Jun 092010

So I am now 85. Weee!! Riiight. For my birthday I bought myself a 48 port Zyxel managed switch. My mom gave me $20 and a guilt trip involving her god and how she prays I will understand it loves me. And she wonders why I don’t like communicating with her and am so distant. Every time she pulls that shit it tears me further apart from her. Oh, and Carol bought my movie ticket to Shrek the third. Wait until it goes out on DVD and rent it. So except for the switch which I will get tomorrow, my birthday was pretty much a bust. I don’t think Tammy even knew it was my birthday. She hasn’t said anything to me about it and I talked to her yesterday and today. I am not worried about it. It is just another day anymore, so ya.

I found a 18U server cabinet for less than $300 and free shipping

server rack Kendall Howard 3140-3-001-18 ($264 free shipping)

This is what I am planning for my rack.

fan bay 2u?
patch panel 2U
cable management 2u
switch = 1U
power strip? 1U
disk station = 4U
vented shelf for disc station
fan bay 2u?

The fans I am not sure about. Partly because what I am finding are expensive. I think I am just going to take a couple of vented shelfs and add fans to them.

Anyway, that is my plan. I should get my switch tomorrow. So my first goal is going to be getting that on my network. Which will be fun since I am going to probably need to move out equipment and stuff to get to wiring. Ugh.

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Jun 052010

On Friday was payday. I had to do the yearly renewal of the tag. $85. I also had to renew my car insurance another year. That was another $130. But the good news is my rent is going down around $40 or so. That is a good thing. It might go down some more depending on if they want to take my cable out or not. they should, but they haven’t, and so they fucking suck. I am not going to be there another year I have decided. I am going to look for another place, a better place. A house near the beach. That is what I want.

I found a 48 port zyxel managed switch for only $300. I am going to jump on it. That is a sweet deal. I thought I would only get a 24 port for that price. It has everything I need; link aggeration and everything. I was planning on getting everything all at once, but I can’t pass this up and it will be put to immediate use.

So I received a birthday card from my mom, and in it she said something to the effect of “Jared I pray everyday that you will realize that God loves you” or some shit like that. It is really offensive, and she wonders why I don’t like to talk to her and am not close to her. So I am thinking about responding with the following, maybe that will make her realize…


Thank you very much for the birthday card and money. It was very thoughtful of you. I pray and meditate every day that you will realize that praying and worshiping man based gods is not the right path, that Earth Mother and Father Sky are the ones that provides for you, keeps you alive and is where you will ultimately return to.

We are made from Mother Earth and we go back to Mother Earth. – Shenandoah

The Great Spirit is in all things, he is in the air we breathe. The Great Spirit is our Father, but the Earth is our Mother. She nourishes us, that which we put into the ground she returns to us…. “

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Jun 072009

Ok so it has been a long time. Longer than I wanted. I am just lazy and depressed and moody lately. I have a lot I need to do, and maybe that is overwhelming me too. I have also been spending time playing this game called Ikariam. I am in the ETA world. 31:43 if you are playing. It is pretty fun, but frustrating because it takes a lot of time to do stuff and I am impatient and maybe am setting myself up for failure by being impatient and building too quick.

Speaking of being too quick… Memorial day I got caught going 15 over the speed limit. That ended up costing me $241. Money that should have been used for my phone bill. So I am going to have to play catch up next month. Fucking sucks. This kind of shit always happens to me. I get extra money (Memorial Day OT) and it goes to something like car repairs or a speeding ticket or some shit like that.

In two weeks I will be in Oklahoma visiting family and maybe Kim. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I talked to my dad yesterday and from what he says I don’t know if grandma will recognize me and her alzheimer’s is so far gone it is going to be difficult. I don’t know if I can fully trust that, because he said that she wouldn’t recognize me last time and she did. However he does deal with her every day, so he sees it, but he is also not patient with her either.

Today I installed Gallery 3 Beta 1. It installed and is quick and clean, but I am having issues with the importer from G2. So I haven’t gotten to see how it will do with my massive amounts of pictures. It is a lot smaller install too, so hopefully it has a smaller foot print on the server and my hosting company likes me better.

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May 242009

So my weekend was not really a weekend. I got a call early Friday morning from a relitave of Georgia saying another relitave needed computer work. I decided to do it and went there that night after I did some errands. They had this virus / scamming program called antivirus pro 2009 that wanted $100 to use the program to get rid of the “viruses it found”. This thing was really well done, complete with fack bsods, boot up screens, fake “this webpage is a security risk” browser hijackers that look like it came from google, fake tool tips, and other scarry things that the average user would be paniced about and pay money for. I got rid of the fucker along with 24 other bad shit. I got rid of them all but the computer was still running slow. I left with it running an antivirus and asked them to defrag as well, and to let me know if that fixed everything. I haven’t heard back from them, we will see. It might have been better to just wipe it clean, but htey didn’t have the OS, so I had to do it the hard way. This took me two days to do because I started the scans one day and came back the next, and so I didn’t really get a weekend. I way undercharged them too. I only charged them $150 and should have charged $240. After I named my price, I was there another 2 hours longer than I wanted to answering questions and shit. Oh well, it was nice to have that extra money anyway.

Oh, and Monday is double time and a half day too. So very nice! I need to get into save mode. Vacation in 28 days….

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Mar 092009

I have a friend who is in the peace corps in Madagascar. She has been sending e-mail updates of the situation and with her permission I have been updating them at http://blogyournews.com. Pretty interesting and dramatic. It is nice to get someone’s view on it other than the media, and the media hasn’t been really reporting it either. I think I saw Rick Sanchez report on it once on a Friday during his what we didn’t cover segment.

Does anyone here “twitter”? If so I am jaredthevegan. I don’t really know how much I will actually make use of the thing. I did install a plugin to make it update when I update my blog, but still working out the bugs on that.

I have been busy and lazy at the same time recently. My friend mailed me her computer to fix, and it is running XP home with 512 megs of ram, and I have been running several spyware and virus scans and have yet to clear out all that shit. She is very infected. I almost feel like wiping it clean and starting from scratch with her.

I have also been playing my Xbox more. Getting into call of duty 4. I am now playing the single player game. Trying to get through the boards and become more proficient with the controls before I go to the live boards and play against other people. I have also been playing a lot of Robotron 2040. It is good for me to learn to use the two thumb sticks separately. I have a tendency to make the thumbs both go at the same direction.

I have also been slowly working on cleaning the apartment. I really need to tackle my room and closet. There is so much I need to throw away and give to goodwill. Especially clothes I need to get rid of. I just need to get motivated to do it. My dad mentioned using a moving service that will do all the work for you of putting the shit in the truck, driving it to the new place and dropping the shit off. Anyone in the area use something like this? What was your experience? Who do you recommend? Who don’t you recommend?

Flo Rida
The secret meeting

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Jan 312009


I got my tax return today… I went and got the money and then I headed to John’s pass to get my dad his touristy stuff for his friends that are coming to visit, and then I went to Best Buy to get the elite and when I bought it the sales guy got really pissed when I wouldn’t buy the extended warentee. He was barely in control of himself from flipping out. I could tell that his management really pushes those things and he was close to getting fired.

Anyway, I headed home, and then got it all set up. It was pretty easy and saw tversity and the only thing I am working on getting configured is trying to have tversity serve the music being streamed via the winamp shoutcast plugin.

About a week ago I had another case of de javu. I knew it exactly as it was happening, and of course only lasted a second or two, but it happened. I was in the kitchen putting stuff away.

My next weekend I am going to Nasa and Daytona! Weee!!! I am excited!!!

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Jan 262009

I installed Windows 7 beta today. So far it is running pretty good. No issues getting any drivers working or anything. Looking at Device Manager it looks like it just took the Vista drivers and used them since I didn’t do an install from disc and everything is good but the thumbprint scanner and I didn’t install those drivers anyway. I gotFirefox, and Thunderbird working and pointed to my profile and haven’t had any issues with anything else installing thus far. I am thinking that this is pretty much a Vista OS with tweaks here and there. Oh,…. gadgets wont start up, that is the only thing I have noticed this far. Looking for a fix now…

Not seeing anyone with issues. Hmmmm… Guess I am stuck.

I am not sure how long the beta is going to last until they make me pay for it, but I am going t0 have fun with it until it is time to let go.

I have been feeling depressed the last few days. I don’t know what to do about work. I feel like my time here has come to an end but I don’t know if i can find anything that is going to pay as well as this place with my actual skills. I wish I had more to show myself. I am really thinking that Sharepoint is where it is at. I just need to get off my ass and learn it. I thought that management would put me through classes but that has not materialized. I have to do it on my own.

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Apr 152008

It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can stop him from lynching me, and I think that’s pretty important.
– Martin Luther King Jr.
Hanging is too good for a man who makes puns; he should be drawn and quoted.
– Fred Allen
Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.
– Abraham Lincoln

Color temp: 6500K
Brightness: about 33%
Contrast: about 75%
color: about 33%
Noise reduction: off

* Press the {MENU} button on the TV.
* Press simultaneously the {SOURCE} {VOL-} {CH-} buttons on the TV.
* The Service Menu will be displayed.
* Press the {MENU} button to exit.

#2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

* Press the {MENU} button on the TV.
* Press simultaneously the {SOURCE} & {CH+} buttons on the TV.
Press simultaneously the {SOURCE} & {CH -} buttons on the TV.

* The Service Menu will be displayed.
* Press the {SOURCE} button to exit.

#3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

* Press the {MENU} button on the TV.
* Press simultaneously the {SOURCE} & {VOL+} buttons on the TV.
Press simultaneously the {SOURCE} & {VOL -} buttons on the TV.

* The Service Menu will be displayed.
* Press the {MENU} button to exit.

Ya so today I woke up early to run errands and pay bills. I also bought a WRT54g-TM router because my ZyXel was getting flaky and had heating issues. I also got my oil changed at Midas and they tried to sell me a serpentine belt. They said that it needed to be replaced becasue there was a big notch knocked out of it. I looked at it and I couldn’t see anything wrong with it. I am going to look at it again and call my mechanic and have him visually inspect it as well. If it needs to be replaced then I will have him replace it, if not then Midas can go fuck themselves.

So after buying groceries and only spending $17 I went home, set up the router (I use static and I have a few ports forwarded) I was online. I will see how things go. I also think I am having issues with firefox and may need to run a repair on it as well.

One of the items I bought was OJ. It is time to do a flush of my system and I am going to do that on Tuesday. Nothing but Psyllium and OJ for 24 hours. I have also put myself on an oatmeal diet. Eating almost nothign but oatmeal. Full of fiber to fill my tummy and lots of good stuff as well. low calories. I have been doing this for a week or so now. I need to get out the scale and track my progress. I should have started when I started the diet. Darn it.

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Mar 112008

So I have decided to stop watching SNL. The last three weeks have been Oboma bashing and Hillary supporting political bullshit. I can understand one week anti Obama and another week anti Hillary, but they are obviously one sideed about it and going for the neo-con bullshit that Hillary is. it was bad enough that they made fun of Kucinich as much as they did, but I understood it because he was not popular and easy to make fun of. When I got home on Sunday I started watching the latest and I couldn’t even finish the opening segment. I had to shut off the TV, delete the recording, and remove SNL from my scheduled recordings from the DVR. No more. They aren’t even funny anymore, I don’t know why I even bother watching SNL.

The other day I made some vegan mac and cheeze, so yummy! I have been playing out making things for the camera. I have been trying to be instructional and informative and giving extra info the entire time for dry runs for when I am actually doing it for real once I have everything set for production. I need to get off my lazy ass and actually get the rest of the kitchen done soon.

Four of my items sold on E-bay. Three of them for a penny a piece, not much money but at least I am getting rid of junk. I have a few more things I want to put up there. I doubt I will get any money for them, but you never know. I have been surprised in the past what people will buy. I almost want to go to he thrift store and buy junk and sell it.

It seems like Karla talks to me less and less anymore. I don’t know what is going on. Today we talked for about 30 minutes at the most. I don’t understand it.

I finally got UMA to work with my home router on my blackberry. I had opened up the ports and did port forwarding and the whole nine yards. I had even forwarded the ports for ipsecpassthrough and nothing. Calling tmo was not much help either, I did all the troubleshooting they would have me do already. Last night I went through my router again, and I found some settings in a weird spot and one of those was allow ipsec so I checked it and after the router rebooted I was on UMA for the rest of the time. So hopefully that fixed it. Hopefully.

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Feb 012008

Today I got my W-2 in the mail. When I got home I did my taxes online and I am going to be getting $1,400 back. Not as much as I wanted but I will take it.

The security and floor light outside my apartment has been broken for a couple of weeks now. I have gone in three times to complain about it. Last time was today and I was told that they will get someone on it right away. It is still not fixed. I am not a happy person. I get home at 1 am and I need the stairs lit up.

Today I went to Compusa to look at prices for a seven port hub and Compusa is going out of business. I knew it was going to happen. It sucks because Best Buy and Circuit City don’t have the parts I usually need and buy at Compusa. They have been turning less of a computer store and more of a best buy for years which suck. I guess from now on I will have to stick to online for the most part.

I tested my power supply today and it is all good, I think my motherboard is bad. I am going to try to put in my other power supply just because in a few, but I know it is my motherboard. I was looking at motherboards today for pricing and I saw a lot of them which has only one or two PCI card slots. I need one with at least 4 slots. It will be a bit of a hunt looking for one I need.

I need chocolate!

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