May 062016

Ugh, my car broke down on the way to work today. It just stopped working when I was stopped at a light and wouldn’t start back up again. It was weird because the lights didn’t come on my car that normally comes on when the engine stops. Fortunately there was a cop that pulled up not long after and he pushed me to a parking lot, and it was on the way for my other workmate so he picked me up to take me to work. I have my dad meeting me there to take me home. I have gas, I have oil in the engine, and the other fluids looked good. Over the last few weeks I have noticed that the engine has been running funny. I have thought that the plugs and wires need to be replaced since they haven’t been done, and they still need to be done. So we will see what comes up and I will have the mechanic do that as well. I am hoping that it isn’t too expensive. I am trying to save to go back to Spain.

What really sucks is on Tuesday I had my brakes done and spent $260 to replace my rear drums and pads, so that on top of this cost is going to eat my lunch. I am thinking it is time for another car. I have over 145K miles on this one, have had it for 8 years, so it is time. I really need chocolate. I really do. Please someone send me a couple pounds of it.

I really need to get off my ass and make some videos. I could have done it yesterday but I decided to rest and sleep all day instead. I think it is partly the medicine I am on. It doesn’t do good things for me I think. I am not taking it daily anymore because of the side effects, and I probably shouldn’t have taken it today because it makes it hard for me to think.

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Nov 242010

*I don’t know why it didn’t send an email before the transcript was processed. Here is last nights posts in full as Google translated them. Later I will write them the way I said them. Google only allows a 3 minuite message, so unless it allows a longer message I think this is not the solution for me. I am going to look to see if there is a way the email won’t be sent until after it is transcribed….

Okay so Wetzel’s this works well. I don’t know what I’ve dude. The in google voice homes Yeah, had it look at it, or messages. To and mailing address after this transcribe them. And then There is a clerk in a long checks that email address every hour or so. And then close. That transcripts to walk. So, hey, that’s pretty cool loan, faster. And yes, it is in ability for google 2. Transcribe. Why voice, correctly. 12. Something yet. I was halfway. But your body, as soon as Work, America But So I want to see how this works out. And hopefully i have a good idea. I’m out of time, this transcript suppose google or set it too long, we’re stopping and. So far so good. You anyway. I don’t like the fact that it takes so. The Kirsch courts. Thanks, talk, walk every, coursework. 4 thanks to chris. You were kind of something else because I don’t know. Yes, Google why extra sensor anyway. I spent a long time. Britain, hey it’s with mostly wait till last. So I guess I’ve gone or you suggested, though. Every aspect of my life I’m going on vacation in 2 weeks, going to Opal home. I spend some time with my dad and talk about pictures, there And And I’ve got a 8 or 9 how it will put her in Denver. And my friend, was gonna pick me up at the airport in Denver and We’re going to spend some time in Denver. And on her. Carmen.

Hey, okay issue or something else. So. The National kind of a caranza with the weather. Yes, good to while I’m there are dozens, no. Winnsers or anything else like that Really excited to see if it was on the number of years. I’m also calling and I’m going to purchase one. Some player and Test Test. This is brokerage in the mail. Again. I don’t know if that I’ll grandma. I don’t know 5 mention this or not. My grandma Not Going. Well, I don’t use IN close to being in the last inches. I will Alzheimer’s and It’s really well about what she’s going through. And the web wealth package doesn’t know why that she’s going through it. It’s like one will trial team and 91. No one’s body I’m gonna no one s, do go, but she’s already gone and I just makes me I want to know what I’m going to take care, so much about sent to the wife. When No, it isn’t much of it like that. I’ve been Joyce. I just, it’s just. So, No. This is so much harder, or some of these two work with. The fax knowing that. Some of the best of luck that they thought up Yes going through such a. Hey, Shannon existence. Well, it’s almost like You know I don’t know how long. Rather, but I’m not sucks, but other than not, app, hey. You know that they say that we can have them potential client you work. It doesn’t Apple wife and more okay best.

So apparently civil voice maximum. That’s just a minute, ohh let me ask. I wanted to call play difficult You know that if you’re stopping things and. I’m sure they’ll But I said and okay. I caught an animal. When it doesn’t have a wife anymore, 1, camps. I have that trying to do of it, and throwing life without somebody taking care of her premarital Whatever and the Plymouth, why didn’t that we can get a nice and how we can’t get the nice I can. One thing to me. Interest makes more sense. It’s more thing. Applied pursuing been too Go. When they’re still working on pain and not just some. But I must provide close on Motorolas or Yeah, oxygen Talking, thing And I know it’s rough. So, so. When it comes to family members, but It’s just. 8 months ago. I was help this in my dad and I think, and I saw. I’m sure what’s, and I was else 6 or 8 months prior. Chip that I missed the difference between those two visits way that she was cautious and the way that she responded and the way that she will remember things was jus HI 9 day and just types. I haven’t seen it. So Congressional like that. But, the progression. And I know. The last time I was there 8 months ago or so. I know. That’s it. Just No worries dude thirty-ish, West and there. They’re just and she just was not the walmand, but I know. But I’ve known or and 4:37 years. And that’s rough. And its sarah and it’s just. That’s going to send, that this is voice she lives. I just wanna touch base.

Okay so this is the last one. I think that I don’t know what I’m gonna do is go back and Co, and call up and putting in the morning about the host. And that after work close. But. Hey, it’s just so. Well hello. My dad need help. And which I’m going to call home. Yes should talk about, We About. I’m planning on moving back up there. So I’m probably gonna be moving back to Oklahoma and. 2 or 3 months. And so if you live in grandma spouse and It means a lot of work and a lot of cleaned up because woke up this everywhere and so I’m probably gonna have to end up in that mess, and clean that up and there some work that needs to be done so, and that’s an awesome the garages, came in, some other stuff and interest, ni moving up there. But Reynolds of those. Moving you Boleyn everything else punishment. Bye and This is just so Hong interest. I will, living in order, love to teach a local to church, so I don’t know, or whether I’m going. Ohh, and I was just getting the car and drive to minutes and I’m. At the water on the happens, nice white and and it’s just I don’t know why she just message, was lost. I’m, Mickey S like that. Hello. Bye, just.

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Jul 222010

So Bean Sprout died on me yesterday. Poor lil guy. He was a spicy lil runt who didn’t grow very well. Speed Racer and Bean Sprout seemed to get along with each other and like each other. I am sure Speed is missing him. She seemed to be conforting him yesterday. What do I know? I huminise and emotionalise them. But I saw things between them that seemed like they were at least friends and cared about each other.

I am sad. Speedy is sad, and I want to find a new friend for her. I am thinking of getting a box turtle, but not sure.

Today when I went out to my car it almost wouldn’t start. For some reason the battery was almost drained. I think I need to check the contacts to make sure they are clean and tight. I will check them tommorow if my car starts tonight.

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Mar 302008

Oh shit. I forgot to mention another thing that has been on my mind. My local bank, the branch is less than a mile a way. Yesterday when I was getting money I saw signs posted everywhere, they are closing that branch down effective the 12th. The next closest branch isn’t that far away, it is by my work and I hate the drive I have to go to get to work and I like to be as far away from work as much as possible. And it is out of my way if I have to go to the bank to get cash then go back to get a money order and then to rent. So it is going to be a hassle that way. The next closest is way up north
A is the branch I go to. B is the branch I will ahve to go to and F will be the next closest branch.

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I asked the teller which I know has worked there since at least when I started banking there if she was being moved to a different branch, and no, she is getting laid off. That sucks too. People are being let go over it too. Fucking sucks.

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Mar 012008

It sucks when you go to the grocery store to primarily get deodorant and you spend $127 and forget to buy deodorant. What is even worse is that I had a grocery list but never bothered to look at it the entire time I was there.

So far I have gotten the steadicam (I need to get a screw or two for it, the threads aren’t quite big enough for the screws that were included) and the 9volt batteries and charger from the stuff from my last little spending spree. I still need to get my AAA batteries and still need to get my clapboard too. Hopefully this time they deliver it to the right address.

I bought a trinity last week, and the company I bought it from had issues because they don’t ship to PO boxes and they wouldn’t accept my physical address because it wasn’t a confirmed Paypal address. They are dragging their feet on refunding me. I think I requested a refund on Tuesday and it still hasn’t hit Paypal yet. Fucking assholes. They tell me it isn’t an over night type of thing, but I know better. It is easy to credit someone in Paypal. They just want to hold on to my money that is all.

I still need to finish the kitchen. I have been a lazy bastard and stuff, so ya. I am a fucker. Speaking of fuckers…

Never mind.

Miriam has started talking to me again. I am happy. I miss talking to her. I have known her since around the time I first got the Internet. I would love to visit her sometime. She lives in a small coastal touristy town in Spain right up against the Mediterranean Sea.

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Jan 172008

Illegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States. Ask any Indian.
– Robert Orben

Ya so I am really really fucked. Really fucked.

On Monday I found out that my bank is killing my overdraft. I hope I have enough money to cover the bills I hve to pay let alone groceries. I am really fucked. I am really stressed abou thte whole thing. Tue and Wed I took a xanex to help calm my nerves.

On tue almost every call i took the entire night was escelatoins. I took around 30 calls and only 5 of them wre questions. I feel like I should be getting hazard pay. Tonight was a little better however i still got a bunch of eselatoins as well. Most of them were dumb bullshit, there were a coupld of them where the customer had every right to be mad.

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Oct 142007

Well, there is bad news. I went to go get my remote swapped out at the payment center and I saw a big wet spot under my car. I started it up and started driving and I saw the little light start to flash again. My fluid is running low. I limped it to the payment center; I had to shut off the car a couple of times so it wouldn’t over heat. Luckily today was a cool day and most of the driving was at highway speeds.

I saw that this thing pissing out radiator fluid when I parked it. I changed out my remote, put in a bunch of fluid and limped it over to Midas. I am hoping that the water pump is not bad on it. Hopefully it is just a hose. It is going to cost me at least $20 just for them to look at it to see what is wrong. After I dropped off the car I walked home and tried to figure out how the hell I am going to pay to get the fucking thing fixed.

I have been relaxing today, it has been a cool day and the air in the apartment has cooled down a lot. I ate some left over pasta on rice and I am going to have to figure out my meals for the rest of the check, and possibly into next check. Just when I think I am getting caught up on things shit like this happens and pushes me back. I always seem to have trouble this time of year. It really sucks because it makes buying xmas presents a really big drag.

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Jun 212007

So today has been a pretty shitty day. It started off by my supervisor calling me to have me work 9 pm to 6 am. Luckily I didn’t wake up until after noon and so I did sleep a lot but I am feeling really tired already. The one nice thing about it is that it did give me a chance to do some laundry.

When I put my clothes in the drier, the one I put it in the token putter inner was broken so I moved my clothes into a different drier. While I did so a kid came into the laundry room and I thought he was waiting on the clothes in the other drier. Anyway, I went on my business in cleaning out the lint filter, putting money in the drier and starting it up. An our later I came back to find my clothes still wet and I was like what the fuck? I then noticed that the drier was set to no heat and on top of that there was a bunch of lint in the lint thing that the kid put in there too. I was fucking pissed. Another good reason why I don’t want fucking kids.

S0 after I got my clothes on hangers I rested a bit. Then I got up and reinstalled Winamp, the fucking thing fucked up after I upgraded and so I had to completely remove and reinstall to get it to work. It sucks because I am going to have to download and redo all that music I had and right not I am not in a good position to spend the time to do it either. Fucking fuck fuck.

Today I decided to get some taco bell on the way to work and I got an extra large raspberry iced tea. The first corner out of the place and my drink falls out of the cup holder and all over the passenger floor boards. Fucking shit!!!

Today work has been pretty good. They have re-skilled the leads to take residential and escalation calls so most of the calls I have taken today has been really easy with nice people and, ya, it is nice and fun.

So, I met this girl through Veggie Connection a few months ago. Her name is Karla Hernandez. We have been dating for a bit over a month now and I really like her. She is really nice and we have a lot of the same interests. We have talked on the phone a lot and we chat almost every night. I really like her. The only big issue that there is that she lives in Mexico City. Here is her picture:
I hope things work out with her and I get a chance to visit her really soon. She is really pretty and wonderful and stuff.

Anyway, that is about it. I guess. I am ready to go home and go to sleep. Two and a half hours to go.

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Jun 172007

I am pretty frustrated right now. I lost my 1 gig raid configuration. I didn’t get a chance to get it moved over to the new raid array in time for it to crash. I am now going to have to re-download all my music again. What a pain in the ass. If only I would have bought that stuff a week earlier I wouldn’t be going through this and I would have happily moved all that stuff over and looking pretty.

Bah. I ran the raid card’s on board disk diagnosis and three drives failed. They have actual platter failure. No way of recovering.

What I am going to do over the next few months is slowly buy another 5 drives and another Storbox so I can mirror my array, so if I have a drive failure I will not be fucked.

Oh, I think I want to move to Seoul, Korea. They have 100mb connections for $40 a month.

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Jan 122007

Today’s public figures can no longer write their own speeches or books, and there is some evidence that they can’t read them either.
– Gore Vidal

Oregon Trail

Today I got notices that my book and my sk3 case arrived so I decided to go pick that up from the post office before I got ready for work and on my way I stopped by Subway to pick up a veggie sandwich. I noticed that my radiator light was blinking so after I picked up my sandwich I ran into Walgreens and got some 50/50 radiator fluid. The reserve well was empty so I filled it to the fill line. Backtracking a bit yesterday when I was applying the Eagle sticker
Eagle sticker
I had my car on so I could listen to some tunes and I could smell the fluid. So when I had it all applied I popped the hood and the fluid was coming out from the reservoir cap. It was weird because the thermostat wasn’t showing that the fluid wasn’t over heating. So I am going to try replacing the cap when I get paid and see if that is the issue, and if not I guess I will have to take it in to have them see what is going on with the darned thing.

Work tonight has been pretty harsh for me. I have had a lot of escalations tonight, and I had 4 in a row a little bit before lunch. A lot of them have been people wanting an earlier tech. Farking bastages!

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