Jul 042011

Prayer to the Directions

Ho Father Sun, power of the East, power of illumination.

Thank you for shining today, for giving away your light and your love bringing the life force to Mother Earth. Thank your for your teaching reminder of my true nature, and for your power to cut through darkness. I get stuck in my darkness so easily and you help me to cut through it and remember your light and love and to extend it to my family and all who cross my path today. Thank you Holy Father.

Ho Power of the South, power of faith and trust. Power of innocence. Please help me, for I am weak and nothing without you. Help me to surrender to your loving presence as the newly born infant trusts it will be taken care of by its parents. Help me to shed the old trusting that new growth is already on its way. I give thanks to you and pray for strengthening of my faith in your always present, presence.

Ho power of the West, gifts to be found at the center of my being. Thank you the gifts of inner peace, light and love, courage and compassion, healing and forgiveness. Give me the strength to overcome my weakness and to honor the medicine powers I have been given to carry in this life bringing them out successfully in the world for the healing of the Sacred Hoop. Thank you for the power of introspection, of going within to mine the riches you Great Spirit have placed there for us all.

Ho Power of the North, power of Wisdom. Thank you wisdom elders of all faiths and traditions throughout time. You who know Great Spirit’s presence working for the greatest good in everyone, everything, everywhere and all the time. Thank you for your wisdom guidance when ever I turn to you with an open and humble heart. Help me to see Spirit working for good in all the challenges of my life. Help me to walk the Good Red Road, from the south surrendering with faith and trust, to the north, knowing your presence always–knowing you , loving you, and serving you.
Holo Mandala, Shamanic Art

Ho Mother Earth, thank you for all the gifts of your creation. You open your body and give us the food we eat, the water we drink, the clothes we wear, the shelter of our homes. You give us teachings of how to walk upon you with harmony and balance. You give us medicine when we are out of balance. Thank you for your mysterious, beautiful, growth power healing energy. I pray for your health and healing and that your sacred waters, body, air and spirit be clean and fresh, pure and strong. Help me to open my heart to feel your heartbeat so I walk a healing path in harmony and balance with all of creation.

Ho Sky Father, You who are above, Father Sun and Grandmother Moon, star people, rainbow bridge spirits. Thank you for your light and your love, your company through day and night. Cloud people, thunder spirits, thank you for the gifts of rain that come to quench our Mother’s thirst. Help me to open myself to your medicine teachings of balanced masculine and feminine energies. I give thanks to all you who are Above and thank you for your gifts of vision.

Ho Great Mystery, Creator, Source of All. You have been always and you will be always. You birth me and receive me when my life path is over as you have done for all the ancestors who have come before. You are here now in my center and the center of all. Thank you for this day and the opportunity to know you and to serve you. Thank you for my family, friends, teachers, and loved ones. Thank you for the work you give me to do in this life. I pray for strength, Great Spirit, please help me to do the best I can do, to honor what I have seen to be true. Use me as a channel for your healing ways to help the people and the healing of our Mother Earth and the relationships of all the lived. Thank you Great Spirit for you, thank you for holy right now and thank you for the gift of the greatest prosperity of all, knowing your presence always.

Ho. May it be so.

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Jun 092010

So I am now 85. Weee!! Riiight. For my birthday I bought myself a 48 port Zyxel managed switch. My mom gave me $20 and a guilt trip involving her god and how she prays I will understand it loves me. And she wonders why I don’t like communicating with her and am so distant. Every time she pulls that shit it tears me further apart from her. Oh, and Carol bought my movie ticket to Shrek the third. Wait until it goes out on DVD and rent it. So except for the switch which I will get tomorrow, my birthday was pretty much a bust. I don’t think Tammy even knew it was my birthday. She hasn’t said anything to me about it and I talked to her yesterday and today. I am not worried about it. It is just another day anymore, so ya.

I found a 18U server cabinet for less than $300 and free shipping

server rack Kendall Howard 3140-3-001-18 ($264 free shipping)

This is what I am planning for my rack.

fan bay 2u?
patch panel 2U
cable management 2u
switch = 1U
power strip? 1U
disk station = 4U
vented shelf for disc station
fan bay 2u?

The fans I am not sure about. Partly because what I am finding are expensive. I think I am just going to take a couple of vented shelfs and add fans to them.

Anyway, that is my plan. I should get my switch tomorrow. So my first goal is going to be getting that on my network. Which will be fun since I am going to probably need to move out equipment and stuff to get to wiring. Ugh.

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Jun 052010

On Friday was payday. I had to do the yearly renewal of the tag. $85. I also had to renew my car insurance another year. That was another $130. But the good news is my rent is going down around $40 or so. That is a good thing. It might go down some more depending on if they want to take my cable out or not. they should, but they haven’t, and so they fucking suck. I am not going to be there another year I have decided. I am going to look for another place, a better place. A house near the beach. That is what I want.

I found a 48 port zyxel managed switch for only $300. I am going to jump on it. That is a sweet deal. I thought I would only get a 24 port for that price. It has everything I need; link aggeration and everything. I was planning on getting everything all at once, but I can’t pass this up and it will be put to immediate use.

So I received a birthday card from my mom, and in it she said something to the effect of “Jared I pray everyday that you will realize that God loves you” or some shit like that. It is really offensive, and she wonders why I don’t like to talk to her and am not close to her. So I am thinking about responding with the following, maybe that will make her realize…


Thank you very much for the birthday card and money. It was very thoughtful of you. I pray and meditate every day that you will realize that praying and worshiping man based gods is not the right path, that Earth Mother and Father Sky are the ones that provides for you, keeps you alive and is where you will ultimately return to.

We are made from Mother Earth and we go back to Mother Earth. – Shenandoah

The Great Spirit is in all things, he is in the air we breathe. The Great Spirit is our Father, but the Earth is our Mother. She nourishes us, that which we put into the ground she returns to us…. “

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Nov 282008

My thanksgiving was pretty decent. I made tofurkey, gravy, cressent rolls, roasted garlic chipolte mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, the tofurkey dumplings, pumpkin pie, pumpkin chocolate pie, and chocolate truffles. I didnt get enough time to roll out the truffles though. I will roll them out tommorow probably. Everything turned out really good. I have enough left overs to last a week or so. Pictures will probably come tommorow. Work was reletavely slow, so it made for a good night.

Today I woke up with a terrible headache and it has lasted all day. I wish it would go away already. I spent yesterday and today watching a TNT mini series called Into The West. It was pretty good and did a fairly fair depictoin of Native Americians. It was very spiritual. Now I am watching a bunch of youtube native americian stuff. I need to be enlightened and taught. I need to go deeper into the teachings of the old ways.

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Nov 102008


Special Comment: The Passage of Prop 8
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Finally tonight as promised, a Special Comment on the passage, last week, of Proposition Eight in California, which rescinded the right of same-sex couples to marry, and tilted the balance on this issue, from coast to coast.

Some parameters, as preface. This isn’t about yelling, and this isn’t about politics, and this isn’t really just about Prop-8. And I don’t have a personal investment in this: I’m not gay, I had to strain to think of one member of even my very extended family who is, I have no personal stories of close friends or colleagues fighting the prejudice that still pervades their lives.

And yet to me this vote is horrible. Horrible. Because this isn’t about yelling, and this isn’t about politics.

This is about the… human heart, and if that sounds corny, so be it.

If you voted for this Proposition or support those who did or the sentiment they expressed, I have some questions, because, truly, I do not… understand. Why does this matter to you? What is it to you? In a time of impermanence and fly-by-night relationships, these people over here want the same chance at permanence and happiness that is your option. They don’t want to deny you yours. They don’t want to take anything away from you. They want what you want — a chance to be a little less alone in the world.

Only now you are saying to them — no. You can’t have it on these terms. Maybe something similar. If they behave. If they don’t cause too much trouble. You’ll even give them all the same legal rights — even as you’re taking away the legal right, which they already had. A world around them, still anchored in love and marriage, and you are saying, no, you can’t marry. What if somebody passed a law that said you couldn’t marry?

I keep hearing this term “re-defining” marriage.

If this country hadn’t re-defined marriage, black people still couldn’t marry white people. Sixteen states had laws on the books which made that illegal… in 1967. 1967.

The parents of the President-Elect of the United States couldn’t have married in nearly one third of the states of the country their son grew up to lead. But it’s worse than that. If this country had not “re-defined” marriage, some black people still couldn’t marry…black people. It is one of the most overlooked and cruelest parts of our sad story of slavery. Marriages were not legally recognized, if the people were slaves. Since slaves were property, they could not legally be husband and wife, or mother and child. Their marriage vows were different: not “Until Death, Do You Part,” but “Until Death or Distance, Do You Part.” Marriages among slaves were not legally recognized.

You know, just like marriages today in California are not legally recognized, if the people are… gay.

And uncountable in our history are the number of men and women, forced by society into marrying the opposite sex, in sham marriages, or marriages of convenience, or just marriages of not knowing — centuries of men and women who have lived their lives in shame and unhappiness, and who have, through a lie to themselves or others, broken countless other lives, of spouses and children… All because we said a man couldn’t marry another man, or a woman couldn’t marry another woman. The sanctity of marriage. How many marriages like that have there been and how on earth do they increase the “sanctity” of marriage rather than render the term, meaningless?

What is this, to you? Nobody is asking you to embrace their expression of love. But don’t you, as human beings, have to embrace… that love? The world is barren enough.

It is stacked against love, and against hope, and against those very few and precious emotions that enable us to go forward. Your marriage only stands a 50-50 chance of lasting, no matter how much you feel and how hard you work.

And here are people overjoyed at the prospect of just that chance, and that work, just for the hope of having that feeling. With so much hate in the world, with so much meaningless division, and people pitted against people for no good reason, this is what your religion tells you to do? With your experience of life and this world and all its sadnesses, this is what your conscience tells you to do?

With your knowledge that life, with endless vigor, seems to tilt the playing field on which we all live, in favor of unhappiness and hate… this is what your heart tells you to do? You want to sanctify marriage? You want to honor your God and the universal love you believe he represents? Then Spread happiness — this tiny, symbolic, semantical grain of happiness — share it with all those who seek it. Quote me anything from your religious leader or book of choice telling you to stand against this. And then tell me how you can believe both that statement and another statement, another one which reads only “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

You are asked now, by your country, and perhaps by your creator, to stand on one side or another. You are asked now to stand, not on a question of politics, not on a question of religion, not on a question of gay or straight. You are asked now to stand, on a question of…love. All you need do is stand, and let the tiny ember of love meet its own fate. You don’t have to help it, you don’t have it applaud it, you don’t have to fight for it. Just don’t put it out. Just don’t extinguish it. Because while it may at first look like that love is between two people you don’t know and you don’t understand and maybe you don’t even want to know…It is, in fact, the ember of your love, for your fellow **person…

Just because this is the only world we have. And the other guy counts, too.

This is the second time in ten days I find myself concluding by turning to, of all things, the closing plea for mercy by Clarence Darrow in a murder trial.

But what he said, fits what is really at the heart of this:

“I was reading last night of the aspiration of the old Persian poet, Omar-Khayyam,” he told the judge.

“It appealed to me as the highest that I can vision. I wish it was in my heart, and I wish it was in the hearts of all:

“So I be written in the Book of Love;

“I do not care about that Book above.

“Erase my name, or write it as you will,

“So I be written in the Book of Love.”

Good night, and good luck.

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Sep 282008

On Wednesday I went to the Obama speech in Dunedin. You can see pictures here. It was pretty good. I went with Carol and Oliver which made it fun. We got there around 11 am and stood in line for about two hours waiting to get in. I would say the line was about a mile and a half long. If you look at the map you can see where the pictures were taken and it will give you a good idea as to the line’s length. There were around 5-10 McCain supporters there including a guy who was holding a women for McCain banner, and also there was a guy holding a sign with some kind of christian bible scripture on it and below the fable quote was something like say yes if you agree. When we were leaving I yelled out the window no I don’t agree and he looked at me like I was some kind of freak. Oliver spent his time while we were waiting in line harassing the McCain protesters and stumping them. He would say something and it would silence them and cause them to walk away because they didn’t have an answer for it. It was cool to be there with all those people, I was observing who was there, and it was a very eclectic mix of people from redneck looking people to stuffy rich white people, and a few interracial couples. It was pretty cool. Bay News 9 said there were 10,000 people there.

I watched the debate with Carol and Oliver, and you could tell Obama was rubbing McCain the wrong way. McCain would not look at Obama all night long, and you could see him doing his best to keep his cool and not blow up. He was getting more and more agitated and was shifting back and forth. One quote that Obama said that really caught my attention was

We have weakened our capacity to project power around the world because we have viewed everything through this single lens.

The reason why was because of some discussions that Karla and I have been having recently about why the world hates the US. The night before Karla mentioned that the US likes to stick its military bases everywhere, and that is a major deal for a lot of people in other countries. In fact there were talks between the US and Mexican government about the US giving Mexico a lot of money to help them fight the drug cartels and tightening up the borders and it was going well until the US government wanted to put a military base on one of Mexico’s coasts. Because of that Mexico didn’t’ agree to the deal and told them to forget it. Mexico would rather not have help with the drug lords and kidnappings than have a US military base on their land, and they are someone we consider somewhat friendly. Imagine for a moment if Saudi Arabia or Russia wanted to put a military base on our land. I don’t know of any other country that has a military base in the US. I might be wrong, but I don’t think I have heard of such a thing. now when I heard Obama say that, I immediately thought of the discussion I had with Karla and thought about the military bases we have scattered across the world, and thinking of them being the projection of power, or at least a part of it. I don’t think that the average US citizen realizes why even our allies dislike us. “They hate us for our freedoms” is a bullshit thing to say. That isn’t why they hate us. They hate us because we have bases in their regions and in what they consider their holy lands.

Back to the debate… I think that Obama was a bit too soft and generous with McCain. That has been the problem with Democrats, they always play the nice guy and Republicans take advantage of that and come out looking stronger. It is a macho thing with them, and a lot of the voters look at that macho thing as a good quality in a president and vote that way. I think if Obama wants to win over the undecideds he needs to go for the juggler or keep on pushing McCain until he shows his true colors and blows up right on the debate floor. I was waiting for that last night, and I could tell McCain was building that pressure up. I watched Olbermann and Madow’s after debate “analysis” (I always take that with a grain of salt) and olbermann had Joe Biden on. Olbermann asked Biden about him debating Palin.

Olbermann asked Biden if he was going to hold back or come in with kid gloves at the debate. Biden said “no no no I am not going to do that condescending stuff…” He is going to show how inexperienced she is. I am sure he is going to throw her off script and run circles around her. I can’t wait!

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Nov 152007

Today I made it to the seabird sanctuary and the clearwater marine aquarium. You can see pictures here: I had a really nice and relaxing time. There wasn’t many people there and I got to see some huge pelicans. I didn’t realise pelicans got to be that big. They were like baby ostridges. I also saw a cool tree with fruit growing off of it that looked like squash or pears. It was a tropical tree though. At the sanctuary I got to see some sea turtles and dolphins and otters and stingrays. I am thinking about volunteering at the sanctuary. That way I feel like I am giving back to the turtle. While I was there I got a couple of little turtle things that I added to my altar.

I got home around 5 pm and I have just been relaxing since. Today was a pretty decent day. Not much coughing, but the coughing I have been doing has been deep flem removing, hopefully I am done with this soon. I haven’t shaved all week. I am thinking about growing a winter beard. It has been a few years since I have done so.

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Dec 232006

Last night when I got home the moment that I sat down on the toilet I felt completely physically exhausted and I could barely function. So I decided that making the altar would have to wait until the next day. So I ate a bit of pasta and then went to bed. I didn’t fall asleep until well after 4 am. So, that was bullshit. I woke up today a little after 11 and all I wanted to do is fall back asleep but I couldn’t so I got up and relaxed and ate and watched a bit of TV.

I then started getting the altar built. I am pretty happy with it and I have turtle figurines and fragments of turtle shell that has fallen off of my turtles inside one of the turtles that opens up. I also incorporated elements with the stones to symbolise the different elements. I have feathers for air, and sea shells for water and I want to do a seven or 14 day candle for fire. I was cleansing everything with sage, and it definitely made me feel more at peace for a while.

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