free shipping)

This is what I am planning for my rack.

fan bay 2u?
patch panel 2U
cable management 2u
switch = 1U
power strip? 1U
disk station = 4U
vented shelf for disc station
fan bay 2u?

The fans I am not sure about. Partly because what I am finding are expensive. I think I am just going to take a couple of vented shelfs and add fans to them.

Anyway, that is my plan. I should get my switch tomorrow. So my first goal is going to be getting that on my network. Which will be fun since I am going to probably need to move out equipment and stuff to get to wiring. Ugh.

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Jun 052010

On Friday was payday. I had to do the yearly renewal of the tag. $85. I also had to renew my car insurance another year. That was another $130. But the good news is my rent is going down around $40 or so. That is a good thing. It might go down some more depending on if they want to take my cable out or not. they should, but they haven’t, and so they fucking suck. I am not going to be there another year I have decided. I am going to look for another place, a better place. A house near the beach. That is what I want.

I found a 48 port zyxel managed switch for only $300. I am going to jump on it. That is a sweet deal. I thought I would only get a 24 port for that price. It has everything I need; link aggeration and everything. I was planning on getting everything all at once, but I can’t pass this up and it will be put to immediate use.

So I received a birthday card from my mom, and in it she said something to the effect of “Jared I pray everyday that you will realize that God loves you” or some shit like that. It is really offensive, and she wonders why I don’t like to talk to her and am not close to her. So I am thinking about responding with the following, maybe that will make her realize…


Thank you very much for the birthday card and money. It was very thoughtful of you. I pray and meditate every day that you will realize that praying and worshiping man based gods is not the right path, that Earth Mother and Father Sky are the ones that provides for you, keeps you alive and is where you will ultimately return to.

We are made from Mother Earth and we go back to Mother Earth. – Shenandoah

The Great Spirit is in all things, he is in the air we breathe. The Great Spirit is our Father, but the Earth is our Mother. She nourishes us, that which we put into the ground she returns to us…. “

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Jan 122010

Yesterday when I was going down to Carol’s house I noticed that my driver side mirror was not right, so I tried to adjust it, and it didn’t adjust quite to my liking so I didn’t think much of it. Fine, whatever I will keep on driving. Well I got on the highway and I then noticed little flashing on the left hand side. The mirror was vibrating and it was broken. Shit. Some asshole broke my mirror off. When I got to Carol’s house I looked at it closer and it was broken all teh way. Only thing holding on to it was the cables that is used to adjust it. So I got it fit on as best I could and then called the dealership to see if the warentee covered it. Nope. But for ~$200 they would replace it. I told them I would think about it and call them back. I am glad I decided to not commit because it looks like it might actually be an easy repair job. The part is less than $50 online including shipping. All I need to do is pop the besel off surrounding the adjustment knob, then there will be 3 screws. Remove the screws and the mirror comes right off. Put the new one on, replace the screws, and I am all set. Hopefully. Fucker.

Another weekend went by way too fast. Why do they go by so fast while the week drags on? It has been way too cold in Florida. The other day I woke up and it was 32 degrees. I think I need to move further south. Like Equador or something.

My dad wants me to move back to Oklahoma. Help him on the farm. Grandma doesn’t have much time left and she doesn’t even know who he is anymore. It is pretty sad. I wish I was there with him to help him. It is really hard to live there though. I don’t know what to do, or if there is anything for me to do there. I have thought about going back to school and taking some web page design classes. That way I can be anywhere and be able to work, since it will be more virtual anyway.

I am also maybe toying with the idea of setting up a brick and morter computer shop, it would be cool to put it in my grandpa’s old hardware store. I could call it Stan-Way computers or something. Anyway just dreams right now. I don’t know. Oklahoma is just so blah and rednecky and not close to the beach. And it gets cold and so behind in the times. But the farm is there. So tough. I don’t know what to do.

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Jul 122009

It has been over a week since my last confession.

This last couple of weeks has gone by very fast. I can’t believe it is 10 days since I came back from Oklahoma. I had a good 4th of July. I went down to Carols again and watched fireworks off of the dock. It was pretty cool. I took pictures. I need to get them all uploaded.

I am back in the grind of things. My very first call when I got back to work was someone calling me a motherfucker and a stupid idiot and stuff like that. It was a definite snap back to reality and why I love this job soooo much. Makes me wish I stayed in Oklahoma and that I need to further my education so I have more skills than a simple pc tech and customer service. Every day, every call where the customer is a complete asshole it makes me hate my job even more and makes me want to get out of the horrible vile business of customer service. I don’t mind working for the company so much. If I could get a skill set that got me off the phones and somewhere else I would be happy, but dealing with people who demand and insult you and yell at you really eats at you and causes stress that I am getting beyond wanting to deal with anymore.

When I was in Oklahoma I thought about it. I think I want to go to school for web design, and then try to start something up building web pages and stuff, that way I can do it from anywhere. I wanted to go back to Oklahoma and do web page design on the farm and still be there to help dad with the farm and grandma and stuff. He does so much, his kids live out of state, and his brother is an asshole that doesn’t do shit. He hasn’t been down to the farm or called or anything in years. I don’t think he even knows how bad grandma is. Anyway, I don’t have much room to talk really.

I do know that my vacation was way too short, and that I need to get off my ass and do something for myself for my future. I am getting too old too fast.

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Jul 062009

Ok, so I am back from vacation. It lasted way too short as usual. I am going to try to remember it all, but I know I am going to fail.

The night before I got everything packed and ready and took something to make me go to sleep early. Woke up around 3 am and got ready. Went to the airport, the taxi driver was there right on time at 4:15 am.

The flights to Oklahoma were as smooth as flying can be. I met up with my dad and we waited for Tish and her daughter to arrive. It was nice to see him again. Tish hadn’t changed at all. She looked the same as always. her daughter had grown up since I had seen her and she is a real sweetie. I spoiled her while I was there. After we got our luggage and stuff we headed to Norman town and ate at a steak place. I had a baked potato and some veggies, and some beer. After catching up and learning that Tish is moving to Mass to be with a guy (she is moving this week!) wow! She is pulling a Jared. Well at least she has known him since high school instead of three months.

On Wed I went up to Norman and ran some errands and took pictures and went to The Earth to see if I could run into Jared or Aaron there, no such luck but I left my # with the guy there. After that I met Tish and Bridget at dad’s work and then took them to the Sam Noble Museum and let Bridget take pictures whilst we were there. It was really cool, there was an exhibit that opened up since I was there in Oct. The exhibit was this calendar that an Indian started that showed the history of what happened every season for about 200 years.

After that we went to Bison Witches and had dinner then dad took the girls home and I went up to OKC to see if I could find Kim. She was at home, and she was drunk already. She hasn’t changed a bit. She called Tammy, and she lives right around the corner. Literally the next street over and a back yard away. Tammy told me that Kim was looking for places on Craig’s list, and found that one and didn’t realise how close it was until Tammy took her there. I hung out with Tammy for a while, met her two new kids, saw how John had grown up, and Tammy is back in school making good grades at a regular school. I knew she could do it. I knew she was smart. Tammy dropped me back over at Kim’s house and within 10 minutes of me being there Kim passed out on me so I went home.

On Thursday I started reinstalling the OS in dad’s computer and got his DVD player hooked up and spent time with Grandma and the girls. All of us went to the Rose Rock museum and then to eat at City Bites. After that I took them to Brahms for ice cream. While grandma was eating her ice cream she was talking as well and the ice cream was coming out in between her teeth all over the table and me. It was pretty funny. Oh and when I first saw Grandma she didn’t recognise me. I was prepared for it but it still hurt a bit. I could definitely tell how much she has deteriorated since October. The last week went by so fast, I am disappointed I didn’t get her recorded on video tape the last month. I even remembered bringing the camera (not the tripod though). I should have given it to Tish and let her do it. Time just went by way too fast and going to Houston made it faster. Oh well.

So when we got home from that I think I just continued to work on dad’s computer, did some laundry and packed for Houston the next morning.

The ride down to Houston was fun. Bridget is such a good traveler. It was nice to see Wendy again. She hasn’t changed much either, except for her having more kids. We caught up and talked for a while and then dad and I went back to the hotel to check in and sleep.

The next day we went back to Wendy’s house and decided to go back to the hotel and go to the pool. Wendy wanted to go to the beach, but it was really hot and I don’t think she would have realised there would have been no shelter for her newborn or her kids if they go too hot, so we talked her into the pool, and she is glad of the choice. The kids played in the pool for 2 1/2 hours and wore themselves out then we went back to her place and ate and visited more, then back to the hotel. One of the conversations we had was politics, and Wendy is miss junior Sara Palin with her “you betcha” and I could tell she was a Fox / Rush drone because she was honestly scared of being attacked, thinking that Obama is a wimp, because in her view, or more likely the view of the pundits she listened to she never heard Obama say he would defend the country, only go and talk (like there is nothing wrong with that either, it worked for Reagan). I told her that I have heard multiple talks of his including going to 4 of his campaign speeches and I have heard him multiple times say that he will indeed defend the country and use our military might if needed, and she gave me that deer in the headlights look like I am lying to her, or speaking a foreign language. That is how brainwashed she is. I know that I am a bit myself but I am not enough that I can’t form my own opinion, and there are things that Obama has or hasn’t’ done that I am not happy with. I am not a talking points ditto head.

On Sunday we went back to Wendy’s house and they surprised me with a belated birthday party. Wendy went out of her way to make sure everything was vegan. She even cooked a Thai tofu recipe for the first time. I don’t think the kids liked it too well, we told her it was chicken. It was really good, for it being her first time with something she isn’t used to handling. The cake turned out really good and moist. She used apple sauce for it (something I told her about the night before, I think she was questioning me because she didn’t know so she could make it). She was even surprised at how good and moist it was. I got a cool card, a Walmart gift card, which I used to go grocery shopping with (real boring I know) and a Forest Gump DVD. At the end of the night we opened up a pinata, which the kids had fun with. When I cracked it open after a couple of rounds of faking it, Wendy’s kids dove for the candy, knocking Bridget out of the way, causing her not to get any and be disappointed and hurt that they did that to her. We told her that since there is four of them they have to fight for everything including attention and so it is very competitive and every one for themselves, since she doesn’t have anyone except her self then she doesn’t have that competition she has to deal with. I think that Wendy saw that and saw how much candy they got, so she made the kids put all their candy in a bowl, and the next morning before we left when there wasn’t anyone but Bridget and I around I gave her a bunch of candy for her to take home. She was happy about that. We also looked through old pictures of grandma and dad as kids, I am glad Wendy has them, she will take the best care of them of us all. When she moves to Montana she said she would scan them in and send them to me. Oh one other thing we did was painted rubber ducks and then went to a creek and floated them down the creek and had a duck race. Most of the ducks ended up in the grass on either side because there wasn’t much of a current, mostly was wind powered and the wind pushed them on the edges.

We stayed and talked on Monday until around 3 then headed back north to Oklahoma. It was nice to see Wendy again, but I was glad to leave too with her kids being hyper, it seems like there was always a fight, a tantrum, or screaming always going on. I couldn’t do it.

On Tuesday I worked more on dad’s computer, and spent more time with grandma, and Tish and Bridget and I went to eat breakfast at a greasy spoon in Purcell, and then went to Wally World and bought some groceries and things for grandma and dad and bought some fireworks for Bridget. I got a crock pot stew started up for grandma, then we all went to dads girlfriends house to hook up a TV and DVD player dad bought for her. Well, not quite. Dad had called me several times to remind me to bring the DVDs. I thought he meant the DVDs I burned for him but he was meaning the DVD player, so I never packed it in the truck, so I just hooked up the cable box, and the TV and the cables I needed for the DVD player in case we didn’t have time to go back the next day to hook up the DVD player so dad could hook it up fairly easily. After I got it hooked up we all went to Old Chicago and had dinner and beer. I had a calzone with sun dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts and spinach. It was really good.

Wednesday morning I got everything packed and ready to go, and did some final things on the computer for dad and hooked up his TV to his DVD player and line. The TV he bought already had a digital tuner in it, so it is good he doesn’t have to deal with the cable box, and can pick up the broadcast HD channels in HD. It was a really nice picture, and now I want to save up money for a 32 inch HD TV and then use the 22 I have for a monitor on my server, or put it in the bedroom, I am not sure yet. Anyway, I don’t think I got everything done I needed to on the computer and I forgot to pack a mug I got at the greasy spoon, and maybe another thing, but I did get time enough to get a bunch of old tapes packed which I can’t find DVDs for or find on the download sites.

On the way back to Beverly’s house we stopped by the post office and I mailed the tapes, and paid for dad’s PO box which expired that day (which he still doesn’t know about – he will probably go try to pay it on Monday or this week, only to find out it was paid). and then headed on up to Beverly’s house to get the DVD player hooked up, which only took me a couple of minutes. Then we went to the airport and checked in, and hung out for a few minutes then I said goodbye.

It takes only 31 minutes to fly from OKC to Dallas, and when I got to Dallas I had a little over an hour to get from one concourse to another. I tried to find something to eat once I got there, and ended up buying a diet mountain dew and a 7 ounce bag of twizzlers. That ended up costing me almost $6. So once we got on the plane we sat there for a while. I didn’t realise how long we were sitting there waiting until the pilot got on the horn and said that there was a bit of maintenance that needed to be done and they were calling the mechanics over at that time. That was an hour after the plane was supposed to take off. We ended up taking off about 20-30 minutes after that. And the plane was hot and stuffy and kids were getting anxious and crying and being little bitches. So I ended up being on that plane in the terminal longer than it took me to get on the plane, take off, land and get out going from OKC to DFW. Anyway. I ended up being 30 minutes landing late. By this time I was tired and cranky and not wanting to put up with shit. Well there was some kind of youth group that just got off another plane and right off the tram there were all their family and friends blocking the entire entrance. I was not pleased at all having to plow through that bullshit, and I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and didn’t realise the terminals were completely separated on the second and first levels and so ended up going all over the airport trying to find where I needed to go to get my luggage.

So that was my vacation in a nutshell. I will get pics up soon. I still need to go through them and rotate and then get them in folders by day. I will let you know when I have them uploaded and where.

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Apr 262009

Well, the trip to Oklahoma is really set in stone now. I bought the airline tickets for dad on Sat. I am excited. I get to see dad and grandma again. I get to see Tish and Bridget and Wendy and her litter; will be the first time I have seen them since Grandma Wolf’s funeral. Actually I don’t think I have seen any of Wendy’s litter, maybe her oldest, I don’t remember.

I need to start going through things and making a list of things I need for the trip. Should be a lot shorter since most of the stuff I still have since October.

It is going to be interesting to see how much grandma has deteriorated since I was there last. And I might see Kimmy there too, will see how time works out. Especially since going to Houston over that weekend and that is going to cut time there.

Well I think that the Rachael thing is over. Didn’t last long. She didn’t seem as interested or enthused about the whole thing as she seemed to be that first day. Oh well.

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