May 132016

So on Tuesday of last week I went to get my brakes done, cost me $260. When I was paying the man mentioned to me that it may be time to change my timing belt as well. Well, Thursday on my way to work guess what happened? My car stopped working. I had to get it towed to the shop on Friday, 16 miles already $103 in the hole. Guess what was wrong? That is right, timing belt slipped. In all this cost me $2400. $2400!! Timing belt replacement, they also replaced water pump, temperature sensor, freon, oil, radiator fluid, spark plugs, I also had to get the valves replaced and piston heads smoothed out. It took them a week to get it all fixed.

Luckily I was able to work from home, except I have computer/internet problems, so I took ~4 days of my vacation because of it. So that cost me even more. I lost $2400 plus 4 days on Spain. I am fucking depressed about this. I am getting my work computer reimaged next week so hopefully that fixes that.

I have been sad and upset this last week and on top of that Miriam has been upset with me and yelling at me because she thinks I could have prevented this by having the belt replaced a lot sooner, maybe she is right however that does nothing to yell and push blame on me.


May 062016

Ugh, my car broke down on the way to work today. It just stopped working when I was stopped at a light and wouldn’t start back up again. It was weird because the lights didn’t come on my car that normally comes on when the engine stops. Fortunately there was a cop that pulled up not long after and he pushed me to a parking lot, and it was on the way for my other workmate so he picked me up to take me to work. I have my dad meeting me there to take me home. I have gas, I have oil in the engine, and the other fluids looked good. Over the last few weeks I have noticed that the engine has been running funny. I have thought that the plugs and wires need to be replaced since they haven’t been done, and they still need to be done. So we will see what comes up and I will have the mechanic do that as well. I am hoping that it isn’t too expensive. I am trying to save to go back to Spain.

What really sucks is on Tuesday I had my brakes done and spent $260 to replace my rear drums and pads, so that on top of this cost is going to eat my lunch. I am thinking it is time for another car. I have over 145K miles on this one, have had it for 8 years, so it is time. I really need chocolate. I really do. Please someone send me a couple pounds of it.

I really need to get off my ass and make some videos. I could have done it yesterday but I decided to rest and sleep all day instead. I think it is partly the medicine I am on. It doesn’t do good things for me I think. I am not taking it daily anymore because of the side effects, and I probably shouldn’t have taken it today because it makes it hard for me to think.

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Mar 122016

Sometimes my job frustrates me to no end. There is a group we support that seems to be the laziest group. They are also very understaffed, they can go home whenever they want, and we end up taking the wrath for that. Today I got a call from someone who called yesterday to have his phone provisioned and the ticket wasn’t even touched today. The group left around noon, and I got to hear the brunt. I am still not happy about it and earlier I was pretty pissed, not only the way that asshole treated me but also because of the ongoing lack of action from the group we support. I also have a funny feeling that even though there was nothing I could do, this is going to end up coming back to me for some reason.

I have a feeling that a rum and coke is in my near future.

I am really concerned with what has happened in this country. The grand canyon divide that has happened. I think it started with Bush jr, but it very well could have started with Reagan. The 24 hour news media has done nothing but fuel this divide for ratings and views. Sensationalism sells but causes discontent and divide. Fox news and their anti obama rhetoric has put jet fuel on top of this ever growing fire, and now we have Trump pouring more gasoline on top. His rallies have gotten increasingly more violent and we have people getting punched, shoved and beaten. He fuels the mob with his words saying shit like he would punch them himself, and in the past we would have taken care of this other ways, and that he would pay people their court costs if they cause violence. People are starting to get tired of it and today was a big counter protest in Chicago. I have a feeling this is going to get bigger and bigger and we are going to start having riots in the streets. I don’t know what is going to happen, but I am more afraid and more wanting to move out of country. If Trump becomes president, this country will be a disaster.

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Nov 272011

So my gmail account was hacked by someone in Kosovo, I am sorry for my friends who got that email and clicked on the link.
I have since changed my password to something more secure and hopefully it won’t happen again.

So what is the lesson? be sure your password is not based on a dictionary word. Be sure there is a capital, a small, a number and a special symbel, not based on a word, and is at least eight charaters long.

Also if you recieve a message from someone with a link with no real subtext that looks really weird, don’t click on it. Ask before clicking. Ask ask ask.

This last thing has been one of many bad things happening to me in the last week. Lets start out with Wendsday. Wendsday was the bad day of bad days. It started out with me leaving to go get my bills paid and stuff. I couldn’t find my cell phone when I was walking out to the car, so I went back into the house to find it and looked everywhere before I decided to call it. My phone was in my back pocket. Then when I went to go get gas I guess I was in a hurry because when I got in the car to leave, I looked in my right mirror to see if the handle was still in the tank, I didnt’ see it, so I drove off. The handle was in the tank and luckilly there was a quick release on the hose otherwise I would have torn down the pump. Then later on that night I needed to go to Walmart and somewhere between getting out of my car and going back to my car I lost my keys. So I walked back in to look to see if I left them on the shelf check writing thing because I have a tendancy of putting them there when whipping out my wallet. Wasn’t there, one of the workers asked if I had lost my keys and said the supervisor has them, so after waiting a little while for her to not be busy she retrieved them for me.

The next day dad and I was supposed to go eat somewhere for thanksgiving and when I went out to the car I found out I had a flat. We ended up taking his car and then driving around for 3 hours looking for some place to eat. There was only two places we found open and they had over an hour wait, and were shitty buffet redneck restraunts. We ended up going to walmart and picking up something there. Friday morning I got the flat fixed, luckilly it was just a slow leak and there was nothing more than that and the flat only cost me $8 to fix.

And then today.

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Apr 292009

So let me tell you my adventures in failure this week, well at least today. Earlier this month I got one of those payday loans online with a company other than Amscot (Amscot has been great, I just don’t have physical checks to give them anymore so I tried an alternative). The actual loan app was fine. I should have gone somewhere else when their online and brick and mortar stores were completely different and blind to each other, it would have made things a lot easier if that were the case. Anyway the 24th was the day to pay the loan back, and stupid me didn’t get enough money in my online payment account on time. So I called them up to see what my options are, and the best I could do was to send a moneygram to them for the full amount, they couldn’t do partial from both, so it was either the payment not go through or be late on rent. I chose late on rent, sent the moneygram their way and ya. Just to find some place that did moneygram and who’s computer system was up, and issues with my phone and being pissed over the whole thing was also an issue. This whole thing has been a pain in the ass from the start. (My phone battery had died from the time I took it off the charger to the time I got to find a place that takes moneygrams about 2 hours. It is having serious hardware issues) Anyway. Fast forward to last night. I tried to get money out of my checking and was denied due to insufficient funds, so I was like what the fuck. I looked into it and found that Check N Go decided to take the funds out of my checking anyway. So I called them up today to find out what is the scoop. They say that they never got the moneygram, I give them the confirm number, not finding payment in system. I then scan and email the moneygram receipt and documentation showing the money was withdrawn from my account, and they don’t believe that it has actually been posted even though the balance is showing negative. They have me three way to the bank, they tell me that the money cleared, I had a positive before, now I am negative and will be charged $25 for the overage. The Check N Go lady seems pissed at this point, tells me she will have to further look into it and hangs up on me. While I am waiting for her to call me back I call Moneygram myself. They are saying that they do not have checkngo in the system at all, couldn’t find it by name, the send code, or the city/state. The moneygram rep promptly refunds my money, gives me the tracking number, says I am good to go to get it and that is that. I send off an email to the lady, tells her what moneygram told me and did, and that I am going to then get the money deposited into savings so I can put it in the online checking to take care of the overdraw they caused, and then get ready for work so I can go get the money. Well getting the money was a hassle because the place I had mapped out to get the money was a machine, it wanted me to call a number to set up an account with them, fuck that. So I try the shady gas station that also takes payments and such, they tell me they don’t do it but CVS and Publix does, awesome, there is a CVS on the way to work. I go to CVS, they say that the number isn’t ready yet, get on the red phone. So I do, it verifies my info and my DL # then I go back to the lady and after she processes it she says oh, by the way your not getting cash, your getting a check. Fuck. Another bullshit thing. So now tomorrow I am going to have to go to the bank, cash in the check, then go to Amscot to get a Money order for rent (I am going to pay rent, that is more important than the overdraw at this point, what is done is done. I don’t want to pay their overdraft and then pay late rent fees on top of that.) and then go from there.

So the moral of the story is fuck Check and Go, they fucking suck, and Moneygram / Western Union are shady too.

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Jan 242009

It has been so long. Way too long. I fucking suck.

It was a great day in history on Tuesday when Obama got sworn in. I wish the actual swearing in part didn’t get fucked up. Any reason for the republican party to delegitimize Obama will cause bullshit quarrels over non issues. Limbaugh has already said he wants Obama to fail. I don’t think he could fail as much as bush did no matter how hard he tried. Bush spent 34% of his time on vacation. I wish I could do that. Obama seems to be on a good track so far. We will see. It was amazing how many people showed up for it. 1.8 million and that is because they couldn’t handle any more on the lawn. Imagine how many people were outside or elsewhere.

I took the day off to watch the inaugural. It was great watching it on HD. After I went to Carol’s and then went out and celebrated with her and one of her friends. We drove around several places looking for someplace to eat and finally decided on Thai.

On Wed we went over to Carol’s Friends house and watched the top chef show and we ate at carrabas, which really sucked. Yesterday was just a lazy do nothing stay inside because it is too fucking cold day.

Today was a I shouldn’t have gone in to work because it fucking sucked and I am reminded why people fucking suck day. I told a sub I couldn’t get anyone out any sooner for them two months ago and they decided recently to complain about it. Well I got written up for it and they didn’t like the comments I put in the account either because they were too emotional or something so they made me remove them as well. Fucking shit. I get yelled at for doing my job, I am here to make decisions and I get fucked for making them. I have no support from management, none at all. Anytime I get something written about me that goes to office of president I get yelled at about it whether it was following policy or not and no one has my back in this fucking place. I am so fucking sick of it. It isn’t right. It isn’t right at all. I am here to do a job and it feels like dammed if I do or dammed if I don’t. If I would have tried to get someone out earlier for her I would have been yelled at for that as well. I don’t know what to do except try to not get people to complain about me, which is impossible to do since it is going to happen in the position that I am in. I fucking hate people. Fucking assholes.

My brain feels like it is going to explode because of this shit.

Oh and to top it off, I thought I met someone new. We had lunch last Friday? Were supposed to meet up at the garden on Tue for the inauguration, find out she had too much paperwork to do at work and couldn’t make it, and we were supposed to also go out on Thursday, on Wed she let me know that she had other plans she forgot about. I can understand. Well today I messaged her to see how she was doing and nothing. No reply. So now I don’t know what to think.

I am a fucking loser nobody I guess.

Oh and to top it off I let this domain expire, and had to pay another year and wait for it to complete the renewal. At least it expired today and no one grabbed it…

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Jan 262008

I have a massive headache right now. I don’t know why. It hurts so much I can’t even think.

This weekend comprised of a bunch of bah. Wednesday night the frame for my futon finally broke. I looked up frames on the Internet and they were going for around $60. I found the cheapest one at Target and on Thursday I headed up to Target to get it with some of my emergency money I had saved up. I looked down every row at Target and couldn’t find any and when I asked the help where their bed frames were she said that they don’t sell bed frames and looked at me like I was fucking crazy or from out of space. I then left and tried to figure out where to go. I decided to go to Clearwater Mattress and thought that there was one just South of Target on the corner there, I didn’t see it and I guess it was further North. I ended up at a sofa warehouse place on East Bay and they sold me one for $30. I was really happy that they sold it that cheap for me. I picked up something to eat and some dish soap and shampoo and went home and began to disassemble the old futon frame and clean all the crap that accumulated under the futon. I put together the new frame and the old futon part that was holding the mattress on the frame. It worked perfectly. It is really weird because the old futon used to move around and have some give whenever I sat down on it or moved around. This is really stiff and it is weird when you are used to it doing one thing and it isn’t doing that anymore.

On Friday I did a couple of batches of laundry and fixed a huge pot of pasta. I stuffed myself while watching Bill Maher. It was a half way decent episode this time.

My sidekick sold for $89. I was hoping for a little more than that, and for my other auctions to sell, but it is ok. I sold one of the camera cases I had too, and I am going to end up losing money on it, my cost of shipping was higher than I thought it would be and after paypal and ebay fees…

Anyway… I am deeply saddened because Kucinich was forced to drop out of his presidential race because there is shit going on to keep him from being a Congressman again. So that really sucks. I don’t know who to vote for anymore. Maybe I will still vote for him because I don’t want to throw my vote away voting for Hillary or Obama. Maybe I will still vote for him, maybe I will vote Gavel. I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet. I still have a couple of days to decide. I don’t know what the big deal is over Ron Paul, there are a few people here at work who would otherwise vote Democrat who are voting for him. Makes no sense. Makes no sense at all.

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Jan 202008

The other day I noticed that the fan in my power supply in \glitch went out. It was causing the power supply to over heat and then to shut off \glitch. Another expense that I can not afford to take care of but yet can’t afford not to take care of. So now I have \glitch limping along until my new power supply comes. Also my nic on \gravy started going wonky. It decided it wanted to go into 100mbs and not 1000mbs after some tinkering I finally got that working.

I decided to sell my sk2 on e-bay to try to get some cash to pay for the power supply. I put up some other things too I have been trying to get rid of as well. I know the SK is going to sell. I have a bid on it already. Hopefully it will sell for more than $30. It is in great condition.

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Nov 252007

So I started talking to Karla on Friday. I sent her an e-mail about how I felt and how the things she said really affected the relationship status. I told her that relationships are built on trust and forgiveness. That if she felt that the relationship is indeed ruined then why are we even in the relationship to begin with? It makes no sense to be wasting our time. So I guess that these are things that she is going to have to work on internally and figure out how to get past them. I hope that she does get past them.

I am working an over night shift again, it is almost over, and thank Earth Mother, I am getting to the point where I am almost ready to fall asleep. I can’t wait to go home and go to bed.

Part of my anti-boredom tonight comprised of reading Crooks and Liars, and there was an article in there about some students in Cocoa Beach Fl. who were teased and harassed by other students for wearing peace shirts and the administration are preventing these kids from starting a peace club. I think it is fucking bullshit myself. What is even more bullshit is there are kids that are wearing confederate flag shirts and putting swastikas on their peace posters. Fucking redneck motherfuckers. I read the comments in the post, they are pretty good. One thing I did was post a link to the article and to the contact info for the schools administration board on the Kucinich forums asking them to politely call the administration and tell them to make the peace club happen. I think I am going to cross post it on Carrot Juice as well. I did and I am going to put it on Blog your news too! hahahahaha! See the post here”

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