Feb 172007

The guy that sits right behind me at work is the guy that I dislike the most at that place, every day he has to mention something about killing and eating baby seals like that is highly offensive to me because I am vegan. He always seems to make comments about something about something anti vegan or about eating some kind of endangered or cute species. At first it was just plain annoying, now it is very annoying, especially since he doesn’t get any reaction out of me. I do my best to ignore him as much as I can and give him the cold shoulder. Now that he sits behind me he likes to look at what is on my monitor and will comment on something or another. So now I have to worry about what I am writing while at work as to not have him read it. So I might be writing an entry complaining about him or how horny I am or something like that and he is going to read it. He has lately refused to call the leads line to ask questions and instead has me turn around to look at what he is doing, which one time he did call the leads line and had me turn around and then that made me lose my rhythm and my multitasking and I was playing catch up for about 5 minutes. Last night he was asking me questions and I was logging it, and he saw that I was logging his question, and I told him that even though he refuses to call the leads line I am going to log his questions anyway. I have even told him several times that he should be calling the leads line to ask questions.

I looked at the current job openings yesterday in the intranet and there is a job opening for a level four supervisor in the Pinellas side, so I applied for it. I think I would be a good candidate for it. Hopefully my management won’t tell their management not to even consider me. Fuckers.

I have been more horny than normal since coming back from Hollywood. I have been thinking about Felicia a lot. I know I am sexually attracted to her and have had great orgasms because of it. I am really disappointed that I will never get to realize that.

Last night I was having fun with some duct tape I have. While I was on a call I got my paybacks…
taped up

It has been really cold here. It got down into the forties last night, I am glad I bought that heater, I would have been freezing.

Right now I am watching Idlewild. It is pretty cool.

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Feb 152007

Felicia and I talked some more tonight. I think that we have a better understanding of each other and our motives and stuff like that. I hope it is salvageable and she changes her mind. Either way I hope we still remain friends. I won’t go into details, but lets just say I wasn’t aggressive enough for her. So, that is the nice guy in me.

Work has been extremely busy. It is making time go by, and not letting me focus too much on how tired and horny I actually am.

I feel like I completely fucked up when I wasn’t getting any response from her. She did say she likes to be dominated, but I also didn’t want to seem like I was overly aggressive the first time around. I don’t like to seem to be an eager beaver.

Today I bought every book by Michael Stewart. I remember reading them in high school and I don’t know how many of them I will actually read again, but it is nice to have them in case. I don’t know how long they will be in existence since he never made it in popularity. His stories are really interesting though and mixes medical science with fiction and they bring a pretty neat combination. I bought the books used through Amazon. Hopefully they are in good shape when I get them. I also bought one of those mooninite is the bomb t-shirts. Oh, and I also bought Trip Shakespeare’s Across The Universe. I can’t wait to hear that CD again. It is so fucking brilliant. I am surprised that I am not able to find anything on e-mule from them.

I have to pee really bad and I am not going to lunch for another few minutes…. blasdklasdfkljud

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Feb 152007

I have so much I need to do. I really need to clean and wash dishes and do laundry. Today has been shot because of the overnight shift. I haven’t really slept but 3 hours anyway. I got a call from my loan people at 9 am. They needed my mailing address. I tried going back to sleep but I couldn’t really. So around 11 I paid my electric bill, paid for another year of my hosting and then went and paid this month’s payment for the loan.

When I got home from the trip and was all settled, I immediately masturbated. I was so horny, and the last time I got off was Monday morning, so it was a great orgasm. When I got home from work this morning I had another one that was even better than the one from last night. It felt great.

Oh, I forgot to tell a story from Wednesday. After Felicia got ready for lunch and for her to go to work she walked up to me to tell me she was mad at me. I thought, ok? Did I clog up the toilet? Make a mess in the bathroom? What did I do?? So I asked her why and she said that the pants she is wearing now a roll of fat was sticking out from around it. I had made her gain weight with all the food we ate. She said now she is going to have to do a lot of sit ups to try to lose the weight. I told her she could just do what I do and that is to buy bigger pants. Anyway I thought that was kind of cute what she did to me.

Ok, I am going to try to rest for about 40 minutes then I guess I should get dressed and go to work…

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Feb 142007

I got To Hollywood Fl around 5 pm, and I met Felicia at her place and we embraced and had a nice kiss. After I got settled we went to the grocery store and I then fixed some thai style curry. It was really good. and she really liked it too.

The next day we hung out and watched movies and went to a really good fast food asian restaraunt for lunch and then Sublime for dinner. Sublime was really awesome. We talked to the waitress some and the chef is a normal chef who used his experience cooking “normal” foods and veganised them. The taste, texture, and presentatoin really showed that. I was really inpressed with the food and the dishes. I went away satisfied.

Anyway I really like this girl, she is really cool and kind and she is appreciative. I was really happy to be spending time with her and was grinning ear to ear the entire time I was with her because I liked her so much. At the same time I didn’t feel much from her as far as wanting to kiss me and stuff, although she did want to be near me and be close to me when we were out and about, so I really didn’t think much of it since we had just met about a month ago and she didn’t come off as a person to me to be affectionate right away, she seemed like a slow mover to me, which was fine since most of my relationships were the opisite.

Anyway this morning she told me that we just wouldn’t work because I was smiling and smirking too much and I was never serious and I seemed too much like a child. So that was disapointing. To me she knew I was odd and had that child like behavior (you know what? never met him!) type of thing, but to make the decision because I was constantly happy? I don’t understand it. I have to accept it. So I don’t know if there is something else going on (trying to move too fast maybe?) or if that is her genuine reason. I just find it an odd reason. I don’t know where I could have been more serious though. I mean if I went to meet with someone the first time and I didn’t smile, then you would think that something was wrong the whole time. Anyway. I hope we remain friends. She does seem to like me that way, so…

Before I left we went to a really yumy restaraunt that serves food from Trinidad. It was really yummy stuff. It reminded me a lot of the Ethiopian food I had. There was lots of curry type stuff and you use bread to pick up and eat your food. The difference is the bread is wheat and it is a bit thicker and more oily than the sponge bread.

I kind of got lost and ran through a toll booth trying to get back on track. See I didn’t realise how north the restaraunt was and when my GPS program was telling me to go south I called it a liar and went north instead. I went north on a toll highway, exited, paid my 50 cents, uturned and then went back on the toll way, except at this piticular toll station you had to pay the 50 cents first and then get on, and I followed a big truck right on through the station. I didnt’ realise this until later on after I had gotten on, so now I am probably going to get something in the mail stating that I owe the state of Florida $500 for running a toll booth. Fuck.

Anyway that cost me a lot of time. I think I left the restarunt around 2:30 or 3, and I didn’t get home until seven pm. I ran into construction when I reached the west side of the everglades, and then I had to deal with rush hour traffic once I got over to Naples and Ft Myers. What should have taken 30 minutes to drive took well over an hour.

So now I am here at work dead tired and really busy and I didn’t get my nap and I am cranky. I will probably need to sleep all day tommmorow but I can’t because I need to wake up early enough to at least pay my loan. I can do grocery shopping and cleaning Friday.

Pictures soon…

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Feb 112007

I am going to be going to Hollywood Fl either Mon or Tue. I am really excited. I talked with Felicia before I went to work and she asked if I would be her valentine and I said sure and then she mentioned something about me coming down to meet her and I thought she was talking about this week since the last thing she said was about valentines day and I told her that I have Mon and Tue off and Wed I am in work at 9 pm, and she said that she wasn’t talking about this week, and so then I backed off, and then we then agreed to this week, and I am supposed to call her tonight during my lunch to finalise the plans as to what day. I think it is going to end up being Tue since we also talked about going to Sublime as well. I am really excited and it is going to be really cool to meet her. She is only about 260 miles away, which is about a five hour trip including traffic and gas stops. Hopefully one of her neighbors has an unsecured wireless connection I can use whilst I am there.

So I am excited! It should be fun!

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Feb 102007

The geek in me thinks that this is funny…

the problem with Linux, in a nutshell

And the comments are even better! Expecially the ones after the picture of BSD. Too funny! Made my Saturday for sure…

I have talked to Felicia on teh phone my last two lunches. Things seem to be going well. I like her and she seems to like me. So I guess I will see where this goes and cross my fingers.

I think I am going to go to the beach on Monday. Have a couple of drinks and enjoy myself. Hopefully the weather is right. It is supposed to be 72, hopefully the weather holds out.

One hour until lunch. I am thinking Toxic Hell. I am in that mood right now….

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Feb 062007

Working Tuesdays are not fun. They are the nights of the nasty escalations.

So I watched the super bowl and it was a half way decent game. The rain definitely made it a game. I thought for sure that the Pandas were going to win with what they did the first play. I thought that they were going to dominate and kick ass. The rain hurt them I think.

I was really disappointed with the commercials. They sucked this year especially those bud light commercials. I liked the half time show, it was cool to hear Purple rain with the marching band. I would love to hear more like that. Or Purple Rain with a full orchestra.

Yesterday I made a chocolate cake. I think that I shouldn’t have used the rock salt because it didn’t melt into the cake and you could taste the salt. I will have to buy some normal salt for next time.

I watched Jason’s Lyric, it is a really good movie and it makes me wanna cry especially in the end when Lyric gets shot by Jason’s brother and he ends up shooting himself because he feels like he is good for nothing and only makes mistakes in life.

So I have been talking to this girl for the last month that I met on veggie connection. She seems really nice and cool and I think that she likes me. I will see how things work out. Right now she lives in Hollywood Fl and will be moving to north Atlanta in about six months, so I will see what happens. Maybe I will put up a picture of her soon.

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