Mar 312008

So through the news there has been talk of LJ being sold to a Russian company and them taking away free accounts. What is the story? Should I continue to cross post to LJ or what? I am considering stopping that due to what the news is saying. I am glad I got out when shit hit the fan a few years ago, and only cross post to keep the people still on LJ happy. For those of you that havent been to in a while I have done some improvements to speed, I know that was a big issue for a lot of people.

Another chance missed to hang the fucker for high crimes and misdemeners…

Notice how much booing there is? There is another video on The Washington post where the booing was louder and the cheering is softer. I think that ESPN and the stadium piped in a lot of the cheering. It is something that apparently they do anyway at sporting events, expecially when there are VIPS getting attention.

I am working a couple of overnight shifts. Yesterday I stayed up until around 7 to get myself preped for it, and I spent it cleaning the last bit of wall I have to paint and applying the first coat on that wall. I made a real mess on the floor and got paint everywhere because I wasn’t quite as careful and was worn out. I am so very close to making this start to happen. I just need to get the chef stuff and a couple of cables and I am ready for production.

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Oct 012006

Jason Jones investigating Cleveland’s Investigative Reporter – Carl Monday:


I admit, today was another day mostly wasted on reading and posting about the whole LJ fiasco (If you have not already read my post, please do, it is important for you to know as a user of Livejournal!). I joined a few no LJ adz communities and I also changed my interests on LJ to support the same. I am afraid that these sponsors are going to use interests to search and datamine people and then go into our journals and communities to spam us with their crap. Maybe I am being a bit of a conspiricy theorist, but I have seen it happen before. :/

I also took the time to remove any ads on my domains that are not related to my sites that I own and manage. It doesn’t feel right for me to comlain about LJ bringing on advertisiments and sponsors when the sites that I have had small banners themselves. I didn’t want to be hypocritical that way.

Anyway, I want to get away from talking about that…

I did time out a bit and do some dishes. I need to cook something when I get home, the fridgafrator is bare.

Mary called me today! We talked for a few minutes, she thanked me for the second part of the gifts she got and we talked about music for a while. I enjoyed the conversation and was glad to hear her voice. I need to try to remember to make her hang up with me and then call her back so it doesn’t cost her a lot of money to call me. I have a lot of minutes on my cell and nights and weekends don’t cost me minutes, and even if I was close to using my minutes, I could always use my digital phone which is free nationwide all the time.

Today has been (thankfully) slow so far. I have taken 11 calls since 5, I am usually at that number within the first hour.. It is deffinately a nice break for me. I got some stuff done that I normally put off until after lunch and have done some other stuff as well. I still need to fill out my weekly stats. I will be doing this soon.

I would like to know your opinions about corprate sponsors and ads on LJ. Do you care? Are you indiferent? Are you mad? Do you welcome it?


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Oct 012006

For the last 30+ hours I have been reading, replying to and posting comments here and here in the (livejournal business ) community. I need to stop. I need to make myself stop. After 70+ pages it is all pretty much the same.

For those of you in LJ land who didn’t read my last post, and those of you who are reading this in a blog from the outside world, what is going down is Livejournal is now actively putting ads in LJ calling them “sponsored communities. You are probably saying, so? There are ads everywhere. Well, you are right. Read on…

I have been a part of Livejournal for six years and three months, which is a lot of time and energy vested in something. I have several accounts with LJ, one an early adopter, a couple more through the invite system. I spend 80% of my computer time on LJ, Whoa! You say – computer time is not equal to internet time, you are correct, however I am also correct in saying that 80% of my computer time is on LJ, 90% of my online time is on LJ. Livejournal for me is my place to be on the internet. I have friends, family, and community there. Anything I need is there. My news, my information, and the comics I like to read. I can even find pr0n to masturbate to there if I want. All of this is ad free. Livejournal doesn’t give me popups, popovers, banners, or annoying beat the beaver and win prize bullshit. I admit, there are a very few syndicated feeds on my LJ that do serve me a banner. This didn’t come from LJ, it came from the feed it’s self, it stays in the feed, and it is something that LJ can not control, if I choose, I can remove the banner or the feed at anytime, I choose to live with it.

Livejournal has promised from day one to never serve us ads. The founder said that he was adamantly against ads in any way shape or form and he will keep it this way. He then sold his company to Six Apart. We as a community were in an uproar, we said that this is bad, they are going to kill LJ or even worse, serve us ads! Why Brad why?! SixApart then promised to us that they will keep with the standards and spirit of LJ and told us that they will give us no ads ever! So the angry mob calmed down and said OK, we trust you.

Livejournal saves me a lot of time, instead of going to 10+ websites a day to get my daily fix of information and dealing with their annoyances (see ads) I get it all in one place. Livejournal is one of the last islands out there where I am not bombarded with the increasingly annoying and hard to get rid of ads.

I do not want any kind of advertisements in LJ; not only for the above reasons, but it will also kill the spirit of community in Livejournal. When you ask for advice in a community, you trust the members to give you honest unbiased information. Now with these people creating user accounts and communities that LOOK like user accounts and communities, you will not be able to trust the people posting, are they being honest about a product? Are they a corporate monkey selling their wares to you? If you go to ( and start to read the comments, you will see the poorly disguised corporate worker bees trying to pose as lj users saying how much they love the movie. Their journals are newly created and/or never to very rarely posted in. It doesn’t take much for the average person to see through the deception. How do we know that they don’t go to other users and communities spreading their advertising?

This is going to kill something I love dearly: live journal, the spirit of Live journal and the community of live journal.

I am optimistically hopeful that the people at Six Apart will reconsider and renig on the contracts with the companies that they have lined up. I am hopeful that they will listen to the 3000+ comments telling that they DO NOT WANT. My paid account expires 11/17. I am trying to decide what I should do. Should I go to a free account? Should I abandon LJ all together? Yes I have my blog at Who Gives A Crap, but if I continue to blog there and shut of my live+press plug-in and abandon LJ, I will be abandoning a place that has been near and dear to me for six years.

If you are reading this and you are on LJ, then please, please, please go to one of the above links and tell them you do not want ads on LJ. I have posted this publicly and I have also cross posted this to the blogs at Carrot Juice and Blog Your News. I want people to google, yahoo, or otherwise search this and read this that are from Six Apart, Live Journal, or any other corporation who are considering doing business with them, I do not want ads in LJ. I will not buy your products. I will tell my friends, family, and co workers not to buy your products. I am a single male making enough money to live comfortably. I make buying decisions, and I will not buy any product that is advertised or sponsored on Livejournal.

Edited to add:
Additionally, what you can do to help is go to and tell them you don’t want their kind in LJ. Tell them you are paying members of LJ and you are consumers who have the money to make buying decisions and you are going to boycott them and their products if they advertise or sponsor in LJ. We have told LJ/SA now it is time to tell the sponsors as well. Post entries to your journals, pass the word around. SA tried to announce this on quietly and in a time when most people are out having fun with their friends hoping not enough people would notice what they are doing to us. We need to let as many people know about this breach of trust.

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Jun 022006

In this post the community moderator is going to shut down the [info]Tampa community for 48 hours to “protest” the fact that LJ will not allow breast feading icons to be the default

Oh noes! not that! LJ will allow breast feeding icons, and they will allow nude icons as long as they are not the default.

WTF difference does it make if they are default or not? Fucking people. LJ could ban nudity all together including kids sucking on boobies and there is not anything any one can do.

Fucking stupid people

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Jan 102006

I have been playing with WordPress 2.0. I installed it on Carrot Juice and so far I like it a lot. I installed a few plugins and a theme and I am keeping it really simple. I am going to add a Google adsense plug in and work on making adding comments easier as well. I am going to also add one on Crazy Computing as well. We will see. I have the files uploaded and the sql database ready; it is just a matter of installing the tables and setting it up. I need stuff to do at work, and that is doing it. I want to work on Carrot Juice a bit more, make it easier and less cluttery. I don’t know. I have toyed with getting rid of phpnuke all together and trying to build from scratch. That is going to prove a lot of work and frustration I am sure.

With me making posts friends only I am going to do away with the posting only partial entries because a lot of you complained of having to go to the blog because it is “slow”, so that is my compromise. I would still like to see you register so you can see pictures and stuff since that was what was shown around the office.

Kim and I are doing a lot better. She is the way she is when she is drunk and I don’t think that she means any of the stuff she says when she is. I told her today that I don’t like it when she is drunk because she destroys me every time. Hopefully she thinks about that. I need to improve myself. I need to control my outbursts and emotions and talk about things more with her in a better approach. Instead I let it bottle up in me until I explode, then it comes out all wrong and shit hits the fan. A lot of what has been going on has been a combination of me holding stuff in until the breaking point and her just being wasted.

Remember that there are always two sides to the story, and I am only giving mine. I think Kim is a great person. She needs work just like I do. Maybe it isn’t right her being with me, but I want you to know that I fucked a lot of shit up myself. I have confused her and she doesn’t know how to act or react around me. That makes things even more difficult and on edge.

This is not going to be a permanent situation, but it is as it is, and I should kick her out, but she has no place to go and I would feel like a fucking prick doing it without knowing she has a place to stay.

I don’t have the social skills to live with people. I have never had a live in girlfriend and my last roommate was when I was 20 because he was an ass and I promised myself no more. So I have lived completely alone for 12 years. I am a hermit. So you factor that shit into the equation and it is not all about her. I know that a lot of people that you know including yourself only complain about the shit that happens with your mate, so it all looks like it is completely them that is an ass.

I am going to try to bring out the good and the bad with her. Remember that she does do good. She helps out, she keeps me company. We do have good conversations. It isn’t all bad.
She woke up and emailed me…

Natures Revenge Mon, Jan 9, 2006 at 11:57 PM
To: readzsomuch
When is the last time you saw your blog? Everyday that you don’t update your blog Jesus cries!
[Quoted text hidden]

readzsomuch Tue, Jan 10, 2006 at 3:51 AM
To: Natures Revenge
i looked at the blog today but couldnt stay up long enough to update it. just woke up good morn.
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[Quoted text hidden]

Natures Revenge Tue, Jan 10, 2006 at 4:12 AM
To: readzsomuch
good morning sweetie pie.

Kim, how can we better get along? How can we become close again? I want to work on our relationship. I know you don’t want a bf/gf type of thing and I am fine with that. I value your friendship. I want us to be close friends, best friends even. I would rather have that than nothing. I feel that we are spiraling to that nothingness, and I want to stop it right now. What can we do?
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readzsomuch Tue, Jan 10, 2006 at 4:15 AM
To: Natures Revenge
i guess maybe u are spiraling into that—–not me dear. going to get off now. gona try to get more sleep—u bringing lipton tea home plain. like u got last time. i dont know what u mean at all. i feel no ill feelings.
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Natures Revenge Tue, Jan 10, 2006 at 4:18 AM
To: readzsomuch
Are you sure? Kim, please be honest with me. When you are drunk, you let a lot of things fly. I don’t know if that is the drunk in you speaking or what you are really feeling twards me. Sometime I ought to record what you say when you are drunk. Set up my camcorder for you to see.

So please keep that in mind. I betrayed her friendship and trust by attempting to kick her out for a misunderstanding. She has to be confused about me.

Anyway I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I just want you all to know that I am not the innocent one here.

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Sep 302005

Taken from [info]techsupport here:

Evaluating new techs is often a boring business, and if you’re part of a large bureaucratic organisation it can involve many mind-numbing checklists which purport to rate the tech’s call-handling ability. As you’ve no doubt already realised, these lists are usually 99% crap.

What we need is a REAL tech evalution list for calls. Something like this.

Sarcasm rating: ________
Witty comments lost on caller: ________
Insults lost on caller: ________
Callers who threatened to go elsewhere: ________
Callers who actually did: ________ (trick question, we know this never happens)

Callers charged extra fees: ________
Callers bitchslapped with TOS: ________
Callers hoisted by their own petard: ________
Callers who were actually embarrassed: ________ (another trick question)

Penalty reboots: ________
Callers ‘accidentally’ disconnected: ________
Callers convinced to disconnect themselves: ________
Callers convinced to delete all their data: ________
Callers convinced to set their PCs on fire: ________
Callers convinced to set themselves on fire: ________
Callers’ heads which exploded: ________
Dollar value of destroyed equipment: ________

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Sep 192005
  1. candles:
    Candles are good for romance, ambiance, and smell. I have always had a fasination with fire.
  2. cuddling:
    I love cuddling, it makes me know I am alive and am loved. I am a physical person.
  3. dwayne goettel:
    The late great aduck. One of the founders of industrial, a member of Skinny puppy. Heroin makes great music, it also causes tragic death.
  4. godspeed you black emperor:
    I love this band! Dark, ambient, experimental, it engulfs you.
  5. jewish girls:
    I love me some Jewish girls!
  6. middle eastern women:
    They are damm sexy, and erotic and and and mysterious.
  7. norwegian black metal:
    I love this shit! Another genere that will engulf you if the band is good (Cradle of Filth).
  8. rx:
    An Orge (Skinny Puppy) side project.
  9. tantra:
    Gotta have good sex right?
  10. twisted sister:
    We’re not going to take it! No, we aren’t going to take it!

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

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