Aug 122011

It is so nice to have a temporary cool spell. It has been over 100 degrees here for the last 50 days or so, and it rained last night and into this morning, so it was 73 instead of 103+ today on my way to work at 2. It felt like a nice Florida winter.

This weekend went by way too fast. I wish I could have another couple of days of it. On Tuesday I did a bit around the house and then went up to the city to hang out with Kim and Michelle. We watched a few movies. I had fun.

On Wednesday I made a big batch of enchiladas and beans and rice for my lunch. They came out really good. I think I made way too much rice though. I am going to have to take like half the rice and freeze it before it goes bad., I made enchiladas with red sauce, and I was going to make a pan with green sauce too, but I accidently over soaked a bunch of tortillas so only had enough to make the red. I am going to have to buy another bunch of shells to finish off the makings.

I noticed yesterday that the frame on the bottom right of my tv has started to crack. OI hope it is done doing what it has doing. I haven’t noticed it before, and suspect it has happened within the last week. I think It is more than likely heat related since I don’t really run the AC in the house. It really sucks and need to think about what to do to fix it.

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Feb 122011

Ok so it has been a long time. I am a fucking asshole I know. so anyway. Big news. Big news.

I am moving back to Oklahoma next month.

I know. It sucks. I don’t want to move. It is a family thing, so I need to move. Dady needs help so I am going back to help him. I turned in my notice on Wed at work. Gave them a month to replace me. That was nice of me to give them so much notice. I have been working on the details and planning and stuff and packing. I have been packing as well. I hope I get it all done. I have a bit over a month to get everything all packed up and stuff.

I also bought a new Nas

I named him Andre. I love it. Quick and holds a lot. Did I mention it was fast?? It is. I moved all my music and pictures on it and put my external drives on it and have been working on putting my back up / messed up drives on it as well. Right now I am cataloging pictures and will need to start going through and cleaning it up then organising , then moving more data on it from old drives, clean and organise until all peachy keen. This will probably be an ongoing thing that will take 6 months to a year.

My friends Kim and Tammy are coming down in March to help me move and vacation and drive back up with me. I am thinking of taking them direct from the airport to Key West for a day and a half. Should be fun.

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May 132010

Ok, so I dropped Kim off at the airport this morning around 6 am. It sucked having to wake up so early and then have to go to work this afternoon. It is nice to have the house back, and now I will have to spend some time undoing what Kim did to the house (rearranging stuff). She likes to play reindeer games. It was nice having her visit and am not complaining (too much).

Tammy got into an accident yesterday pulling out from a parking lot. She was turning left and someone had stopped to let her go into the lane, while she was turning someone was speeding and went from one lane into the other and hit Tammy right where the drivers wheel is. It caused the axle to break I think. Hopefully it didn’t bend the frame. She is going to have someone look at it to see how damaged it is. Last night her foot was sore today it is her leg and she is starting to get the back pains. I told her a couple of times to see a massage therapist. I am glad she isn’t seriously hurt. It sucks that she is so far away.

I need to crash course on script writing and outlining. There are a lot of resources out there and a couple of programs to do so. Don’t know how it will apply to cooking shows, maybe I should send a blanket email to a couple of pro shows to see if they can show me how it is done. Hmm.


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May 112010

So Kim’s visit is going pretty good so far. We have spent a lot of time at the beach getting some sun and watching movies and stuff. It has been a fun and pleasant visit so far.

I started putting up the lights yesterday, then I realized I didn’t have the right screws for the power strip, so I had to buy those. This morning when fixing breakfast, I realized that I didn’t put one of the lights in a good place since the cabnent hits it, so now I will need to adjust that. Soon, soon soon.

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May 062010

Well Kim made it down here. So far it has been pretty good. We drove around, went to the beach, and went to the Clearwater aquariam. It has been pretty pleasant so far. I could only take a couple of days off, so she is pretty much on her own while I work.

I got my tfvc coat, hat, 4 way, and other hat. So far, so good. I need to start writing my script next. Oh and put up the lights. Maybe I can get Kim to help me with that… I also need to start designing swag. Mmmm! Swag!

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May 012010

During the 11 years that I was a cook I have worked with a lot of people from many different countries. Latins, Malaysians, Europeans, and more. They all were good people just trying to feed their families and make it in the world. I don’t know what their immigration status was, and I really don’t and didn’t care. From my American history classes I remember studying about people who came to the US from all over coming here because it was the land of opportunity, it was the land of the free. If you worked hard you could live the American dream. It seams that over time we have forgotten about this and a lot of people don’t want people from other countries to come here. The government has made it harder for people to come here, and people are afraid that immigrants “will take their jobs” even though most of the people who come here work jobs that most U.S. citizens will not do their selves or are not qualified or educated enough to do. It is pretty sickening. It reminds me of the movie “A Day Without a Mexican” where people woke up one day and all the latin workers disappeared. It caused chaos and put things to a halt. Yes, I understand the need to lock our borders down. However I think part of ensuring national security is opening the borders to allow more people to move here, to at least work here and work on becoming citizens if that is what they want to do. They can pay taxes and as long as they have been veted with a background check then they can be here. There are good people coming here to provide for their families who are good people. Let them come. Lets make it so the people who come here illegally are the kind of people who the police would want to stop. The criminals, the terrorists. That is how it should work. We are wasting too many resources criminalizing people who just want a piece of the American dream. Oh, we need to stop the war on drugs too. We need to make them tax revenues, not tax burdens. But that is a different debate all together.

Last night I installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on Lappy. So far so good. Everything installed nicely. I am going to try to use it primarily on the laptop to see how it works and stuff. I still need to import stuff over from Win 7 and get some things installed and up and running, but so far so good with the little bit I used it today.

Kim comes in three days. Should be fun!

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Apr 212010

Kim is coming out May 4-13th. I got a call from Tammy today and they bought the plane ticket while on the phone with me. I am not quite ready financially for her to come out, but she realizes that and understands I won’t be able to take much time off for her. She still has friends out here, and she says she can take the bus too, so that is good. It might set me back a bit with tfvc, but hopefully not. I am not planning on spending a lot of cash on her, not like I will have much anyway.

Today I found a great place to do my DVDs and cook book when they happen through which is actually an Amazon back end. It is perfect because there are no setup fees and stuff. I also found a place that does ethical clothing as well. I am going to be using like 4 different companies to do my stuff for this site. Hopefully it will not get too convoluted.

I wish I could have them all go through one source, or at least one payment portal, but that would be in a dream world. I am thinking about moving my other sites off of cafepress and onto zazzle. I need to log into cafepress and see if I can download the originals, I don’t think I have them anywhere anymore. I need to search when I get home to see if I have them.

Jon Stewart at his best:

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Jan 222010

Ok so the diet has begun. Hopefully I will have enough willpower to stick with it. I need to start walking during lunch as well, but I am so far pretty weary of it since my lunch is when most of the people at work are leaving and I don’t want to get run over by them. I need to think about this, and think about alternatives. I have definitely gained weight since I have last tried this. By about 15 lbs. I need to lose at least 100 lbs to go back to my pre Brighthouse days. I uploaded the xml to google docs and then recreated the charts. Now I can put my progress on the interweb for everyone to see, so now that will be more motivation for me.

So last night when I got home I found out that Kim is also coming down to visit. She isn’t staying on the same days as Tammy, she is coming down a couple of days before, and I had to take off a couple of extra days to be able to get ready and then pick her up at the airport. I still need to think about things to do while they are here. Anyone have any ideas?

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Aug 262007

I am sooo fucking tired right now.

I am working another one of those stupid over night shifts. I didn’t sleep well at all today and in fact I spent a few hours of it going to Chasie’s house and getting the bed and shit. So now I do have a bed, but it cost a lot to go get it. And today it seemed like people in BMWs had it in for me because they were being complete assholes all day today cutting me off in the Uhaul and in my car. Chasie’s brother helped me get the bed in the apartment and it barely fit in my room with the boxes and stuff. I am going to have to reduce a bunch and create more room. I also decided I want the bed arranged differently than where it is now so I am going to have to work on that part too.

After I dropped her brother off I headed to Target to get some sheets and then got a burrito to go from Chipotle. I also got some chips and salsa and guac. Whilst standing in line there were a couple of cops right behind me. I am hoping that they didn’t smell the pot that Chasie and her brother were smoking earlier when I was in the house with them. They didn’t’ say anything, I probably smelled more like sweat than anything at that point. When I ate my food, somehow a chip got chewed wrong and it was in the back of my mouth and I couldn’t get it out of where it was and it ended up in my throat. It was lodged there and I could feel it poking, it hurt a lot and I ended up having to drink a lot of water to get it soft enough to swallow. My throat still hurts from where it was poking. That made me lose my appetite so I put the rest of the burrito in the fridge for later.

Yesterday (Friday) I took Chasie to Chilli’s and treated her to dinner and got her drunk as a going away party thing. We talked about her moving and what she wants to do and stuff. She wants to start a sticker company and I agreed to host it for her.

This last week has been pretty stressful. I have been working and sleeping and slowly working on my special projects I have at the house. tells where all the samples are from for Big Audio Dynamite!! I found it again!

The other day I decided to burn Big Audio Dynamite. I can not begin to tell you how much I love this band. I will not go into that much detail as to why this band makes my panties soooooo wet, because I discussed it here:, and here:, however, lets just say that they do things to me and they were so ahead of thier time. They made this stuff in the 80’s.

As you know I am a Dennis Kucinich supporter and recently ABC had sponsored a debate, and of course they snubbed Dennis again by not asking him many questions because corporate America is afraid of him, but he won their online poll of who they thought won the debate. When they got wind of this, they hid that poll and created a new one and worded it different thinking it would create a different outcome. Again Dennis won by a landslide. They also cropped him out of a picture however the caption had him listed as being in the picture. Fucking bullshit. I am pissed off at them for not giving him equal representation just because he is a “minor candidate”. It is like they are forcing people to not know about him by hiding him, especially when he sweeps their polls the way they did. On their comments section people were calling ABC on it and also on the fact that Dennis didn’t get his fair speaking time on the debate. Those comments were being systematically deleted as well. That is so wrong for them to do something like that. The Dennis team sent a letter to ABC asking them about it and of course they have not responded to it. Fucking shit bastards.

Oh, so I didn’t finish the black bean burger and fries from Chilli’s so I had them as leftovers later that night, and the very last fry I ate was a small chunk of a fry and it went down the wrong pipe. I was having a hard time coughing it up and I was starting to cough up clear thick flem.

Tonight Kim has been drunk calling me… I have been answering the phone and talking to her. Twice she has hung up on me for no apparent reason. I think I am going to stop answering the phone now. I guess she just got out of jail again. She didn’t pay the fines that “she didn’t know about”, so they locked her up again. At least she entertained me for a while, keeping me awake.

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Dec 162006

I just got a nice knock on the door. Police are looking for Kim. The officer said that a welfare check was mailed to her at this address. So I had to explain that she hasn’t lived here for a few months and I don’t know where she is and then she needed to look in the apartment for her. She took a quick look around and then left. I wonder what kind of trouble Kim got herself into now.

Fuck, she was a big mistake and I am still paying for bringing her down.

I am going to attempt to go back to sleep.

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