May 012016

Ok, so a lot more time that I wanted went by.. I did get a video in the can, but that is about the extent of it. I don’t know why I let my weekends slip by on me like that. I still need to put together Computron. I have a couple holes to drill still, and then assembly.

I really need to get more videos done, I have a few I need to edit as well, I have been doing them in a much slower pace than I have wanted to, all because I feel disappointed that I have had so little viewers and feedback. It seems like every project I have done has been a failure. This one included, even though it has been slightly better than others. I get a couple of likes but no shares on the posts. Very little comments in general. My biggest amount of feedback is instagram, least is facebook, and now with facebook starting to fuck with instagram timelines, I have a feeling that instagram feedback is going to drop like a rock. I just wish I got a bit more love, especially from my friends.

Speaking of friends, I lost another one. She decided her god was more important than our friendship. I needed her to go with me to the Bernie rally and even said it was important, but that didn’t phase her. I was willing to miss work for it, but to her church was more important. Really disappointing, especially since we were friends for 15 years. There are 52 weeks out of the year, she could have missed church one week. It makes me a stronger atheist, that is for sure.

This is taking me longer to write than I intended it to. I really need to get back in the habit. I really do. I guess I will get this posted because I am a loser like that.

Mar 152016

So today to celebrate pi day I made pie! Blueberry chocolate chip pie to be exact. I haven’t gotten to cut into it yet because I finished it right before work. I was going to just bake it and then post a picture, but I decided to go ahead and make a video even though I did a blueberry chocolate chip cobbler a few months ago.

pi pie

pi pie

Oh, if you didn’t already know, for the last couple of years I have been putting my fat ugly face in front of a video camera and cooking. It was actually something I was going to do when I was still living in Florida (I actually painted my kitchen and everything) but I never did do any actual videos. Well I finally started doing it, to very limited success and audience. I am slowly building an audience on my social medias but I am not really feeling it on the site. About a year ago or so I moved my videos off of youtube, but I am thinking about moving them back just because of the sheer numbers there and more chance to catch eyeballs.

This weekend I have another video I want to make and I need to get Computron back up and running. It has been down for way too long. I have most of what I need to get done done. I have videos to edit. Darn it!

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Jul 292011

Well I got some things accomplished this weekend. I didn’t get everything I wanted accomplished accomplished, but I did progress on some things. I got the stems replaced on one sink. I started replacing the guts on one toilet, however trying to get the fill float system off I broke the old metal bendable pipe off, so that is going to have to wait until I can get the valve and tubing for it. Probably going to be next paycheck, when I can kill the water, remove the old one and take it to home depot to be sure to get the right size. Then I can replace the rest of the guts. I do need to get the kitchen sink fixed next. The garbage disposal doesn’t work and because of that it clogs easily. Well both sides of the sink clogs easily anyway, so I think that it probably needs a good rooter rooting or something like that.
There are a lot of things I need to do. I need to clean and organize the house; I need to get things in order. I also have a lot of cleaning and organizing I need to do on my NAS and computers. I think I can save half my hard drive space in getting rid of duplicate pictures alone. I also want to start the process of moving my movies onto my NAS. Another thing I really need to do is get my email all setup on my laptop. I haven’t checked that email in a long long time. I should probably get that taken care of tonight.
Anyway, I really like Hulu+ so far. It has its limitations, not a lot of movies, not a lot of TV series, but the ones that they have all are recent, like Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Tosh.O gets updated the day after the episode airs, so that is really cool. It doesn’t have as much selection as Netflix, but then again it seems Netflix streaming movie quality has gone downhill as well. Less and less new movies, more old movies, more shitty movies, and a lot of the same movie in multiple categories. Like they are trying to pad them out. The recently viewed section is always dropping out too. Anymore if I want to watch a movie recently released on DVD I have to torrent it to watch it. Netflix usually takes 4 months to get the movie. 1 month wait time Netflix is required to have before I can even rent it, then another 3 months before it goes off of really long wait. What is the point of having a DVD rental service if I can’t even rent it for 4 months? I should almost rent it at Hastings and just use Netflix for older movies I need to add to my collection. Anyway, Netflix is really fucking sucking anymore. Prices have gone up a lot, they have removed features, and they just suck. Suck suck suck. I feel like saving my 40 a year and using an actual brick and mortar, like Hastings.

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Feb 122011

Ok so it has been a long time. I am a fucking asshole I know. so anyway. Big news. Big news.

I am moving back to Oklahoma next month.

I know. It sucks. I don’t want to move. It is a family thing, so I need to move. Dady needs help so I am going back to help him. I turned in my notice on Wed at work. Gave them a month to replace me. That was nice of me to give them so much notice. I have been working on the details and planning and stuff and packing. I have been packing as well. I hope I get it all done. I have a bit over a month to get everything all packed up and stuff.

I also bought a new Nas

I named him Andre. I love it. Quick and holds a lot. Did I mention it was fast?? It is. I moved all my music and pictures on it and put my external drives on it and have been working on putting my back up / messed up drives on it as well. Right now I am cataloging pictures and will need to start going through and cleaning it up then organising , then moving more data on it from old drives, clean and organise until all peachy keen. This will probably be an ongoing thing that will take 6 months to a year.

My friends Kim and Tammy are coming down in March to help me move and vacation and drive back up with me. I am thinking of taking them direct from the airport to Key West for a day and a half. Should be fun.

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Aug 212010

I know it has been a long time. I haven’t been much in the mood or too busy lately. Let me see if I can remember it all…

On the 6th I went and saw Blownhard, My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult, and Lords of Acid. It was a great show. First time I saw LOA, second time for TKK. They were a lot better this time than last, well partially because they played mostly their classic better stuff before they got all poppy and dancy. This was the first I have heard of Blownhard, and they were pretty good. I took pictures but they are really shitty, so I am not going to bother sharing them with you.

I am really liking my new Slide. It is a cool phone, nice keyboard and is easy to use. The keyboard is taking a bit to get used to because it isn’t a true qwerty keyboard. They made some of the keys different to make it easier to use the . and the @ for email. It does make it easier, when I remember I don’t have to hit the ftn key first. (that is how it was on the sidekicks and the blackberries I had.) There is an appication to update my blog as well. Still have yet to try it. There is a function to add media as well so I am going to try a voice update.

I have been trying to save up for a new file server but have been failing on that one. My main battery back up died on me a month ago and I had to buy a new one. I found a server grade back up real cheep (comparably) so I bought two, the other one for the server. So that is one less thing I will need to buy in the future however it is also money that I could have used for the unit and drives so it set me back. I also did buy a 2 terabyte drive and a cheep usb to ethernet adaptor so I did buy myself a bit of time since the current server is on it’s last leg. I do have a few things I need to put up on ebay. I have been lazy and not put them up there. I should probably do that tomorrow. Got to work on cleaning too. Hot water heater is gone and need to get the apt in respectable condition to allow maintenance in.

Not much else is going on. I am sure I will remember something as soon as I post this. That is usually how it goes. If I do I will test out the voice post thing.

Oh I have been really digging this song lately. Soo cool!

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Jun 172010

So a bit of an update… On Tue I got rid of my extra lines and while I was at it I upgraded my phone to a Mytouch Slide. Phone bill is over $100 less once phone is paid off. That should help.

Mytouch Slide

I should be getting it tomorrow. I can’t wait. Looks like a cool phone. And it isn’t a blackberry either.

I really need to come up with $3000-$3500 fast. Anyone know what I can do? My file server is crashing on a daily basis. I am afraid I am not going to be able to even get stuff off of it when it is time to transfer files over to the new one.

Upgraded to wordpress 3.0 today on whogivesacrap and tfvc. Woo hoo!!

Oh, I saw A-Team on Monday. It was really good. I wish I had stayed for the stinger. Must go back.

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Jun 092010

So I am now 85. Weee!! Riiight. For my birthday I bought myself a 48 port Zyxel managed switch. My mom gave me $20 and a guilt trip involving her god and how she prays I will understand it loves me. And she wonders why I don’t like communicating with her and am so distant. Every time she pulls that shit it tears me further apart from her. Oh, and Carol bought my movie ticket to Shrek the third. Wait until it goes out on DVD and rent it. So except for the switch which I will get tomorrow, my birthday was pretty much a bust. I don’t think Tammy even knew it was my birthday. She hasn’t said anything to me about it and I talked to her yesterday and today. I am not worried about it. It is just another day anymore, so ya.

I found a 18U server cabinet for less than $300 and free shipping

server rack Kendall Howard 3140-3-001-18 ($264 free shipping)

This is what I am planning for my rack.

fan bay 2u?
patch panel 2U
cable management 2u
switch = 1U
power strip? 1U
disk station = 4U
vented shelf for disc station
fan bay 2u?

The fans I am not sure about. Partly because what I am finding are expensive. I think I am just going to take a couple of vented shelfs and add fans to them.

Anyway, that is my plan. I should get my switch tomorrow. So my first goal is going to be getting that on my network. Which will be fun since I am going to probably need to move out equipment and stuff to get to wiring. Ugh.

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May 012010

During the 11 years that I was a cook I have worked with a lot of people from many different countries. Latins, Malaysians, Europeans, and more. They all were good people just trying to feed their families and make it in the world. I don’t know what their immigration status was, and I really don’t and didn’t care. From my American history classes I remember studying about people who came to the US from all over coming here because it was the land of opportunity, it was the land of the free. If you worked hard you could live the American dream. It seams that over time we have forgotten about this and a lot of people don’t want people from other countries to come here. The government has made it harder for people to come here, and people are afraid that immigrants “will take their jobs” even though most of the people who come here work jobs that most U.S. citizens will not do their selves or are not qualified or educated enough to do. It is pretty sickening. It reminds me of the movie “A Day Without a Mexican” where people woke up one day and all the latin workers disappeared. It caused chaos and put things to a halt. Yes, I understand the need to lock our borders down. However I think part of ensuring national security is opening the borders to allow more people to move here, to at least work here and work on becoming citizens if that is what they want to do. They can pay taxes and as long as they have been veted with a background check then they can be here. There are good people coming here to provide for their families who are good people. Let them come. Lets make it so the people who come here illegally are the kind of people who the police would want to stop. The criminals, the terrorists. That is how it should work. We are wasting too many resources criminalizing people who just want a piece of the American dream. Oh, we need to stop the war on drugs too. We need to make them tax revenues, not tax burdens. But that is a different debate all together.

Last night I installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on Lappy. So far so good. Everything installed nicely. I am going to try to use it primarily on the laptop to see how it works and stuff. I still need to import stuff over from Win 7 and get some things installed and up and running, but so far so good with the little bit I used it today.

Kim comes in three days. Should be fun!

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Apr 242010

I have ordered one set of chef coat, hat, apron from Chef works. Should probably get them in a couple of weeks. This weekend I need to put up the lights. Maybe I will be putting out the pilot episode by the end of May. We will see how things go. I have the food, it is just the motivation to get things together and do it.

I think that my raid array is starting to be on it’s last legs. It is constantly loosing connection with drives and I am having to constantly reboot my machine to get them all working again. I need to come up with $3000 fast. bah!

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Jan 312009


I got my tax return today… I went and got the money and then I headed to John’s pass to get my dad his touristy stuff for his friends that are coming to visit, and then I went to Best Buy to get the elite and when I bought it the sales guy got really pissed when I wouldn’t buy the extended warentee. He was barely in control of himself from flipping out. I could tell that his management really pushes those things and he was close to getting fired.

Anyway, I headed home, and then got it all set up. It was pretty easy and saw tversity and the only thing I am working on getting configured is trying to have tversity serve the music being streamed via the winamp shoutcast plugin.

About a week ago I had another case of de javu. I knew it exactly as it was happening, and of course only lasted a second or two, but it happened. I was in the kitchen putting stuff away.

My next weekend I am going to Nasa and Daytona! Weee!!! I am excited!!!

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