Mar 072009

So I got another fancy smancy idea in my head the other day and now I am the proud owner of another domain. I am in the process of putting it t0gether and will let you know when I have it all ready for the world so to speak.

I am now getting myself on the path to move. Daddy agreed to help, I am cutting my 401k to save money and I am going to be working on reducing my shit.

I have also been playing that call of duty 4 game too. It is pretty fun. I am not that far into it and not doing too good because i suck at doing the whole walk one way and look another way thing you have to do with both thumbs.

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Mar 042009

I am contemplating reducing my 401k contribution by 4-5%. I am just barely scraping by right now and there is a chance I may be going down to a lower shift dif with the way the schedules are going to be. I am going to have to look at my current contribution and see what it is going to be with the reduction and then add in the tax percentage with the increased income and see if it is really going to make that much of a difference either way.

I also want to move. I really want to move away from the hell hole i have been living in the last 7 years. Lease is up in three months. I need to downgrade my garbage more and start saving up money for the down payment and moving expenses of where ever I am moving to. Maybe if i cut the 401k all together until i was done and moved and then put it back on after? I don’t know. I really don’t know. I am going to have to look at how that is going to affect things.

I just sent an email asking my dad for help too. Hopefully he will be able to. I need to start downsizing now. Start throwing stuff and clothes away I never wear that I can part with. Like clothes that don’t fit me anymore and I will never be able to because I will never lose the weight because I am too lazy.

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Nov 052007

When I got home this morning it was freezing. The thermometer was reading 71. I closed all the windows and shut off all the fans. I hate the cold but it is going to be nice because now my electric bill is going to be less than $100 a month.

I have decided to sell my Earthfirst Technologies stock. They have really dropped down in price recently and they are going to do a reverse split soon which is going to suck big time too. I am hoping to get .053 a share out of it. I doubt it since they are currently at .039 and dropping down. I am going to lose a lot of money now.

I am mad at myself right now. I had originally had Brett Farve as my QB for my fantasy teams and about 30 minutes before the 1 pm kick off Sue aimed me and adv I am better off playing Manning today, so I switched it under her advise and it ended up costing me 30 points on the league and 14 points on head to head. I am so mad.

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Apr 112007

On Monday I went to Scottrade to see how the orders were that I put in. Apparently the orders you put in cancel in a month if your stocks don’t get to the level you indicate to bid into them. So I put them back in with some levels that were more closer to the actual market value. I also added a couple of stocks as well. All but one have gone through the last couple of days. The stocks that I have invested in are Tofutti (TOF) (This one has not been bought into yet) Galaxy Nutritional Foods (GXYF.OB), Earthfirst Technologies (EFTI.OB) (This is a company based in Tampa that is into alternative fuels, should be fun to watch where this one goes over the next few years right now it is $0.0560 a share. Hopefully will go gangbusters, especially after Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio’s announcement into her test pilot program with ten cars in the Tampa fleet going into hybrids and herself using one as well.) And Hain Celestial Group (HAIN).

My weekend was spoiled by rain storms. On Monday Carol, Chasie and I went to a place on Central called Carribean Cafe which had a few veggie options and they had a veggie sandwich which had Tempeh on it! It was really good, Chasie had them put portabella mushrooms on it too. The black bean soup was vegan, and it was really yummy. On Tuesday we went to Tijuana Flats and had some really good Mexican. Other than that we watched movies. One of the movies we watched Stranger Than Fiction, which I thought was pretty brilliant. I really liked the movie, and it was good to see a different side to Will Ferrell. The story was really good and original too. I am going to have to watch one part of it over again because I didn’t understand one part of it, it may be a plot hole, but I want to go back to it.

Today I walked around the building three times and then it started raining… I forgot my pedometer so I don’t know how much I walked. Maybe 1/2 a mile. I did weigh myself today as well, I am at 205.9. Still on a decline, just not as fast as I would like. (link for me – Create dynamic chart

Starting today the leads are going to be off and on the residential line. I was on residential until lunch time. It was refreshing because the customers weren’t mad and angry and they appreciated me for helping them out. It was really cool. And it was easy work too. I pretty much restarted routers and modems all day. Now I am back in the leads line and back into the mean people queue.

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Mar 082007

So even with the news of the Dow dropping oh panic! don’t panic, the prices for Hain and GXYF has not dropped enough to cause me to buy in yet. In fact they both gained today. I need to consider raising my buy in price.

I came in to work today with a fresh clean install PC and I am glad I backed everything up when I did, because it took me about two minutes to replace all my settings and point my firefox profile to my share drive. It is like I never changed anything.

I am so sick of being sick. I think I might have lost some weight because these pants aren’t fitting on me very well. I hope that is true, I need to lose 70 lbs.

I started to listen to the 300 soundtrack today on the way to work. So far I like what I hear. It is pretty cool. It needs more Azam in there though.

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Mar 012007

Today I went to the health food store to buy two things and I only spent approximately $30, I did a lot better. I did spend a lot more at Target than I should have though. At work I am known as the remedy gnome, and I saw a few garden gnomes there and I picked one up with a mushroom on it. I also bought a couple of new pillows as well.

So far my stocks haven’t dropped enough for the buy in to buy in. Hopefully soon. Hopefully I don’t have to up the buy in amount.

There is a DVD that I ordered on Feb 14th that still has not arrived. I just sent an e-mail to find out where it is. Hopefully I get it soon. It is really cool. That reminds me, I need to get revenge of the nerds…

Oh shit! They are releasing a special edition of revenge of the nerds! Fucking awesome!@ It is pre ordered. Weee!

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Feb 282007

There is a story that is making news here locally. The Largo city manager announced on Feb 21st that he is going to have a sex change and is going to start wearing women’s clothing in April. This man has been the city manager for fourteen years and now his job is on the line. The commissioners have placed him on administrative leave and they have 45 days to vote to fire him. To me this is complete and utter bullshit. How a person decides to live his or her life doesn’t have any effect on his ability to do their job. The news has stated that no one has complained at all about his duties as a manager and they have even gone to say that he has done a great job as a manager. The one plus to this is the mayor of Largo is behind him and she has no regrets with her decision. I really hope that they don’t fire him, I would truly be disappointed with the city.

Today the money hit my Scottrade account. I invested $400 in HAIN CELESTIAL GROUP, INC. and another $100 in Galaxy Nutritional Foods. I set a minimum on both, hopefully they are not too low and they are low enough. I will let the next week tell and if my minimums are too low I will raise them up a bit. I don’t think I will make much money off of them, but it will be fun to see what happens. I want to add about $50 every couple of months or so to them and stuff. It is good to invest in companies like them anyway.

Around noon Carol blew up my phone, I was woken up to it and I answered and she was having issues with e-mule after I updated it yesterday. I was so mad at her but I fixed her issue anyway. Fuck. I hate wake up calls like that. I was going to call my dad today, but she fucked that up.

I am going to try to call him tomorrow but I need to pay rent and shop and stuff.

Why do girls who wear tight shirts turn me on so?

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