Mar 122016

Sometimes my job frustrates me to no end. There is a group we support that seems to be the laziest group. They are also very understaffed, they can go home whenever they want, and we end up taking the wrath for that. Today I got a call from someone who called yesterday to have his phone provisioned and the ticket wasn’t even touched today. The group left around noon, and I got to hear the brunt. I am still not happy about it and earlier I was pretty pissed, not only the way that asshole treated me but also because of the ongoing lack of action from the group we support. I also have a funny feeling that even though there was nothing I could do, this is going to end up coming back to me for some reason.

I have a feeling that a rum and coke is in my near future.

I am really concerned with what has happened in this country. The grand canyon divide that has happened. I think it started with Bush jr, but it very well could have started with Reagan. The 24 hour news media has done nothing but fuel this divide for ratings and views. Sensationalism sells but causes discontent and divide. Fox news and their anti obama rhetoric has put jet fuel on top of this ever growing fire, and now we have Trump pouring more gasoline on top. His rallies have gotten increasingly more violent and we have people getting punched, shoved and beaten. He fuels the mob with his words saying shit like he would punch them himself, and in the past we would have taken care of this other ways, and that he would pay people their court costs if they cause violence. People are starting to get tired of it and today was a big counter protest in Chicago. I have a feeling this is going to get bigger and bigger and we are going to start having riots in the streets. I don’t know what is going to happen, but I am more afraid and more wanting to move out of country. If Trump becomes president, this country will be a disaster.

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Jan 222012

Ten years ago today I moved to Florida. I can’t believe it has already been 10 years. When I think back 10 years, I always think that is the 90s. I am getting old. I Still think that moving to Florida was one of the best decisions I had made, even though the reasons why wasn’t.

I really miss St. Pete. I miss the beaches and hte roads and palm trees, and lizards. I miss the warmth, the sea breazes. I miss the natural food stores and my friends I left there. I miss the boats, the water, and everything else.

Not much is going on in Oklahoma land. It has been cold, which has made me lazy and wanting to do nothing but lay next to the heater and bundle up to stay warm. I fucking hate the cold.

I fucking hate the cold.

I fucking hate the cold.

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Nov 272011

So my gmail account was hacked by someone in Kosovo, I am sorry for my friends who got that email and clicked on the link.
I have since changed my password to something more secure and hopefully it won’t happen again.

So what is the lesson? be sure your password is not based on a dictionary word. Be sure there is a capital, a small, a number and a special symbel, not based on a word, and is at least eight charaters long.

Also if you recieve a message from someone with a link with no real subtext that looks really weird, don’t click on it. Ask before clicking. Ask ask ask.

This last thing has been one of many bad things happening to me in the last week. Lets start out with Wendsday. Wendsday was the bad day of bad days. It started out with me leaving to go get my bills paid and stuff. I couldn’t find my cell phone when I was walking out to the car, so I went back into the house to find it and looked everywhere before I decided to call it. My phone was in my back pocket. Then when I went to go get gas I guess I was in a hurry because when I got in the car to leave, I looked in my right mirror to see if the handle was still in the tank, I didnt’ see it, so I drove off. The handle was in the tank and luckilly there was a quick release on the hose otherwise I would have torn down the pump. Then later on that night I needed to go to Walmart and somewhere between getting out of my car and going back to my car I lost my keys. So I walked back in to look to see if I left them on the shelf check writing thing because I have a tendancy of putting them there when whipping out my wallet. Wasn’t there, one of the workers asked if I had lost my keys and said the supervisor has them, so after waiting a little while for her to not be busy she retrieved them for me.

The next day dad and I was supposed to go eat somewhere for thanksgiving and when I went out to the car I found out I had a flat. We ended up taking his car and then driving around for 3 hours looking for some place to eat. There was only two places we found open and they had over an hour wait, and were shitty buffet redneck restraunts. We ended up going to walmart and picking up something there. Friday morning I got the flat fixed, luckilly it was just a slow leak and there was nothing more than that and the flat only cost me $8 to fix.

And then today.

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Oct 082011

Don’t you hate it when you decide to join as a free member and you get several messages from people “interested in you” but in order to see the messages you have to join, so you pay the $35 or whatever the fuck it was to join and they all turn out to be either scammers or profiles that suddenly don’t exist anymore (I am thinking it was a scam to make me join) So you try it out for a month, the entire month you don’t get any messages from anyone, even the ones you sent messages to, and then your paid membership expires and suddenly you get messages coming in again… It is really fishy to me.

Anyway, it has started to cool off here in Oklahoma, especially at night, so my immune system has suffered and I am sick now. I hate being sick. Especially when it goes into your nose, and it makes you tired and dizzy. Tired and dizzy and tired.

Not much else has been going on. Just work and sleep and still trying to get settled in. I am finally getting to the second bedroom. I was working on getting the bed arranged in the way I wanted until the footboard fell apart, so I had to stop that for the night and put some weldbond on it and let that set, and I haven’t been in there since because of my sickness.

I have been talking again to Mary for a little over a month now, and we are getting along swimmingly. She is such a nice person. Maybe one of these days we can meet again. I would love to go back to DC again.

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Aug 252011

I am no longer on Google+ they didn’t like my psyudonym. So fuck them. When they change their policy I will be back, so if you are wondering why I disapeared from there, that is why. And I am a google fanboy too. Way to make us happy Google. Way to not be evil. Fuckers!

Jul 292011

Well I got some things accomplished this weekend. I didn’t get everything I wanted accomplished accomplished, but I did progress on some things. I got the stems replaced on one sink. I started replacing the guts on one toilet, however trying to get the fill float system off I broke the old metal bendable pipe off, so that is going to have to wait until I can get the valve and tubing for it. Probably going to be next paycheck, when I can kill the water, remove the old one and take it to home depot to be sure to get the right size. Then I can replace the rest of the guts. I do need to get the kitchen sink fixed next. The garbage disposal doesn’t work and because of that it clogs easily. Well both sides of the sink clogs easily anyway, so I think that it probably needs a good rooter rooting or something like that.
There are a lot of things I need to do. I need to clean and organize the house; I need to get things in order. I also have a lot of cleaning and organizing I need to do on my NAS and computers. I think I can save half my hard drive space in getting rid of duplicate pictures alone. I also want to start the process of moving my movies onto my NAS. Another thing I really need to do is get my email all setup on my laptop. I haven’t checked that email in a long long time. I should probably get that taken care of tonight.
Anyway, I really like Hulu+ so far. It has its limitations, not a lot of movies, not a lot of TV series, but the ones that they have all are recent, like Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Tosh.O gets updated the day after the episode airs, so that is really cool. It doesn’t have as much selection as Netflix, but then again it seems Netflix streaming movie quality has gone downhill as well. Less and less new movies, more old movies, more shitty movies, and a lot of the same movie in multiple categories. Like they are trying to pad them out. The recently viewed section is always dropping out too. Anymore if I want to watch a movie recently released on DVD I have to torrent it to watch it. Netflix usually takes 4 months to get the movie. 1 month wait time Netflix is required to have before I can even rent it, then another 3 months before it goes off of really long wait. What is the point of having a DVD rental service if I can’t even rent it for 4 months? I should almost rent it at Hastings and just use Netflix for older movies I need to add to my collection. Anyway, Netflix is really fucking sucking anymore. Prices have gone up a lot, they have removed features, and they just suck. Suck suck suck. I feel like saving my 40 a year and using an actual brick and mortar, like Hastings.

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Jul 152011

Ya, so the weekend went by way too fast. I didn’t really get much accomplished either. Spent Tue at Tammy’s house and yesterday I spent resting and sleeping all day. Didn’t get much accomplished at all. I really need to finish the house and get the path put in. I am so unmotivated. Well the 100+ degree temperature doesn’t help that either.

I think I have where I want it to be at. I just need the readership and people to send in postcards and it will be cool. Hopefully this one doesn’t fail. I have been a failure when it comes to my websites. Oh well, I like doing it so ya.

So Netflix recently announced some price increases and it is really making me think about dropping their streaming service and using Hulu+ instead. The TV shows I like are on Hulu and it will integrate with my PS3 and Xbox. I think I am going to try it and see how I like it. I have until Sept to decide. It is frustrating because Netflix just raised prices up less than a year ago. They have removed features out of the website and streaming, and are charging streaming the same price as one DVD at a time. The streaming service is spotty, titles are constantly dropping so you will be in the middle of a TV series and it will disappear, and not every selection is available. You have to wait 30 days before a new DVD title will be available and then wait another two months or so before that DVD goes out of extra-long wait for you to get it. Makes no sense, there is no addition of value being added to the price increase, just a price increase like it or not – we really don’t care. Fucking Netflix. I really need to get all my titles on hard drives and do my own internal streaming service. I also need to find a good quality torrent site and get my movies from there I guess.

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Nov 242010

*I don’t know why it didn’t send an email before the transcript was processed. Here is last nights posts in full as Google translated them. Later I will write them the way I said them. Google only allows a 3 minuite message, so unless it allows a longer message I think this is not the solution for me. I am going to look to see if there is a way the email won’t be sent until after it is transcribed….

Okay so Wetzel’s this works well. I don’t know what I’ve dude. The in google voice homes Yeah, had it look at it, or messages. To and mailing address after this transcribe them. And then There is a clerk in a long checks that email address every hour or so. And then close. That transcripts to walk. So, hey, that’s pretty cool loan, faster. And yes, it is in ability for google 2. Transcribe. Why voice, correctly. 12. Something yet. I was halfway. But your body, as soon as Work, America But So I want to see how this works out. And hopefully i have a good idea. I’m out of time, this transcript suppose google or set it too long, we’re stopping and. So far so good. You anyway. I don’t like the fact that it takes so. The Kirsch courts. Thanks, talk, walk every, coursework. 4 thanks to chris. You were kind of something else because I don’t know. Yes, Google why extra sensor anyway. I spent a long time. Britain, hey it’s with mostly wait till last. So I guess I’ve gone or you suggested, though. Every aspect of my life I’m going on vacation in 2 weeks, going to Opal home. I spend some time with my dad and talk about pictures, there And And I’ve got a 8 or 9 how it will put her in Denver. And my friend, was gonna pick me up at the airport in Denver and We’re going to spend some time in Denver. And on her. Carmen.

Hey, okay issue or something else. So. The National kind of a caranza with the weather. Yes, good to while I’m there are dozens, no. Winnsers or anything else like that Really excited to see if it was on the number of years. I’m also calling and I’m going to purchase one. Some player and Test Test. This is brokerage in the mail. Again. I don’t know if that I’ll grandma. I don’t know 5 mention this or not. My grandma Not Going. Well, I don’t use IN close to being in the last inches. I will Alzheimer’s and It’s really well about what she’s going through. And the web wealth package doesn’t know why that she’s going through it. It’s like one will trial team and 91. No one’s body I’m gonna no one s, do go, but she’s already gone and I just makes me I want to know what I’m going to take care, so much about sent to the wife. When No, it isn’t much of it like that. I’ve been Joyce. I just, it’s just. So, No. This is so much harder, or some of these two work with. The fax knowing that. Some of the best of luck that they thought up Yes going through such a. Hey, Shannon existence. Well, it’s almost like You know I don’t know how long. Rather, but I’m not sucks, but other than not, app, hey. You know that they say that we can have them potential client you work. It doesn’t Apple wife and more okay best.

So apparently civil voice maximum. That’s just a minute, ohh let me ask. I wanted to call play difficult You know that if you’re stopping things and. I’m sure they’ll But I said and okay. I caught an animal. When it doesn’t have a wife anymore, 1, camps. I have that trying to do of it, and throwing life without somebody taking care of her premarital Whatever and the Plymouth, why didn’t that we can get a nice and how we can’t get the nice I can. One thing to me. Interest makes more sense. It’s more thing. Applied pursuing been too Go. When they’re still working on pain and not just some. But I must provide close on Motorolas or Yeah, oxygen Talking, thing And I know it’s rough. So, so. When it comes to family members, but It’s just. 8 months ago. I was help this in my dad and I think, and I saw. I’m sure what’s, and I was else 6 or 8 months prior. Chip that I missed the difference between those two visits way that she was cautious and the way that she responded and the way that she will remember things was jus HI 9 day and just types. I haven’t seen it. So Congressional like that. But, the progression. And I know. The last time I was there 8 months ago or so. I know. That’s it. Just No worries dude thirty-ish, West and there. They’re just and she just was not the walmand, but I know. But I’ve known or and 4:37 years. And that’s rough. And its sarah and it’s just. That’s going to send, that this is voice she lives. I just wanna touch base.

Okay so this is the last one. I think that I don’t know what I’m gonna do is go back and Co, and call up and putting in the morning about the host. And that after work close. But. Hey, it’s just so. Well hello. My dad need help. And which I’m going to call home. Yes should talk about, We About. I’m planning on moving back up there. So I’m probably gonna be moving back to Oklahoma and. 2 or 3 months. And so if you live in grandma spouse and It means a lot of work and a lot of cleaned up because woke up this everywhere and so I’m probably gonna have to end up in that mess, and clean that up and there some work that needs to be done so, and that’s an awesome the garages, came in, some other stuff and interest, ni moving up there. But Reynolds of those. Moving you Boleyn everything else punishment. Bye and This is just so Hong interest. I will, living in order, love to teach a local to church, so I don’t know, or whether I’m going. Ohh, and I was just getting the car and drive to minutes and I’m. At the water on the happens, nice white and and it’s just I don’t know why she just message, was lost. I’m, Mickey S like that. Hello. Bye, just.

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Nov 022010

Well, an update. I need to do this more often. I need to get off my lazy ass and do this more often. I really do.

I quit facebook today. The bullshit that fb is has been growing. I already didn’t like the fact that they make you use your name, but the thing that got me was at the end of my name I had a v with a circle around it. Well they wouldn’t let me log in without changing my name and if I tried to change it back they locked me out for an hour. So I changed it, downloaded all my data, then deleted the account permanantly. Fuck them. I did it with LJ when they became too bs, and I can do it with FB too. There are other sites out there. I can use them.

So grandma is in the nursing home. She has been bad there, getting out and having other residents get out with her. She has also been violent as well. So they may medicate her and move her to a facility that have electronic locked doors. She has also been sick, so she also might get pnemuonia as well.

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Jun 102010

So today I found out what I had been thinking has been going on with my rent and employee discount has been going on. For years Bay Pointe has been lying to me telling me my rent has not included the cable part of the bill. I guess that there is a new apartment manager and he is at least acting like he is working with me. We will see how this works out . I have sent a couple of emails off to the office to see what they can do to get this issue worked out. Even if the cable part is $13 a month and it has been three years, I actually think it is more like 4 that is around $500 I have been paying for something I would be getting for free some where else. It is very frustrating. Every year it has been the same fight. Every year I have been lied to. This time around the girl didn’t even want to deal with it with her excuse being “well your rent is already going down $41 so..” It is like well I appreciate that but at the same time my employer gives me this benefit, and they have the way to pass that on to you so your not paying for that unit either so… ya. I don’t like being argumentative with people, but I want what is right.

I got my switch today.
ZyXel GS-1548
Of course it was within a few minutes before I needed to leave to go to work, so I just had enough time to unbox it and that is it. It is beautiful and big and heavy. I can’t wait to get it all plugged in and stuff. It is going to be a big pain in the ass since I am going to have to pull out my TV shelf to get to stuff and then put it back in and then once I get the rack cabinet I am going to have to do it all over again.

So apparently there is a “radical Islamic Mexican Catholic movement” going on trying to get the US border states back to Mexico according to racist teabagger in AZ….

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