May 182009

Well, this last weekend went by pretty quickly.

I hung out with Carol as usual, and I saw a beautiful sunset on Friday night. It was highlighted with storm clouds providing some contrast to the colors of the sun in the sky. Carol got a new phone and new number, she actually got a Blackberry. I am pretty psyched for her since she normally gets bottom of the line phones with no features.

She gave me an idea actually… I have been getting a lot of calls from warranty extension scams and credit agencies (10+ times on Sunday!!!) and no more Rachael calling me randomly anymore as well. I also want the Curve 8900, so I called up T-Mobile, got a new line, added the 8900, and well I should be getting it on Tue. I am excited!

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Apr 262009

Well, the trip to Oklahoma is really set in stone now. I bought the airline tickets for dad on Sat. I am excited. I get to see dad and grandma again. I get to see Tish and Bridget and Wendy and her litter; will be the first time I have seen them since Grandma Wolf’s funeral. Actually I don’t think I have seen any of Wendy’s litter, maybe her oldest, I don’t remember.

I need to start going through things and making a list of things I need for the trip. Should be a lot shorter since most of the stuff I still have since October.

It is going to be interesting to see how much grandma has deteriorated since I was there last. And I might see Kimmy there too, will see how time works out. Especially since going to Houston over that weekend and that is going to cut time there.

Well I think that the Rachael thing is over. Didn’t last long. She didn’t seem as interested or enthused about the whole thing as she seemed to be that first day. Oh well.

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Apr 192009

I know it has been a while. I am an asshole. I need to update more often. I get lazy and tired and busy and I know that is no fucking excuse, but that is what happens. I have a lot of shit going on and yet I don’t do much and I juggle when I do and I decide I am going to multi task and watch movies and do chores at the same time and the movie always wins because I choose something that either I get interested in or involves my attention to watch it (subtitled).

So I guess I will update a few things. I am going to go to Oklahoma the last week in June. My middle sister is going to be there at that time too and we are going to go down to Houston to visit my youngest sister and her litter of kids. She is moving way the fuck up in Michigan in Aug, so this is a good opportunity for us all to get together and see each other. Last time I saw my sisters was my grandma’s funeral I think, and last time we have been together with dad was a Florida vacation when I was 20 I think. It should be fun. The cool thing is that the check I get right before vacation is one of the free checks of the year, so it will be free and clear, no bills. That is so cool too. And I don’t have to buy anything for the trip like I did before. No cameras, no GPS, no rental car if I don’t want to. It should be fun. I am excited!

So as I mentioned before Rachael started calling me and I got baited. I hung out with her two Mondays ago, and since then it has been off. Haven’t seen her since and I am not feeling it. She said she knew what she wanted and that she was ready for me and shit. I don’t think that is really the case. Not at all. I think that I am just going to stop messaging her and forget about her. I won’t hear from her in a couple of years, then all of a sudden she will blow up my phone again. The funny thing is that before she started messaging me I had dreams and fantasies about her, and here she is starting to blow up my phone, so I thought great, we can get back together at least for a while and maybe we will finally fuck and I will know what she is like and my fantasies will be fulfilled and we will go from there and I will be satisfied with moving on. It looks like it won’t happen. She is still a mess, I still think every word out of her mouth is a lie. I can’t trust what she says, so I don’t think it would have lasted long anyway. I still think it would have been nice to have that physical thing with her though. She does remind me a lot of Rachel Ray. Oh well.

Creditors have been blowing up my phone calling me several times a day. I did find an app I installed in my blackberry that will automatically send the numbers direct to vm. I wish it would send them to the abyss of dial tone and make it so my phone doesn’t register it as a missed call, but at least it doesn’t ring my phone at all. It even has it for unknown and private numbers. I did notice one of the creditors calling my work phone which means that they got my info off of my loan applications for my car; they really started a couple of weeks after I got Pearl.

Shit! I still need to upload pics from going to NASA and Daytona!

I need to get that done tonight. I am an asshole.

I need to also write about some more shit too, but I don’t want to do it at work. Maybe I will get around to doing it tonight.

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Apr 052009

So this last few weeks have not been that great. All I want to do is listen to The Smiths, Morrissey, Type O, Arab Strap, Joy Division, New Order, EZO, and the like.

Let me begin with Rachael. The first part of this month she started calling and sending me messages saying she wants to get back together and stuff. Against my better judgment, and desperation of companionship, and the guidance of owl and turtle I decided I would give it one more shot to see what happens. She was wanting to do pizza and a movie on Friday night, obsessed with wanting to do it. On Monday I spent some time with her, went with her to go shopping and then went to work. After that first meeting messages from her were not as frequent, and then on Thurs she canceled on me and said she was going to go to a church function or some shit like that. I was fine with that and told her I wanted to take her somewhere on Sat then, didn’t’ tell her where, wanted it to be a surprise (I had some tickets to the renaissance) and she said she would get back with me. Well I haven’t heard from her since, and even when I tried calling her on Sat morning it was going straight to vm like her phone was off. So for someone who was all desperate and calling me several times to get back together with me and telling me that is what she wanted and knows what she wants, and shit, she isn’t making that good of an impression on me. I am glad I didn’t invest much on her this time, I know that from what I saw on Monday she didn’t change one bit.

I did hang out with Carol on Friday. We drove around and around and saw the sunset and hung with her brother. She spent a lot of time having a fight and talking with her bf who got out of prison a week ago. From what I am gathering he is bad news and I think she knows it. She is having second thoughts about this and she should. I don’t want to see her go all the way up there and be stuck because it isn’t what it seems. I am glad she didn’t immediately go up there as she originally planned.

Saturday I ended up going out and looking for those cabenerer things. It is weird because I remember seeing them at the dollar store I usually go to, but they haven’t had any in a while. I looked at several other places with no luck. I ended up finding them at Lowes. I paid a bit more than I wanted to pay for them, but oh well. after coming home and being a consumerist I watched movies and relaxed.

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Jan 222007

So today I had my phone on silent because Rachael blew up my phone last night, and today she tried calling again and my dad tried calling me seven times. SEVEN times he called. Why? Of course I didn’t hear a single ring because I had the phone on silent so I wouldn’t have to be bothered with Rachael’s stupidity.

Last night I watched the Fred Rogers documentary, and it was really interesting and touching and I loved it and stuff. I recommend it. That man touched a lot of people.

Today I watched the bonus disc for Purple Rain. I like that movie a lot and the Purple Rain song makes me wanna cry.

I never meant 2 cause U any sorrow
I never meant 2 cause U any pain
I only wanted one time 2 see U laughing
I only wanted 2 see U laughing in the purple rain

Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
I only wanted 2 see U bathing in the purple rain

I never wanted 2 be your weekend lover
I only wanted 2 be some kind of friend, hey
Baby, I could never steal U from another
It’s such a shame our friendship had 2 end

Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
I only wanted 2 see U underneath the purple rain

Honey, I know, I know, I know times are changin’
It’s time we all reach out 4 something new, that means U 2
U say U want a leader, but U can’t seem 2 make up your mind
I think U better close it and let me guide U 2 the purple rain

Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
If U know what I’m singin’ about up here, come on raise your hand
Purple rain, purple rain
I only want 2 see U, only want 2 see U in the purple rain

Tomorrow I was supposed to get a haircut, but I have to work overtime. I need the money, so I don’t mind too much. It will probably be eaten up by taxes though. Stupid taxes.

Oh, Google has made an improvement on their ig page, all of the feeds now have little snippets if you click on the plus button. I like it.

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Jan 222007

Tonight about 15 minutes before it was time for me to leave I got a text from an unknown to me number asking me to call them back. I saw it a couple of minutes before two, and replied back, who is this? Not a minute more I got a phone call and it was from fucking Rachael. I thought I was fucking done with her. I haven’t heard from her in months and so I played it off like I had no idea who she was and I ended the call. I got called back immediately and for the next thirty minutes I was barraged with text messages, picture messages and phone calls. I finally had to set my phone to silent I was so mad. Fuck. I am never going to hear the end of her. I thought she would get the hint tonight by me telling her that I had no idea who the fuck she was, but obviously not.

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Nov 202006

Rachael has started to bug me again. This time it took her two and a half months of no contact. The day before yesterday at work and three thirty am I received a couple of calls from a number I didn’t recognise, I don’t know if there was voice mail left or not since I have not checked it in a couple of weeks or so. Today she sent me four pictures through her phone as well. She hasn’t been buggered to e-mail me yet. My plan of attack is just to simply ignore her, that seems to be the best option because no attention is where it is at with her. I tried to be an asshole with her last time but that seemed to feed her in thinking that since I am paying attention to her even if it is bad attention… Or something like that. I really thought it was the end of her. Hopefully this will be the last time or something.

I am debating whether or not I want to go to Deftones or not. They are playing on Wed. I am going to Genitortures on Friday, and so I don’t know. Really. I think it will be a really good show, I just don’t know if I can afford it.

I can’t wait until Nov 30th. Soon, very soon I will be on vacation. It is going to be a great lazy time. I have no plans really. Just the employee party and the Carlin concert and that is about it. I think I might go to the beach and stuff.

I wish I had money to actually go out and do something, take a trip to Key West or something. sucks. Maybe next year or something.

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Aug 162006

Yes, so today I spent most of my time and energy ripping cds and moving music into \glitch.

Not very exciting I know.

Tonights Jon Stewart show and Colbert report was comidic genious. The last few months it seems like it has been getting better and better and better more.

If you have cable, It is on comedy Central on 11/10 pm with re airings about 4 more times. If you do not have cable, I suggest you march your fingers on over to and search for Colbert Report and Jon Stewart or Daily Show.

Embrace in the comidic genious of these two men and their writing staff. Tonight Jon Stewart has Sam Mother Fucking Snakes On A Plane Jackson, and Colbert showed kids the proper way of practicing safe sex by blowing up a condom.

I didn’t laugh that hard in a long long time. And one thing that you have to know about me is I can sit through a comedy and think it is really funny and not laugh once. It takes something special to make me laugh.

Around 9 ish I decided to get ready and go to Publix and get something sweet to eat. So I showered and brushed my teeths and combed my hair, and when I opened the door, I was greeted with a downpour. So I waited a few minutes and when the rain stopped I headed on over. I picked up some turtle mountain and some tofutti goodness, a 6 pack of Amber Bach and some bagles and then headed on home.

Oh! I out of the blue recieved four e-mails from Rachael (the girl I dated for a few months like a year? ago. Anyway. she told me to suck a dick you fat fuck and variations of that… Real mature. She has the mind of a 13 year old, and she is 22? Anyway, I was mature as well, and I sent her three responces. The first one was tub girl, the second one was goatse, adn the third one was a female version of goatse complete with a gaping open ass and pussy. I feel proud.

Speaking of Anal…

Don’t forget the music streaming is back up and running!

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Jul 302005

I haven’t done a real update in a while. Here is what has happened in the last week:

Rachael has continued to knock on my door and try to call me the last few weeks. Thursday she got smart and was knocking on my door within a couple of minutes after I walked into my apartment. I have a feeling that I am going to have to confront her and tell her what her fucking problems are. She is not getting the clue.

On Wednesday I had my second training module for leadership classes. Waking up at 7 am is not fun. I do not see how people can do it five days a week.

Thursday I had my interview for lead. It was a bit intimidating. I had three supervisors and the senior customer service manager in there interrogating me. This time around they only asked a few questions, and the interview only lasted about 10 minutes. Usually there are about three pages of questions that they ask, I guess since I have been through it four times in the last six months I didn’t need to be asked questions like “There is a really bad storm coming and it is raining really hard, the fire alarm goes off – what do you do?”. There were only a total of five people who applied for it this time. This will be the last time I apply for lead whether I get it or not. If I don’t get it I am going to still take the management classes, but I am going to start focusing my energies to trying to get into Bay News 9 or possibly the NOC.

Yesterday I worked on the portable thumb drive. I imported my bookmarks and stuff into firefox and was successful in importing the address books. I am still having problems with the mail accounts. They are there but t bird isn’t seeing the accounts. I just may have to manually add them all and then go and re path to the correct folder…

I am having Thai later with a couple of friends (hopefully)… Mmm food!!

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Jul 122005

I am a fat lazy infidel American!

Very lazy! Oh and stupid too.

Well, I have been really smart the last two weeks. I think Rachael finally realises that I am done with her. She told me she was going to knock on my door at 9 am on Monday and she never did. Good. Fucking cunt needs to find another taxi driver.

I need to clean my turtle tank. I need to pay my car insurance (That was due today). I need to figure out what to do with my car payment. I am always a month ahead. I would just like to pay it. I have 3 1/2 payments left on it at $300, I really owe $220 a month. I want to pay $350 and get it over with. I can’t. I don’t have enough money. I might see what I can do with the next check and be “late”.

I don’t like where I am right now. I need to dig myself out. I need to work OT but yet I don’t like working OT. I need to save for Spain. I need $2000 by the end of Auguest.

I need to do something. I need to feel wanted and needed. I need to feel like a person.

I need to feel real.

Georgia messaged me the other day. She got spyware and it was fucking with things. I ended up going over there and spending a couple of hours removing stuff and getting it back in line. I got it working for her. It was nice to see her again.

I need some St Johns Wart I think.

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