Feb 222006

1950 DA

I got my camera today!! It was a great surprise, because I paid for the slowest shipping (8-10 days) and I bought it on Thursday, they sent it Friday priority mail, so I received it today, which is really two postal shipping days. The battery just got charged up, so now I will play…

King Missile – Wuss
I was a teenage wuss.
In junior high school, I had oily, stringy hair and lots of pimples.
I wore really wussy clothes.
Most of the other kids called me a faggot.
Even some of the other wusses called me a faggot.
There was maybe five kids in the whole school who were wussier than I was.
I was really wussed out.
I was afraid of girls, and guys scared the shit out of me.
They used to say to me, “What are you, queer?”
They wanted me to fight, to prove I wasn’t a faggot.
But I didn’t fight, I ran away.
I was a wuss.
I was never into any sports at all.
I never took showers after gym class.
I wore my gym clothes under my regular clothes,
So I wouldn’t have to change in front of everybody else.
I was afraid to realize my full potential in school because,
To the other kids,
The smarter you were,
The wussier you were
And the wussier you were,
The more they beat you up.
I was a hopeless wuss.
Wuss, Wuss, Wuss.
I was into science fiction and math and chess.
It was not fun being a wuss, and even now,
Now that I’m not nearly as much of a wuss as I once was,
I still feel kind of wussy from time to time:
Residual wussiness-
The kind of thing you can never really leave behind.
That’s the way it goes.

Photos of Tampa:
More on his main page:

so my first impressions of the camera is great! It is smaller than my old camera and it is a lot quicker as well. The only thing I don’t like about it is it uses nonstandard batteries (a rectangular Lithiom Ion rechargeable. I found some more on ebay, and paid .01 for them. The shipping was $6.99 for the first one, $2.99 for the second one and also bought a charger for another $4.99, so all cost for 2 batteries and the charger is $17.98.

Anyway, the camera is going to get some use tomorrow, Jill and I are going to go to Bush Gardens and ride the rides, I am going to break it in.

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Dec 232005

better !pout !cry better watchout lpr why (santa claus)->town cat /etc/passwd >list ncheck list ncheck list cat list | grep naughty >nogiftlist cat list | grep nice >giftlist santa claus town who | grep sleeping who | grep awake who | egrep 'bad|good' for (goodness sake) { be_good() } if(naughtyOrNice == nice) present2005 = somethingDesirable; else present2005 = coal;

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Oct 302005

What can pass for sticks and stones these days
Wait for my pretty hands, pretty fingers
Let go your plans/ make way, for my mouth
It’s all louder on the western front
Since you’ve invaded this snakepit
But make way, make way for my mouth
It’s a powder keg / fuck you Mark E. / nothing makes you happy anyway
Load up the death by northwest, then louder!
South is where the heart is
Zig-zagging continents / straddling the salt and the sea
Make way for death by northwest / it’s a tiger trap turned into a cookie jar
It’s not far / settle your accounts — the end is near.

So today.

I went to Home Depot to buy the nuts and bolts for the fans. I got 1 ¼ inch, I should have gotten ¾ inch. Oh well. I also got some turtle mountain peanut butter zig zag and some stinky bean burritos. I still need to put the fans in; I have been lazy and have been watching TV. I watched the last part of Roman Holiday and later watched Uptown Girls.

Light as a feather stiff as a board!


Went to Georgia’s house and got the software and updates loaded up. Hopefully it all works for her.

I hope I get my power supply soon. It is going to make things pretty, it has pretty matching blue lights.

Ya, so I want music! Send me music! Your favorite music, strange music, whatever!

User name: music
Password: nonstop

Do it!

Oh wow! a chello made out of carbon fiber!

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Oct 292005

I really fucked up today.

I bought another Seagate SATA 300 gig drive, installed it, then went into the motherboards SATA RAID settings and striped it with the already existing drive. This made it look like one 600 gig drive to Windows, so guess what?

That almost 300 gigs worth of music GONE!


I can get it all back. It will take time, and I will have to rerip all my CDS, and copy the CDS I have already ripped, and redownload, but fuck that is so disappointing.

On a happier note, I got the case in the mail today so now \master has a new shell. I need to go through my boxes of computer stuff to see if I have the hardware to install my case fans, and I also the cable for the power lights is not long enough so I will need to extend that out to make it look pretty. I also looked at my power supply and it is 400 watts. I almost shit myself; I thought I had a 550 in there. I am running 2 CD/DVD ROMs, an AMD XP 3.2 and fan, 4 hard drives, a front case fan, a rear case fan (with more soon) 2 video cards one with a fan on it, and one of those hard drive cooling fans over the 4 fans. So when I saw 400 watts, I immediately went to Price Watch and bought a 700 watt for $50.

I have a bunch of pictures I need to upload; I will take pictures of the new \master and post those as well.

For some reason my battery back up is not working the way it should. I have been getting a bunch of brown outs causing all my electronics to shut off, and my battery is not kicking in. I need to write APC and see if they can help me with it or if it is time for a new battery. Fuck, just what I need, another $300 expense. I am already going to spend another $230 on memory, another $200 for a hard drive for the new \slave, and whatever else pops up. I am looking at probably $1000 total by June for computers.

Do any of you watch The Daily Show? Did you see the one from Thursday? Go to the site and watch The Goodbye girl! Especially 2 minutes into the clip! Fucking shit! “…find the best man woman or minority! What the fuck! Trent Lott! It is 2006 and we have racist assholes like these making decisions for us? What a fucking douche bag.

Oh, one more fucking thing before I go. I got a call at work around 5:50am, it was my supervisior, she told me that I no longer need to log the escelatoins I have been logging the last almost month. Fuck ya! So I came in today, had Ian spend a few minutes setting up the script, and they are all gone. Deleted, no more. Out of here. There is no turning back. Hopefully I don’t get another call with them changing their mind, well I guess it really doesn’t matter anymore.

They are no more.

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Sep 302005

Taken from [info]techsupport here:

Evaluating new techs is often a boring business, and if you’re part of a large bureaucratic organisation it can involve many mind-numbing checklists which purport to rate the tech’s call-handling ability. As you’ve no doubt already realised, these lists are usually 99% crap.

What we need is a REAL tech evalution list for calls. Something like this.

Sarcasm rating: ________
Witty comments lost on caller: ________
Insults lost on caller: ________
Callers who threatened to go elsewhere: ________
Callers who actually did: ________ (trick question, we know this never happens)

Callers charged extra fees: ________
Callers bitchslapped with TOS: ________
Callers hoisted by their own petard: ________
Callers who were actually embarrassed: ________ (another trick question)

Penalty reboots: ________
Callers ‘accidentally’ disconnected: ________
Callers convinced to disconnect themselves: ________
Callers convinced to delete all their data: ________
Callers convinced to set their PCs on fire: ________
Callers convinced to set themselves on fire: ________
Callers’ heads which exploded: ________
Dollar value of destroyed equipment: ________

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Sep 142005

So Who Gives A Crap is starting to look good, I spent some time on it today and I only have a few more things to add/fix before I am happy with it. There was a shoutcast plug in that I had that I couldn’t get to work with Jetcast, so I broke down, installed Winamp, and had to use Ice Cast and a Winamp plug-in to stream. So hopefully it is more stable than Jetcast, better be since I am taking up more processing power to do it. The feature I like best so far is the fact that I tell Winamp what directories to play music from and it does it and you can set it to automatically update, so now I can just drag and drop music in the folder and Winamp will come by and see it and add it to the play list. So using Winamp may be worth it. The new Livepress plug-in is really nice, it will update my tags in LJ with whatever I put in for my categories and so now I don’t have to go back to LJ and manually put in my tags anymore, also this edition of WordPress has better spam controls including better handling of referrer link spam in startraq.

You can listen to what is playing here:

I am so tired. I was up until 9 am this morning working on the site and was back up around 12. Between that and the music, I have been really busy. I need to work on cleaning the house; it is starting to look a lot like N.O. LA.

Not much else going on, work is really busy as far as the leads go, I had a bunch of mean nasty live escalations from the moment I got in, and there are over 80 to-dos of people escalated or requesting earlier timeframes. I tried to organize it the best I could, but it is hard to shuffle through all of them. We need more to-do categories to sort them out better.

Is it 6 am yet?

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