Dec 172007

Mr Satan and Adam at The Pelican Inn
Mr Satan and Adam

On Friday night I headed on down to Gulfport to hear Mr. Satan and Adam play. This is something that is going to be a rare treat since they both live in different states and Mr Satan is 71 years old.

By the time I got to Gulfport it started to drizzle. The rain chances for the night was thirty percent. I thought that this will blow over soon and so did the rest of the people who were there. After a few minutes the equipment started getting covered up and I also learned that the performance is going to be videotaped and the DVDs and CDs were going to be sold some time in the future and the video was going to be shown at a local film festival some time in the future. the rain started to get stronger so I decided to find shelter before I got too soaked.

After about 20 minutes of rain they decided to move to the patio of the Pelican Inn. The equipment that they were using to amplify the voices was damaged by the rain and they spent a lot of time trying to get it working before giving up and one of the people went home and got a guitar amp to hook Mr. Satan’s mic in.

The entire time Mr. Satan seemed oblivious to the issues that were plaguing the event. In the beginning when Adam asked him to strap on the guitar and come on up he got plugged in and just played and sung his heart out. He didn’t even notice when his mic wasn’t working. It was a great show and I loved hearing him play more than the few minutes that he played when I saw him at Jason Ricci. He actually looked like he was in a lot better shape than he was before as well. I can say that he looked really good.

There was this old couple that was there that started dancing pretty much right away. There was this other lady there that seemed to be all over Satan, I don’t know how she is related if she is but I know I have seen her before. She reminds me of a 55 year old real estate agent. She seemed to not like the other old lady and towards the end of the night she started blocking her from being right up front. I know the old lady earlier caused her to run into the harmonica mic stand and drop Adam’s harmonicas. And I heard another lady complain that the old lady dripped sweat in her drink. Also this old lady made me get up and dance a few times and one time pushed me back and made me step on that lady’s foot. I felt really bad since she was wearing sandals or some kind of open toe shoe. That lady ended up moving and sitting further back. The last time the old lady wanted me to dance I refused to get up.

There was a man there who spent the entire night sketching Mr Satan and at the end of the night he gave it to him. Not five minutes later he turned it around and gave it to Real Estate lady. I was amused by this. I don’t know if the person who drew this saw the exchange but I do know that if I would have seen it I would have been mad. I wonder how many times people get stuff from fans and how often that stuff is given to other fans.

Mr Satan, Real Estate lady, and drawing

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